How to Reduce the Image Size in Outlook Online? [4 Ways]

Want to know whether to reduce the size or compress the image size in Outlook Online? This is the right page you have landed to see how to reduce the image size in Outlook Online.

Images and other important attachments obviously differ in size. When we try to send an image that is larger in size we can reduce or compress the size of the image in Microsoft Outlook.

If you are truly worried about the size of your email messages or the email you are receiving in large sizes, there are several steps you can take to reduce the size of the attached pictures and other documents. 

Here we go to see how to check and reduce image size in the below ways.

  • Why Outlook shows attachment is too big?
  • Reduce size by mail recipients
  • Insert and resize images in Outlook Web
  • Insert and resize images in desktop Outlook
  • Attach the image in the email and resize it

Why is Outlook Shows Attachment Too Big?

The message will be delivered to Outlook users, Due to the large size of image attachments, this message might not reach all of its recipients. Message delivery might be improved by reducing large images. The maximum pixel size for resized images is 1024768. Later versions of Microsoft Outlook have a default attachment size limit of 20 megabytes (20480 KB) for internet email accounts, which is why this message appears. By doing this, our computer won’t attempt to upload large attachments.

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Method – 1: Reduce Size by Mail Recipients

This method is direct If you want to compress the images directly before attaching them to an Outlook email, you can use this method.

  • Initially, in the Windows folder, select the desired photos to be attached.
  • Then, right-click on them, select Send to, and click the Mail Recipient option.
Reduce image size in Outlook
  • Next, we can see the option to reduce the size. Click the small size so we can attach and send the email to the recipients.
Resize the image in Outlook

The smaller size of the image is easy and deliverable to send to other recipients.

Method -2: Insert and Resize Images in Outlook Web

Follow the steps given below to insert and resize an image file inside the body of an email message.

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook application from a browser such as Chrome, Internet explorer, or safari.
  • The Outlook home page will appear. Click the Insert option from the menu and simultaneously click pictures to insert images in the body of the mail.
Insert Images in the Outlook Browser
  • Browser the image from the folder. Then, after inserting the image right-click on the image to see the size. Hit on that and choose the image size as per your needs.
Small size image in Outlook

After finalizing the image size, we can send the body of email with the images to the recipients.

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Method -3: Insert and Resize Images in Desktop Outlook

In a similar way, we can alter the image size in the Microsoft Desktop application. Let’s see the below method.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook from the Windows Desktop application.
  • Inside the body of our email message, click on the required location where we want to insert an image.
  • Click on the Insert option from the menu bar and then choose Pictures from the group.
Reduce image in Outlook

Browse for the image from the folder on your PC. To resize the image, click or tap on the image to check the size and choose your desired size to send to the recipients.

Method -4: Attach the Image in the Email and Resize it

We have the option to resize/compress the large images to a maximum resolution. If we have inserted the picture in the body of the message, we cannot resize the image in Outlook. It must be resized before embedding.

  • First and foremost start with a new email message.
  • Click Attach File in the insert tab or also we can drag and drop an image from the folder to the Subject field.
  • Select the File tab in the message window.
  • In the Image Attachments section, select Resize large images when I send this message from the options.
  • Click the Message tab to get back to your email.
  • Now after completing the message, click Send.


Above are the three simple methods to resize the image in the Microsoft Outlook application. Try all the methods, I hope all the given method is simple and have a few steps process to see the changes.

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