How to Page Down on Mac

Page-up and page-down keys are commonplace on external and Windows keyboards. They allow you to instantly scroll an entire page up or down by pressing a single button. However, as you may have noticed, such controls do not exist on your Mac’s keyboard. Fret not; just because there aren’t dedicated buttons to do that doesn’t … Read more >>

What Are Relocated Items on Mac – Is it Safe?

previously relocated items on mac

After the macOS Monterey update, many users noticed a mysterious folder known as Relocated Items on their Macs. This folder showed up automatically after the update. When you open the folder for the first time, you will see a Configurations file and a text file named “what are relocated items?” which explains the reason for … Read more >>

iCloud Drive Take Up Space on Mac – How to Fix

why is icloud drive using space on my mac

iCloud is the cornerstone of Apple’s entire ecosystem. It allows devices to sync with each other and sync photos, videos, and other media files between devices using the same Apple ID. Furthermore, iCloud comes with five gigabytes of storage as default. You can fix the issue if your iCloud Drive take up space on Mac. … Read more >>

Do Not Disturb on Mac – How to Use

Do Not Disturb on Mac

Mac has tremendously improved its do not disturb features with the introduction of Focus in the previous years, which allows you to focus on the important things and automates several tasks depending on the location, time, and other things. You can turn On or Off Do Not Disturb on Mac with only a few simple … Read more >>

Cannot Upload Files From Mac – How To Fix

can't upload file from mac

There have been many complaints about users being unable to upload their files using Chrome or Safari on their Macs. No action is performed when you press the camera, clip, or add button, and there is no alert or any sort of browser crash. You can try two major methods if you cannot upload files … Read more >>

Why Are There Horizontal Lines on Mac Screen – How to Fix

Why Are There Horizontal Lines on Mac Screen

Do you have lines across your Mac’s screen? That might be due to several reasons like a damaged screen, overheating, screen burn-in, or some internal damage to the wiring connecting to the screen. This can also be due to issues like outdated drivers, software, or power management issues. This article details the various reasons for … Read more >>

Why is My Screenshot Not Working on Mac – How To Fix

Why is My Screenshot Not Working on Mac

The screenshot feature is built-in to the mac and does not require any additional permissions or software to run. However, sometimes the screenshot function might not work as expected. There can be several reasons for this. But you can fix the issue with the help of several methods. We have tried and tested a few … Read more >>

Why Is My Volume Low On Mac – How to Fix

Why Is My Volume Low On Mac

Have you also been experiencing low volume on your MacBooks? Well, don’t worry, you are not the only one. There are a lot of users who are going through the same. It isn’t happening with only the new M1 MacBooks. In fact, a lot of users have faced it before, too, with the earlier versions. … Read more >>

Shift Key Not Working on Mac – How to Fix

Shift Key Not Working on Mac

Issues with Mac’s keyboard are pretty common, and the fix for that is pretty simple if it’s not some major hardware issues, in which case you might need to go to the nearest Apple support center to get it checked out. You can fix the issue of the Shift key not working on Mac by … Read more >>

Mac Update Taking Forever – How to Fix

Mac Update Taking Forever

While updating your Mac, you might find that the status bar below the apple logo sometimes gets stuck on a specific percentage or doesn’t move altogether. Even though macOS is a competent and robust system, these hiccups can occur from time to time, and the fixes are usually straightforward. You can fix the issue of … Read more >>