How to Export Outlook Online Contacts to Excel? [4 Ways]

Unaware of exporting the contacts in Outlook Online? This is the right page you came to see how to export Outlook online contacts to excel.

Many users and businesses use Outlook as their primary email service to manage their contacts. But unfortunately, it is not effective for a large number of contacts.

For this reason, we have come up with a solution to help users learn methods to export Outlook contacts to excel.

I have tried practically to export the contacts but faced an error too. After much research got some ideas. So, go through the below process to do the changes in your PC.

  • Export Outlook Online contacts on Mac
  • Export Outlook Online contacts in Browser
  • Export Outlook Online contacts in desktop applications
  • Export Outlook contact group to excel via Copy & Paste

Export Outlook Online Contacts to Excel on Mac

Follow the below steps to export Outlook Online contacts on Mac!

  • Initially go to tools in the toolbar of the Mac, select the contacts folder, and simultaneously click export.
  • Select the items to export contacts from a Mac device.
  • Save it to a .olm file.

Once the export is completed, the CSV file can be used to export contacts if needed.

Export Outlook Online Contacts in Browser

Here are the simple steps to export contacts in excel in Outlook online from the browser.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook Online application from a browser such as Chrome, Internet explorer, or safari.
  • Make sure that you have already created a contact in Outlook Online. If not create a contact by clicking the people icon in the left side pane. Click Add a contact option.
Create contact in Outlook Online
  • After clicking Add a Contact option, the page will show to fill in additional details. Fill in the required details and click Save, so that the contact will be saved in the Outlook application.
Export contact in Outlook Online
  • Once the contact is created, we can see that name in the Outlook email. On the top of the page click Export contacts from Manage contacts.
Export contact in Microsoft Outlook Online
  • Click on Export again for confirmation then csv excel files will be downloaded.
CSV excel files contact in Outlook

This is how we can export all the contacts from the Outlook Online application.

Export Outlook Online Contacts in Desktop Applications

Exporting contacts from Outlook from the desktop application is also as easy as you think. Let’s check the below steps to proceed further.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook from a desktop application to export contacts. Click File option.
Export Contact in Outlook Online
  • Click Open & Export and then also click Import/Export.
Export Contact in the Outlook Online
  • Now, click Export to a file in the Import and Export wizard and click Next.
Export contact in Microsoft Outlook Online
  • Select the comma-separated values option and then click Next.
Export contact from Outlook online
  • In this step, click Contacts again and click Next.
How to export contact in Outlook Online
  • Click Browse and choose the name and location for the exported file and click Next.
Export contact in Outlook Online application
  • Click Finish.
Export contact in excel in Outlook Online

Though it has more steps compared to the browser since it is an easy and simple method to export contacts in Outlook Online from the desktop application.

Export Outlook Online Contact Group to Excel via Copy & Paste

We can easily export the Outlook contacts group to excel by using the copy-and-paste method. This method might look impossible, but still, it works all the time. Besides, it is a more straightaway method compared to explained prior.

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook application on the desktop.
  • Click People view at the end page of the left corner.
  • Search the List option in the current view and click it.
  • Now copy (CTRL+C) from the required contacts and paste them into excel which is on the computer.

The above method is as simple as easy compares to all the above methods.


I have given enough information regarding the exporting of contacts in Outlook Online. I trust this article helps out in creating the export contacts.

Even I have touched on how to create a contact in the browser as well. So please follow each and every step in different ways to see the export contacts in Outlook.

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