Google Drive Tutorials

If you are using Google Drive, then you should check out Google Drive tutorials as well as various Google Drive tips and tricks you can use while using Google Drive.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that allows you to store and manage your files online. It offers a user-friendly platform where you can upload, download, and share documents, photos, videos, and more. Created by Google, this service is a cornerstone of modern data management and digital collaboration.

Why Should People Use Google Drive?

Easy Accessibility

With Google Drive, you can access your files from any device that has an internet connection. Whether you’re at home on your desktop or on the go with your mobile phone, your data is within reach.

Collaborative Features

Google Drive allows multiple users to collaborate in real-time on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. This feature is incredibly useful for teams that require seamless communication and data sharing.

Ample Storage Space

Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage space, which is considerably generous compared to other free cloud storage options. If you need more, various affordable plans allow you to upgrade your storage capacity.


Google employs robust security measures to ensure your data is safe. Features like two-step verification and the ability to restrict access to specific files offer peace of mind when storing sensitive information.

Version History

Did you accidentally delete a portion of your document? No worries! Google Drive keeps a record of all changes, allowing you to revert to previous versions if necessary.

Google Integration

Being a Google product, Drive is fully integrated with other Google services like Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), making it a one-stop solution for various needs.

Stats and Figures

Number of UsersOver 1 billion
Free Storage Plan15GB
Paid Storage PlansFrom 100GB for $1.99/month to 30TB for $299.99/month
File CompatibilitySupports over 100 file types
Real-Time CollaborationYes
Security FeaturesTwo-step verification, granular file access controls
Google Service IntegrationGmail, Google Photos, Google Workspace

Additional Information: Personal 15GB Free Plan

One of the most attractive features of Google Drive is the free storage plan. The 15GB of free storage is shared across Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail. This is usually more than enough for casual users who don’t require extensive data storage. However, if you find that you’re running out of space, you can upgrade to a paid plan that suits your needs.

Google Drive Tutorials

Remove Suggested Files in Google DriveSometimes, you don’t want to see the suggested files by Google Drive; at that moment, we can remove or delete the particular file.
Long Does Google Drive Keep Deleted FilesCheck it out to see how long the Google Drive files will be available after deleting.
Back-Up Google Drive FilesCloud storage might not be enough sometimes, so backing up files on external hard disks is important when we are unable to access the cloud storage.
Sign Out of Google Drive on iPhoneLearn how to sign out from Google Drive on your iPhone without signing out from other applications.
Open Unsupported Files on Google DriveWhile working, we might get an error like the unsupported file. Since it is a common thing, we can fix it easily.
Save Multiple Photos from Google Drive to iPhoneThere are multiple ways to save the photos in Google Drive. Here are the troubleshooting technique methods as well to check why unable to save.
Upload a Video to Google Drive from iPhoneLearn how to upload videos from Google Drive from an iPhone.
Delete Files from Google Drive on MacDeleting files from Google Drive is not a complicated thing. Unwanted files should be removed from the drive to avoid mess.
Download Shared Files From Google DriveShared files are those that were generated by someone else and then distributed to you. This signifies that someone else owns the file, and you can view, comment on, or edit it according to the permissions given by the owner.
Google Drive Storage is Full But No Files- How To FixFix this issue in how to check why the Google Drive storage is full even though inside it has no files.
Can you hide files on Google Drive?Is it possible to hide the files on Google Drive? Yes, we can. There are people who want to hide the files even if it is not there we can still do it.
Transfer OneDrive Files to Google DriveHere you can transfer One Drive files to Google Drive through a simple and few-step process.
Stop Files Uploading From Google DriveWhen your upload is stuck or your internet connection is down, you may have an issue with Google Drive. As a result, stopping or pausing the download and then restarting it is the best option. However, when you have a large number of files being transferred to Google Drive, it becomes impossible to stop the upload.
Change the Order of Files On Google DriveSometimes, a large number of files will occupy Google Drive; there will be the possibility of duplicate files. So, to avoid this, we can change the order of files in Google Drive.
Move Files Between Folders on Google DriveYou will learn how to move files between folders in Google Drive and a few other things too.
Organize Shared With Me Files in Google DriveThere will be tons of files in Google Drive. So it is better to organize the file to pick up the particular file whenever we require it.
View ZIP files in Google DriveWithin Drive, you cannot view, zip, or unzip files. However, you can do so after you have compressed the Google Drive files on your machine. There are numerous programs available to assist you with zipping and unzipping files.
Rename Multiple Files On Google DriveGoogle Drive cannot currently rename numerous files. So, for the time being, you must depend only on browser extensions and third-party software to rename many files at once.

List/ Share/ Sort Files in Google Drive

Here, we can see how to list the files, share the files, and sort the files in Google Drive.

Share Large Video Files Using Google DriveHere you can learn how to share large video files using Google Drive.
List Files in a Folder and Subfolder on Google DriveWhile browsing Google Drive, you may see a list of all the files that are already on it. However, the same cannot be done for the many files and subfolders. Still, check out to make it possible as well.
Files Not Uploading to Google Drive [How to Fix]Due to some technical issue, or backend problem, we are unable to upload the files in Google Drive. Troubleshoot the problem and here you can fix the issue.
Search Large Files on Google DriveWith a large number of files uploaded to your cloud storage, it becomes tough to find the significant ones that need to be deleted to reclaim that space. You can try several strategies to make it happen.
Make Files Public on Google DriveLearn the technique to check how to make files public on Google Drive.
Download Google Drive Files on iPadCheck how to download the Google Drive files on the iPad.
Transfer Files from Google Drive to iCloudAt some time, Google Drive space will be full, so it is needed to send files from Google Drive to iCloud.
Sort Files in Google DriveIt is important to organize our files on Google Drive so that we can easily retrieve them when we need them. So, we performed some research and found out how to sort files in Google Drive.
Copy and Paste Files in Google DriveIf you have a huge file, copying it from one folder or location to another may be more difficult. It will take time and will simply produce a duplicate of that document. The genuine Document will only be found at its original location. There are two ways to copy and paste files into Google Drive.
View Shared Files in Google Drive You can collaborate on files that you own by sharing them with your teams. Furthermore, you may monitor the level of access that others have to files that you have shared.

Delete and Move files in Google Drive

Here we will see how can delete, move, or stop receiving shared files on Google Drive.

Delete Files from Google Drive on MacRather than from Windows, it is easy to delete files from Google Drive on a Mac device as well.
Move Multiple Files in Google DriveYou can manage your Google Drive folders by moving files one by one, but this can take a long time. The good news is that Google Drive lets you move several files at once, making this sorting procedure straightforward and quick.
Stop Google Drive from Duplicating FilesDuplicate files are a serious issue for every user who stores their data on a cloud storage platform. Duplicate files take up a lot of space, reducing the capacity to store more files and raising the overall cost.
Get Google Drive Notification when a File is Added to the FolderHere are the tips and tricks to learn Google Drive tips.
Stop Receiving Shared Files on Google DriveShared files will occupy the drive and make the thing messy. Learn how to stop receiving the shared files on Google Drive.
This video cannot be played on Google Drive – How to fix
There will be tons of files in Google Drive, and we are unable to count them every time. So there is a workaround method to count the files in Google Drive.
Print an Entire Folder in Google DriveIt is very simple to print any document with a single click directly from this platform.
This video cannot be played on google drive – How to fix
If the file is added to another folder like uploading, deleting, or modifications, we can get notifications in a Google Drive
Remove Password from PDF Google DriveCheck how to remove passwords from PDF Google Drive.
Print a Locked PDF in Google DriveOne of the key reasons PDF is such a popular file format is that it prevents unauthorized users from altering the file’s format or data. Check to print a locked PDF in the Google Drive.
7 Google Drive Tips And Tricks To Learn NowHere is the tips and tricks to learn Google Drive tips.
Embed PDFs from Google DriveAlthough you can include links to download PDFs on your website, embedding PDFs is one of the simplest methods to retain visitors on your page. Not only that but there are other advantages to integrating PDFs into your websites.

Backup, Common issues

Here we will deal with some basics, backup things in Google Drive, and fixes in Google Drive.

Disable the Download Option in Google DriveSometimes Google Drive backup will be disabled by the Admin. Do this troubleshooting technique to fix the issue.
Fix Common Issues in Google DriveLearn to solve the common issues in Google Drive.
Convert Image to PDF in Google DriveHere at Google Drive, we have the option of changing the image to Google Drive.
Stop Getting Spam on Google DriveGoogle Drive has taken this extremely seriously and has added a slew of measures to help you secure your Google Drive from spammers.
Save a YouTube Video to Google DriveIt is difficult to save a YouTube video. YouTube initially prohibited extensions from collecting video files from YouTube, but they have since made the download option available only to YouTube Premium members.
Give Google Drive Request AccessHere at Google, we have the option of changing the image to Google Drive.
Disable Download Option in Google DriveTo avoid unwanted files downloading in unnecessary time we can disable the download option in Google Drive.
Request Edit Access in the Google Drive FolderPeople can request Edit Access in Google Drive to access the important file at an important time.

Error in Google Drive

Below are the possibilities of facing an error and the solutions and fixes in Google Drive.

Unable to Access Document Google Drive Error – How to FixFix the issue when unable to access the document in Google Drive by troubleshooting.
Printing is Disabled for this File Error on Google Drive – Reasons and SolutionsHere at Google Drive, we have the option of changing the image to Google Drive.
Unsupported File Type Error in Google Drive – How to FixTroubleshoot and fix the issue for unsupported file types in Google Drive
Can’t Launch Drive for Desktop Error – How to FixTo avoid unnecessary files to download, depending on the requirement, we can disable the download option in Google Drive.
Google Drive Error Accessing Folder Contents – How to FixFix the error by troubleshooting methods to get the solution for the Google Drive error and accessing the contents.
Google Drive not Uploading from Phone Error – How to FixCheck the basic things like internet connection, drive storage, drive server status, restart options, and enable download on mobile data for the error while uploading a Google Drive phone.
Google Drive Error List Retry All – How to FixFollow this simple troubleshooting technique to check the error issue in Google Drive.
Failed Forbidden Error on Google Drive – How to FixCheck out the reasons with a solution for the failed forbidden error in Google Drive.
Google Drive Error List Retry All – How to FixFollow this simple troubleshooting technique to check the error issue in Google Drive.
Failed Server Error Google Drive – How to FixYou will get to know how to upload audio files to Google Drive for computers, Android, and iPhone.
Failed Forbidden Error on Google Drive – How to FixCheck out the reasons with a solution for the failed forbidden error in Google Drive.
Google Drive Waiting to Upload Error – How to FixIt is common to see waiting-to-upload errors in Google Drive. But follow this method to solve the issue.
Google Drive Upload Failure 38 – How to Fix ErrorSometimes uploading the file leads to failure due to some internal issue. You will get to know the troubleshooting method to fix the error.
You don’t have an authorization for Google Drive – How to FixThe larger file size may make us run into the problem of usage limits. These usage limits display the error message ‘Download quota exceeded’. We can solve this error by three methods in Google Drive.
This video cannot be played on google drive – How to fixTroubleshoot to know what is the reason for getting authorization error in Google Drive and fix it.
Google Drive Files MissingWe have 6 ways to solve the error for Google Drive is missing. Troubleshooting methods will help you to solve the issue.
HTTP Error 403 on Google Drive – How to fixYou will see how to fix the HTTP error 403 on Google Drive.
Cannot Download Files from Google Drive – Top 6 Ways to Fix the error
Check how to fix the error for being unable to download the files from Google Drive.
This video cannot be played google drive – How to fixFix the issue by checking the 10 troubleshooting methods why the video cannot be played on Google Drive. The error could be caused by a variety of factors.

Remove user, Delete files in Google Drive

Here we can see the removal of the user, deletion of the files, and comparison of Google Drive professional vs personal explained here.

Tutorials Description
Backup iPhone to Google DriveLearn to back iPhone to Google Drive
Hide a Folder in Google DriveIt is mandatory to hide an important folder in Google Drive to avoid access from any other person to open the project details.
Remove User from All Files in Google DriveIf the person left the organization by doing simple changes in settings we can remove the user in Google Drive.
Automatically Backup Photos to Google DriveBackup photos automatically in Google Drive is easy and it can be executable in a short time.
Delete PDF Files from Google DriveYou can choose to follow the very primary method to delete all of them together or you can follow the guide we have created for every device you own.
Backup Google Drive to an External Hard DriveEven if Google Drive is safe enough, it is better to take a backup in the external hard disk to add additional security to our files.
Google Drive vs Koofr – Which is Better?Look out and get an idea of which cloud storage is better while both have great and perfect features they are not exactly the same.
Google Drive Personal vs Business – What’s The Main Difference?The storage space will be different when it comes to personal vs Business. For the business thing, we need more space compared to personal.
 Save Emails to Google DriveWe cannot always have access to some of the most important emails since it has thousands of mail already occupied.

Backup Files, Remove duplicate files in Google Drive

Check Below for backup-related issues, download problems, and folder space,

Give Someone Access to Google DriveIt will not only involve giving them old sharing techniques but there are different ways as well. Follow this to make things better for every user to learn more about Google Drive.
Backup Android Phone to Google DriveThere will be a chance of losing our mobile phone at any time. So all data, and photos will be lost, and cannot get it back. So it is better to keep a backup in Google Drive so we can access any time.
Backup Contacts to Google DriveBackup contact to Google Drive is mandatory if we are switching the phone to get back our saved contacts.
Combine PDF Files in Google Drive This whole process will take hours or even days if you are searching to work on it manually. But there are certain tools available on the web that will make things a lot easier to combine PDF files in Google Drive.
Find and Remove Duplicate Files on Google DriveFind the find files manually and also use the search bar to find the files in Google Drive. Whereas deleting the files manually to remove the duplicate files.
Google Drive Shared Folder Space – What do we know about itClearing the unwanted files in the drive and unsubscribing to the promotional message then making the changes in Sync settings leads to having a space in Google Drive.
Clear Cache in Google DriveHere you will get the solution for clearing the cache in Google Drive from the Browser, android, iPhone, and stream.
5 Best Google Drive AlternativesHere are 5 Google Drive alternatives with storage space and features explained.

Upload files, Create folders, Create Folders and Shortcuts

Here you will see how to upload audio files and create subfolders and shortcuts in Google Drive.

Upload Audio Files to Google DriveYou will get to know how to upload audio files to Google Drive for computers, Android, and iPhone.
Create Subfolders in Google DriveCreating a subfolder in Google Drive helps you to maintain the files properly and access it quickly time when required.
Create Shortcuts in Google DriveYou will get to know the shortcuts and remove the shortcuts for the computer, and smartphone with important points.
Upload Voice Memos to Google DriveiPhone users will be aware of voice memos. You can record the songs and upload them to Google Drive from iPhone and Mac devices.

Scan and print in Google Drive

Here you will get the solutions for scanning Google Drive for viruses, printing on iPhones, and recovering deleted files.

Backup iPhone Photos to Google DriveYou can see the backup iPhone photos to Google Drive by manual method and automatic method.
Scan Google Drive for VirusesHere we can scan Google Drive for the file size greater than and less than 100 MB.
Print from Google Drive on iPhone Remove the Google Drive from the Mac by following the simple methods.
Google Drive Randomly Deleting Files – How to FixDelete the Google Drive from the Mac by unlinking it with the Mac device, dragging and dropping it to the trash, and using a third-party application to remove it from the Mac.
Save the Link to Google DriveRemove the Google Drive from Mac by following the simple methods.
Manage Google Drive Version HistoryHere you will learn how to manage the version history in Google Drive.
Google Drive Keeps Going Offline – How to FixCheck the common connections and the reason behind Google Drive offline like internet connection, clear cache, restart, and turn off the antivirus.
Save Link to Google DriveWithout multiple processes or steps, you can directly download the images, PDFs, and files to Google Drive by two different methods.
Recover Deleted Files From Google DriveThere will be a chance of deleting an important file by mistake in Google Drive but we can recover the file by following some steps.

Google Drive Tips and Tricks

add Google Drive to File ExplorerYou will get an idea about what a file explorer and, why we need it, and how to add Google Drive to File Explorer.
enable Google Drive Dark Mode on your smartphonesHere, you will get the steps to enable Google Drive dark mode on smartphones.
Google Drive vs OneDrive – Which one offers better Services?Here are the plans, pricing, and performance for the comparison of Google Drive vs OneDrive.
Google Drive Vs Box – A Detailed ComparisonA comparison of Google Drive vs Box will be explained here with the security support, plans and pricing.
Migrate from Evernote to Google DriveHere you will get to know what is needed to migrate from Evernote to Google Drive through the manual transfer method, export method, and using a third party to transfer the data.
Google Drive Download without Zipping Files A comparison of Google Drive vs Box will be explained here with the security support, plans, and pricing.
Can Viewers on Google Drive download Files?Unless the admin disabled the download rights for everyone, viewers can download the files in Google Drive.
Backup Laptop to Google DriveYou will see the need for backup offline and online as well by two methods.
Rotate a PDF in Google DriveWe can rotate the PDF in Google Drive in two methods temporarily and permanently.
move files from DropBox to Google DriveYou will get the answer for what is zipped file is and the reason for Google Drive downloads without zipping files.
Google Drive vs Amazon Drive – Which one is the better Drive?There may be many reasons for the slowing of the Drive. Here are the reasons for the fixed method of checkout.
Google Drive vs Mega – Which is one is a better Cloud Storage Platform?Get to know more about which is better Google Drive vs Mega in a detailed explanation.
 Check Who Downloaded Files in Google DriveWe can have the option of seeing who downloaded the files first in Google Drive.
Free Up Google Drive SpaceRemoving the unnecessary files in Google Drive can free up space.
Stop Google Drive NotificationsFrequent notifications will give you a headache. Here you can check out how to stop the Google Drive notifications for desktop, mobile, Android, and iOS.
Google Drive Vs iCloud- Which one seems to be Better?Have to look to check the comparison between Google Drive vs iCloud.
Restore Text Messages from Google DriveWe can restore the text message from Google Drive by factory resetting and contacting Google Drive support.
7 Best Chrome Extensions for Google DriveWe list some of the best Chrome Extensions for Google Drive that will help you enhance the performance of your drive and bring out the best of it.
4 Best Google Drive Clients for LinuxYou will see the best 4 Google Drive clients for Linux
operating system.
Why is Google Drive So Slow?- Reasons and SolutionsThere may be many reasons for the slowing of the Drive. Here are the reasons for the fix method of checkout.
10 Best Google Drive Add-Ons to increase your ProductivityAdd-ons on Google Drive enhance the functionality and provide you with more features than it already has. Here share 10 best Google Drive Add-Ons to increase productivity.
Fax from Google DriveRather than digitally send our files and documents stored on Google Drive, we can also fax them using some simple add-ons and plugins. Or else, we can use the easiest way is fax.
Cancel Google Drive SubscriptionGet to know about Google Drive storage and subscription in three steps and check what happens after cancellation.
Sync Google Drive with Windows 10Google has introduced a desktop application for Google Drive that helps you manage all your data on Google Drive in an offline environment on your device as well by the synchronization method.
Enable Offline Editing in Google DriveWe have the option in Google Drive to enable offline editing on mobile, and laptop.
Restore Backup From Google DriveBy restoring and turning on the option we can restore backup files from Google Drive.
Encrypt a Document on Google DriveGoogle Drive doesn’t provide password protection for each file and folder. The best solution is encryption. Encrypting our documents will convert them into a code that will unscramble only on authorized people.
Move Photos from Google Photos to Google DriveYou will get a solution to why you should use Google Drive over Google Photos and also how to move photos from Google Photos to Google Drive.
Edit a PDF in Google DriveAndroid devices come with Google Drive. It is more than a cloud storage service. We can easily access PDF files in Google Drive and also edit them. We can edit PDF files in multiple also share them with anyone we want to like. 
Download Videos From Google Drive- All you need to KnowKnow about how to download videos from Google Drive on PC, Android, and iOS.
Tutorials Description
Share a Folder On Google DriveThere are three ways of sharing the folder in Google Drive link, invitation, and Google Group.
Block Someone on Google DriveWe can block the scammers from getting unwanted files on laptops, PCs, iPhones & iPads.
Export Google Drive FilesWe can export the Google Drive files in two ways namely as a file extension and document to the web.
Search Google Drive on Multiple DevicesWe can search Google Drive on multiple devices namely Android, PC, iPhone, Macbook, and iPad.
 Edit a Document in Google DriveEditing our files on Google Drive is so easy and quick method. It can be done on any smartphone, PC, or iOS device without complications.
Advantages of Using OneDrive and Google DriveYou will get the answer for the advantages of using Google Drive and OneDrive on PC and mobile.
Clear Storage on Google DriveClear storage on Google Drive in Android, desktop, iPhone, Macbook, and iPad.
Save an Email to Google DriveWe can save all or some of our important email attachments for easy access. We can create a new folder for our email attachments or better still add them to our Google Drive shortcuts and save ourselves searching for the particular file.
Save Word Docs to Google DriveSaving your Google Docs to Google Drive is simple, quick, and easy to do. Save the Word document for Android, iPhone, PC, iPad
Turn on Link Sharing on Google DriveThe documents stored on Google Drive can be shared with particular people the user wants. Also, the documents can only be seen by only the authorized persons specified by the user. 
Add Music to Google DriveGoogle Drive is one of the safest and most secure places to store our music. It can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Add music to Google Drive on Android, iPhone, Macbook, and desktop.
Send large files via Google DriveLearn how to send large files in Google Drive.
Share Google Drive links on WhatsAppWe can share the Google Drive links on WhatsApp to share the documents with colleagues, and friends. The maximum size of the file that you can share through WhatsApp is 100 MB. 
How do you add a Password to Google Drive?We cannot set a separate password for files and folders in Google Drive apart from the default password of our Google account. Google is safe at protecting our privacy. 
Store passwords in Google Drive- Is it Safe?Check out to know whether the password stored in Google Drive is safe or not.
How do I Find Folders in Google DriveThere are large volumes of files and folders in Google Drive. There is a possibility of finding the folder directly in Google Drive.
Can a Google Drive link be Dangerous? All you need to knowLearn if is it really safe to use Google Drive or if it is dangerous.
How do I save files to my phone from Google Drive?Here you will learn how to restore Google Drive to previous date.
Organize Google DriveWe can keep our drive organized by maintaining folders and sub-folders for personnel and professionals to pick up our files quickly.
How to Secure Google Drive? Best Tips to Strengthen Your Security OnlineThere are four methods to secure Google Drive to strengthen the security of Google Drive.
Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google DriveYou will see how to restore the WhatsApp backup from Google Drive.
The Google Drive File stream not Working The ability to access and save your files from any device from anywhere in the world is one of the salient features of cloud storage platforms. Here you will know how to save the files to your phone from Google Drive.
Error Creating Copy Google Drive – How To FixFix this issue for error by checking some of the approaches to solve the error.
Google Drive File Stream not Working – How to FixCheck the basic approaches to see why the Google Drive file stream is not working.
Stop Spam in Google DriveWith the increasing number of hacks and spam reported around the world, it is very important to make your Google Drive safe and secure. Learn how to stop spam in Google Drive on PC, Android, iOS, and Macbook.
Stop Google Drive Upload for PC and SmartphonesYou will get the answer for stopping the Google Drive upload for the PC and Smartphones.
Delete Recent Activity on Google DriveWe can view the recent activity in Google Drive and also delete the activity on Google Drive.
Send Word Documents in Google DriveLearn how to send Word documents in Google Drive on Android, iPhone, and iPad.
Link a Folder To Google DriveBy backup and sync option we can link folders to Google Drive on Android, Windows, iPhone, and iPad.
upload a pdf to Google DriveYou will get to know how to upload a PDF to Google Drive on Android, iPhone, iPad, and Macbook.
change the Google Drive folder locationWe can change the Google Drive location by changing Google Drive during setup, relocating Google Finder, and disconnecting backup and sync.
How do I make Google Drive downloadable?Learn how to make Google Drive downloadable for Android, PC, iOS, and MacBook.
Email a document from Google DriveWe can see for the four devices how to email a document from Google Drive.
Copy a Folder in Google DriveHere you will learn how to copy a folder in Google Drive.
Logout of the Google Drive AppThere are different methods to open a Word document directly in Google Drive.
Share Google Drive Folders With Non-Gmail UsersWe can share Google Drive folders by Email attachment.
Change Your Profile Picture on Google DriveEveryone who interacts with you on the Google platform can see your profile picture, and it looks the same on all websites run by Google. For Android and iPhone, user can check how to change their profile picture on Google Drive.
Cannot Download Files from Google Drive – Top 6 Ways to Fix the errorHere are the best 6 ways to fix the error while unable to download the files from Google Drive.
Logout of Google Drive AppThe first and most simple way is by logging out from your Google Drive by logging out from your Gmail account. Here you will log out for Android, iPhone, and iPad.
upload files to Google Drive from PC and SmartphonesHere is the simple method to upload the files to Google Drive from a PC and smartphone.
Copy a Shared Folder in Google DriveThere are different methods to copy the shared folder in Google Drive
Scan Using Google DriveLearn where is the Google Drive documents, and how to scan in Android with tips.
change Google Drive languageMany of us who use Google’s applications may prefer a language other than the default language for our region. We can easily change Google Drive language settings and choose from over 153 different languages that the Google Admin console supports.
Upload a Folder to Google Drive on AndroidThere are two methods to upload a folder to Google Drive folder sync and Solid Explorer file manager.
green checkmark means on Google DriveBy sharing the link or sharing the file with specific people we can give access to Google Drive. To remove the access, user removal or removal of the shared file will help hand.
 Empty Trash in Google DriveEven after deleting the files in Google Drive, the files will be in the trash for some time. We can also delete that file in the trash manually.
Remove Access to Google Drive (Helpful Guide)By sharing the link or sharing the file with specific people we can give access to Google Drive. To remove the access, user removal or removal the shared file will help hand.
Google Drive Vs Google Docs – Overview & ComparisonHere you see the comparison for Google Drive vs Google Docs with features to decide.
Upload Video from Google Drive to YouTubeHere is the step-by-step guide to upload the video from Google Drive to YouTube.
see the folder size in Google DriveThe overlayed green check (tick) mark icon on files and folders indicates that these files and folders are synced. Online file hosting and synchronizing services like Google Drive indicate synced files and folders with a green checkmark. 
Remove Shared Files from Google DriveLearn the steps to know how to remove the shared files from Google Drive.
see folder size in Google DriveTo get your Google Drive’s storage organized and neat, you have to find out folder Size. You can look at file sizes, but the total size of the files in each folder is still a mystery.
backup Quickbooks to Google DriveQuickbooks is accounting software that provides tools to manage small and large businesses’ customers, vendors, clients, inventory, and finances. Backing up Quickbooks to Google Drive businesses by providing one-place storage.
Turn Off Google Drive SyncWe have the 4 methods to turn off Google Drive sync on Windows and Mac.
delete files from Google Drive permanently?We have tested and found the easiest methods to delete files permanently from Google Drive and the step-by-step explanation will make things easier for you.
reduce file size in Google DriveLearn how to move the files from one Google Drive to another on all the platforms.
Get the Google Drive icon on TaskbarCompressing a file size is a vital part of editing. Among the many tools, you can use to compress files is Google Drive.
Advantages and disadvantages of Google DriveGoogle Drive comes with many benefits for users. But it also has some disadvantages that you should not overlook. Read on to learn both the advantages and disadvantages of Google Drive.
Get Google Drive icon on the TaskbarRather than accessing all these services of Google Drive in our web browser, which requires an internet connection, we can get Google Drive on our device’s taskbar, which will make it easy to handle our data.
Unzip Files on Google Drive on Desktop and SmartphoneLearn how to unzip the file on Google Drive for Desktop, Mac, and smartphones.
get unlimited Google Drive storageBy removing unwanted junk files, we can get unlimited Google Drive storage
make a graph on Google DriveGraphs are a powerful way to brief a large dataset in a visual form of presentation. Making a graph in Google Drive itself allows you to convey data and statistics when you’re doing a presentation in the Drive.
Google Drive vs Dropbox – A Head To Head ComparisonHere, you will get the answer for what is Google Drive and Dropbox to features, pricing, and comparison as well.
see who has viewed a Google Doc in Google DriveEmbedded videos keep users on your page which is ideal for landing pages or blog posts where you want to share information but avoid losing the viewer to another page.
Create A Google Drive Account For A Group- Using Google WorkspaceInvite the users to view or edit your documents through their email IDs, without even any cap on the maximum number of users.
Upload iMovie to Google DriveUploading iMovie from your Apple devices to Google Drive is fairly easy and involves only a handful of steps. 
Install and Uninstall Google Drive on Windows 10Here is the complete step to install and uninstall Google Drive on Windows 10.
Unshare a Folder in Google Drive (Step by Step Guide)To remove the user or to unshare the folder in Google Drive, remove the recipient’s email or delete the shared folder.
Backup WhatsApp to Google DriveYou can backup WhatsApp to Google Drive by enabling the auto backup feature from the app itself.
see who has Viewed a Google Doc in Google DriveYou will see who viewed your Drive or commented or made changes in Google Drive.
Add Google Drive to FinderThis guide will explain the process of installing Google Drive on your Mac device and allow it to appear as a folder in the Finder app of your operating system.
Select Multiple Files On Google DriveEvery major file storage and management tool allows users to perform specific actions on large files together, and Google Drive is not at all an exception.
Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From Google DriveWe can recover our permanently deleted photos by the Google support team, recovery software, and trash folder.
Clear Recent in Google DriveGoogle Drive allows us to remove our recently accessed files and folders. Moreover, we can even remove the activity which allows us to keep the drive clean.
Share Videos on Google DriveFollow the complete guide to learn how to share the videos on Google Drive and what type of permission can be given to the user.
Password Protect Google Drive Folder – A Comprehensive GuideWe can give password protection to Google Drive by encrypting and account security, changing the sharing settings, and finally, third-party applications.
transfer ownership of Google Drive FilesThere are certain important things that you need to know before you transfer ownership of all the documents of Google Drive.
Google Drive and how to use itLearn What Google Drive how to use, and how it works with its limitations and capacity.
Upload Large Files to Google DriveYou will see how to upload large files directly and quickly on mobile.


Google Drive is an essential tool for modern-day data management and online collaboration. Its wide range of features, such as easy accessibility, ample storage space, robust security, and seamless Google integration, make it a top choice for over a billion users. With the option of a 15GB free storage plan, it caters to both casual users and professionals requiring more extensive storage capabilities.

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