Outlook Online Tutorials

If you are using Microsoft Outlook Online for email communications, then check out these Outlook Online tutorials.

What is Microsoft Outlook Online?

Microsoft Outlook Online is a web-based email client that serves as part of the Microsoft Office suite. It offers a variety of features such as email management, calendar scheduling, and contact organization, all accessible via a web browser.

Perfect for individuals and businesses alike in the United States and around the world, Outlook Online ensures seamless communication and scheduling solutions without the need to download any additional software.

Features of Microsoft Outlook Online

Email Management

Outlook Online provides a robust email management system where you can send, receive, and organize emails. You can categorize emails, flag important messages, and even set up automated responses.

Calendar and Scheduling

The integrated calendar allows for easy scheduling and reminders. You can set up meetings, create events, and sync your calendar with other applications.

Contact Organization

Manage your contacts effortlessly. You can import/export contacts, create groups, and sync with other applications.

Task Management

Outlook Online also includes a task management feature, allowing you to create, track, and manage tasks. This feature integrates well with other Microsoft Office tools like Microsoft To-Do.

Advantages Over Desktop Version

While the desktop version requires installation and occupies hard drive space, Outlook Online can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This is especially convenient for those on-the-go or for businesses with remote teams.

How to Access Outlook Online

To use Outlook Online, all you need is a Microsoft account and an internet connection. Once logged in, you can access it by navigating to the Outlook section after signing in to your Microsoft Office account.

Steps to AccessDescription
Open Web BrowserAny browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
Go to Office.comNavigate to Microsoft’s official Office website.
Sign InUse your Microsoft account credentials to log in.
Select OutlookChoose the Outlook option to access your inbox.

Outlook Online Tutorials

Here is the list of Outlook online tutorials.

Save and Use Email content in Outlook OnlineExtracting the Email Address from a folder defines saving the email to our PC by exporting method. For offline access, this technique will be beneficial.
Extract the Email Address from a folder in Outlook OnlineThis option will be useful when dealing with many emails but want to see the message on a particular date. Instead of searching mail manually, we can use this feature thus saving time.
Search Email by Date in Outlook OnlineShow the full mail address in Outlook Online for detailed information about the recipients. It will be easier to understand the information about the sender.
Whitelist an Email in Outlook OnlineA whitelisting is an email that describes marking the particular mail to receive our inbox safely rather than moving it into the junk folder.
Show Email Address in Outlook OnlineShow the full mail address in Outlook Online to get detailed information about the recipients. It will be easier to understand the information about the sender.
Schedule an Email on Outlook OnlineIf you are receiving mail in Outlook, but while replying you want to change the email ID that you have received then this feature will be helpful to do so.
Set Up Email Format in Outlook OnlineShow the full mail address in Outlook Online for detailed information about the recipients. It will be easier to understand the information about the sender.
Save Email in Outlook OnlineSaving the email in Outlook benefits offline access and offline access is possible for backup purposes this feature will give a hand.
Flag Message in Outlook OnlineFlag message in Outlook Online is used to mark important messages or emails to reply with high priority and follow up with the emails.
Manage Outlook Online Email CapacityThe capacity of the Email, BCC capacity should be known to the users because it also has some limitations. While adding emails in the BCC, it can be limited up to some numbers.
Enable Email Receipt Notification in Outlook OnlineEmail receipt makes the receiver send a notification for the message we send to ensure our message or email reaches the destination safely.
Check Unread Email in Outlook OnlineIf we miss any email in Outlook online due to our important tasks then it will occupy the unread mail column to read the mails whenever we are free.
Change Email Sender Name in Outlook OnlineIf you are receiving mail in Outlook, but while replying you want to change the email id in which you have received then this feature will be helpful to do so.
Forward Multiple Emails at Once in Microsoft Outlook OnlineForwarding multiple emails together at one time suits the situation where you are dealing with a large number of emails every day and also want to forward the mail to a number of clients.
Make an email confidential in Outlook OnlineMicrosoft Outlook has the option to make the email confidential by doing some small steps. When dealing with an important project with a client it is safe to mark confidential.
Include original message in reply Outlook online?This option will be useful when we are dealing with many emails but want to see the message on a particular date. Instead of searching mail manually, we can use this feature thus saving time.
move all emails to BCC Outlook onlineFor privacy and data protection, and to maintain professionalism, we are using this feature. By using Bcc, you can avoid the “reply-all” option, where recipients mistakenly or purposely reply to all recipients, creating unnecessary email congestion. When the recipients don’t see each other’s addresses, they’re less likely to reply to everyone.
Change title in a reply email in outlook onlineSometimes, the original subject line of an email may not be clear or specific enough. Changing the title can help you and the recipient better understand the content or purpose of the email.
Download All Emails from Outlook OnlineTo protect the mailbox from malware attacks, known as social engineering, which contains malicious links in emails, pop-ups on websites, or text messages. In such cases, users need to transfer Outlook emails to other email clients by downloading them.
Search Emails in Outlook OnlineManual searching for a particular message is difficult when it is already occupied with tons of emails. So we can search based on keywords alone to get our appropriate results.
Use Scheduling Assistant in Outlook OnlineUsing scheduling assistants in Outlook can greatly option to the process of scheduling meetings, appointments, and events, particularly in a professional or collaborative setting.
View Tab and How to Use in Outlook OnlineThe type of view can be customized based on our requirements or for end users in Outlook Online.

Table in Outlook Online

Outlook Online provides a basic table creation tool, which helps the user to understand the information in an effective way. it’s time to elevate our knowledge. Let’s move into the examples of Outlook Online table Tutorials.

Tutorials Description
Add a Table in Outlook OnlineTables can be useful for various purposes, including creating structured content in emails, organizing data, and more. If the user needs to send tabular data in an email, such as financial reports, schedules, or project updates, they can create a table to present the data in a clear and structured manner.
Set Table Alignment in Outlook OnlineThe created table should align properly in the email to ensure the information in the table is aligned perfectly to make sure the recipients understand the requirements correctly.
Table View in Outlook OnlineThe view of the table in Outlook also matters a lot. Customizing the table in Outlook is also possible by this feature.
Use Excel Tables in Outlook OnlineExcel tables can be useful, depending on the size of the data and the ease of readability for your recipients. Attaching the Excel file rather than putting the complete table into the email may be preferable for exceptionally large or complex spreadsheets.
Formatting Table in Outlook OnlineFormatting the table is customizing the table based on the user’s needs. For highlighting the requirement or wanting to make changes in the information, this feature will help hand.
Convert Text to Table or Viceversa in Outlook OnlineConverting text to a table and vice-versa is helpful in the scenario where all the text should converted into to table if the content is more whereas the table can be converted into text if they want to list out points.
Split Tables in Outlook OnlineAfter the table is created, if the user wants to add any heading or information split table will be helpful. Split cells and merge cells are also possible in the feature. To add the information we can use the split cells.

Symbols in Outlook Online

These terms are commonly used when discussing the creation and manipulation of charts and shapes in Microsoft Outlook applications. To design, or show results in the graph we can use the below features to enhance our Outlook Email.

Use Chart in Outlook OnlineIn the organization, it is easy to show the information in graphical representation instead of writing in paragraphs. Showing the performance, employees’ details, or performance growth can be shown using the charts
Use Business Cards in Outlook OnlineBusiness cards can be used in this situation to get to know the entire information of the recipient. Professionally it is mandatory to know about the person in a detailed structure.
Create a Poll in Outlook OnlineCreating a poll is to consider everyone’s suggestions being in the team. Taking a poll makes us decide based on a number of poll rates without making an unfair decision.
Use Stock Images in Outlook OnlineStock images in Microsoft Outlook have a great feature that is used for branding purposes, time and resource efficiency then consistency can be achieved. Inbuilt it has many images to use in the email conversation when it comes to presenting something important.
Use Shapes in Outlook OnlineShapes in Microsoft Outlook can be used to enhance your emails, presentations, or other Outlook items. Shapes allow you to add text, lines, arrows, and various geometric objects to your emails or notes.
Use Formulas for Tables in Outlook OnlineLearn how to use formulas in Outlook Online. Formulas can make the calculation easier and give error-free results. Formulas can give the result within a short period thus making the productive more in the team.

Junk Messages in Outlook Online

Outlook online has the block option if we are receiving unwanted Emails, we can move them into the Junk folder.

Block Sender in Outlook OnlineBlocking a sender in Outlook might be for different reasons to avoid such as scams, spam, or any unwanted communications. Sometimes fraudulent messages will ruin our day.
Turn off Notifications in Outlook OnlineThere will be particular reasons to turn off notifications in Microsoft Outlook. Such as focus on particular work, privacy, reduced distraction, etc. Some notifications will cause a headache, to avoid that situation
Disable Shortcut Key in Outlook OnlineDisabling the shortcuts is due to many reasons to avoid error emails, and wrong recipients also. The main reason for disabling the Outlook shortcut key in the Microsoft Outlook application is to avoid sending the wrong message to the wrong person.
Add and Remove People from Outlook OnlineWe can add and remove the people if the team members are added or removed. In that scenario, this option will be helpful.
Disable Spam in Outlook OnlineThe important message will move to a junk folder. To avoid this situation we can go for the disable feature.
mark all messages by the sender as not junk in Outlook onlineEffective email inbox management in Outlook online is essential, but sometimes by mistake, valid messages may be unintentionally filtered as junk mail.

Outlook Online Calendar Tutorials

For fixing meetings with the team or to give wishes on birthdays, and work anniversaries Outlook Online calendar will be helpful.

add a SharePoint calendar to Outlook onlineHow to sync Google Calendar with Outlook allows you to view and manage your Google Calendar events within the Microsoft Outlook application.
Create and Delete Calendar in Outlook OnlineWe can create and delete calendars to help us organize our appointments, events, and tasks. Creating a new calendar allows us to separate and manage different types of events or group our events by category.
Disable Skype Meetings in Outlook OnlineAttending meetings through Skype is a great feature in Outlook. But sometimes we do not like to receive notifications for the same. So, let’s see how to disable Skype meetings in Outlook.
Create Birthdays On Outlook OnlineCreating a work anniversary or birthday for the team members in the company is easy to do in Microsoft Outlook and ensures to not miss anyone on their big day.
Export Calendar in Outlook OnlineMarking important events in Outlook is helpful. Exporting the Outlook calendar in Excel is a quick-step process. It will be easy to check if we save it on our PC.
Set a Reminder in Outlook Every 15 DaysLearn how to set a reminder in Outlook for every 15 days. To send a project abstract or schedule an important task this feature will help to do so.
Set Calendar Reminders in Outlook for Microsoft 365Calendar reminders for all the small things to the big notifications. Calendar reminders in Outlook provide several important purposes and are a valuable tool for individuals and professionals to manage their time, tasks, and appointments efficiently.
Outlook Calendar Not SyncingShare your plan with colleagues or teammates so that they can include it in their view in Outlook. If we required other users to view or edit the calendar that is also possible in this option.
Import Google Calendar in Outlook OnlineIt is the process of transferring your events and appointments from your Google Calendar account to your Microsoft Outlook calendar. This can be useful if you use both Google Calendar and Outlook and want to share your scheduling and appointments in one place.
Sync Google Calendar with Outlook Online? SharePoint is a web-based platform that enables document sharing and collaboration within our organization. Adding a SharePoint calendar to Outlook online can make it easier to keep track of important events and meetings and stay organized. 
add a SharePoint calendar to Outlook onlineSharePoint is a web-based platform that enables document sharing and collaboration within our organization. Adding a SharePoint calendar to Outlook online can make it easier for you to keep track of important events and meetings and to stay organized. 
How to See List of Reminders in OutlookWith a number of calendar reminders and appointments scheduled, it’s essential to check my Outlook calendar and plan my days accordingly. So, let’s have a look at how we can see the list of reminders in Outlook.
Turn Off Reminders in Outlook OnlineTurning off reminders in Outlook allows us to stop receiving frequent notifications and email reminders for your appointments, meetings, and events
Create Out-of-Office Reply in Outlook Online
Everyone requires a break now and then, but it is best to set up “out of office” replies in our Outlook account before going away from the office. It is important as it lets clients know that you’re not available for a quick response.
Sync has Stopped Working in Outlook Online Microsoft 365Synchronizing the email will be stopped due to some technical reasons. Here you can see the troubleshooting method to check the things and get the things done.
Set Automatic Replies in Outlook for Microsoft 365 Being on vacation, the user or recipients might not know that you are out. So it is helpful for the client, team members, and managers to know that you are out of station this feature will help hand.
Mark Event as Private in Outlook OnlineIf we want to send a message with private information that we want the recipient/user to understand, we can mark the message as private in Outlook Online. In Outlook Online, we can alter the visibility settings of our appointments from public to private.

Outlook Online Account

Tutorials Description
Remove an Account from Outlook OnlineIf the person leaves the organization, it is important to remove the account from Outlook online. In that scenario, we have to remove or delete the account in Outlook Online.
Add Gmail Account in Outlook for Microsoft 365Outlook plays an important role in managing organizational work. One of the main features is that we can add multiple accounts in Outlook to keep track of the work. Google Mail and Calendar accounts can be added as an additional mailbox for Microsoft 365 subscribers.
Add Second Email to Outlook OnlineAdding a second email in Outlook can maintain both professional and personal so the inbox will not be messy.
Set Password in Outlook Online For security reasons, we have to set the password in Outlook. By default, Outlook doesn’t have a password so we have to setup manually. In that scenario learn how to set a password in Outlook Online.
Schedule a Recurring Email in Outlook OnlineIn the organization, we will be in the situation of sending the same email to many people many times. Learn how to schedule a recurring option in Microsoft Outlook. 
Methods to Change the Profile Name in Outlook OnlineLearn how to change the profile name in Outlook
Change Time Zone in Outlook OnlineChanging the time zone in Outlook can be important for many reasons, depending on our situation and requirements.
 Turn Off the Conversation in Outlook OnlineConversation allows us to reduce the clutter in the inbox and follow the email merging all relevant titles together. However, if Conversation View is enabled it will appear when searching for the email.
Use Categories in Outlook OnlineIn Microsoft Outlook, categories are a way to organize and label emails, calendar items, contacts, and other items for better organization and identification.

Outlook Online Advanced

Below are the Outlook online topics that we can use at an advanced level to make communication better and more effective.

Tutorials Description
Methods to Sync iPhone Contacts with Outlook OnlineThe color of the theme speaks a lot. Change the outlook theme to present your information in an eye-catching to express your views.
Methods to Create a Signature in Outlook OnlineCreating a signature in Outlook gives the identity of our email. Learn more about methods to create a signature in Outlook Online.
Change Outlook Online ThemeReduce the image to reduce the size of the body of the email in Outlook Online. The end-user should understand and make it short so that memory consumption will also be less.
Create and Share Contact List in Outlook OnlineCreate a contact list in Outlook to convey the information and share it with other people as well.
Embed a PDF in Outlook OnlineLearn how to include a PDF format in Outlook Online.
Make an Email Group in Outlook OnlineCreating an email group in the team is quite useful and helpful for your team to send messages to the same group of people frequently.
Get Outlook Online Notifications on MacOutlook on the Mac cannot send alerts if you deny it. Learn how to get notifications for Outlook on Mac.
Create a Signature in Outlook OnlineAdd a signature image to your email signature to personalize your emails and make them more visually attractive. A signature image may be a logo, photo, or other graphical element that you want to include in your email signature. Learn the technique if it is not showing in Outlook.
Create Inbox Rules in Outlook OnlineInbox rules in Microsoft Outlook are a set of automated actions or conditions that you can describe to manage your incoming email messages. Try to create inbox rules in Outlook Online.
Print Emails on Outlook for Microsoft 365We can print the emails, which is mandatory for maintaining the records. Here is how to print emails in Outlook for Microsoft 356.
Open MSG File in Outlook OnlineAn MSG file is a file format used by Outlook to store separate email messages, attachments, and other related data.
Reduce the Image Size in Outlook OnlineReduce the image to reduce the size of the body of the email in Outlook Online. The end-user should understand and make it short so that memory consumption will also be less.
Sync has Stopped Working in Outlook Online Microsoft 365Due to technical reasons, the synchronization has been stopped. Learn how to troubleshoot this method to get a solution.
Display Message Size in Outlook OnlineWell-structured message size also creates an impact on the message we send. Check how to display the message size in Outlook.
Remove Recent Searches in Outlook OnlineFor privacy and security reasons we are removing the recent searches in Outlook. Learn how this works.
Change a Title in Reply Mail in Outlook OnlineThe title change in the reply mail is due to the user not being clear about the subject. To modify and exact the title we can change this option.
Get Taskbar in Outlook OnlineTaskbar can be a useful feature for better managing and organizing our daily tasks, appointments, and emails. It provides a fast and easiest way to access and work with your Outlook-related tasks.
Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook OnlineThere might be a chance of deleting a message by mistake. In that case, we can recover the deleted message in Outlook to get back the messages.
Change the Default Font in OutlookSometimes the font will not look attractive by looks. Here look out to learn to change the default font in Outlook.
Sort Folders in Outlook OnlineHere you will learn how to sort folders in Outlook Online.
Sort Emails by Size in Outlook OnlineSorting emails by size is helpful for different reasons, depending on our specific needs and circumstances. Identifying large attachments or managing storage space is the reason for sorting emails based on size.
Check Storage Space in Outlook for Microsoft 365To prevent email overload and performance issues, we are checking the storage space in Outlook.
format a paragraph in Outlook online mailProper formatting enhances the clarity and readability of our message and can help you convey your message effectively.
Create Folder in Outlook OnlineCreating a folder is important to organize the Microsoft email in a neat way. We can create separate work and personal folders. For the project, it is easy to maintain if I keep separate folders for interacting with the team members.
Attachment is not Showing in Outlook OnlineLearn this troubleshooting method to see why the attachment is not showing in Outlook Online.
Hyperlink is not Working in Outlook OnlineLearn how to check if the hyperlink is not working in Outlook Online.
Create and Remove Hyperlink in Outlook OnlineSometimes, it is mandatory to use the hyperlink in Outlook Online to show important links or images to team members or clients. Learn how to do so.
Create and Use Templates in Microsoft Outlook OnlineCreating and using email templates in Microsoft Outlook can save you time when sending used messages frequently or standard responses to the recipients.
sort folders in Outlook onlineFolders are a great option when it comes to sorting out information and keeping it ready. All emailing programs and software give users an option to differentiate the emails they receive into folders.
Send HTML Templates in Outlook OnlineLearn how to send HTML templates in Outlook Online.


Microsoft Outlook Online is a versatile, web-based email client with features that streamline communication, scheduling, and task management. It’s a must-have tool for individuals and businesses in the United States who require a flexible, accessible communication solution. Its web-based nature makes it incredibly adaptable, allowing you to stay connected no matter where you are. I hope the above Outlook Online tutorials will be helpful to you.