7 Best Chrome Extensions for Google Drive

Google Drive is the best cloud storage for keeping your data safe and secure, with all the protections, encryptions, and backups.

Everyone will be using web browsers that provide many ad-ons, plugins, and extensions to help improve the functionalities of different applications and software you are using. When talking about extensions, you will find the best one on Chrome.

Chrome is a center hub for all kinds of browser and device extensions since there are many extensions for Google Drive as well.

Here, we list some of the best Chrome Extensions for Google Drive that will help you improve the performance of your drive and bring out the best of it.

Why to Use Extension for Google Drive

Before seeing which is the best extension for Drive, we will see the reason for using the Google Drive extension.

  1. Increase in Productivity— We can automate tasks using extensions, saving time and effort. For example, you can use the extension to sign documents or export files to different formats.
  2. Improvement in Collaboration— Extensions can collaborate with the project management tool, thus make easier to share the documents within the team.
  3. Customization — With extensions, you can customize Google Drive to meet your unique requirements. Extensions provide flexibility for adding new features, enhancing existing ones, and customizing the user interface.
  4. Accessibility – Extensions can increase accessibility by providing features that Google Drive does not. For example, extensions can improve readability for people with impairments, translate documents, or convert text to speech.
  5. Security – Some extensions offer additional security features, such as encryption or password protection, to help you keep your files safe and secure.

Best Chrome Extensions for Google Drive

You can transfer this data, create its backups, and even encrypt it for more privacy and protection.

However, every application has some drawbacks, and extensions provide a way to eliminate those issues. So, when you look for extensions for Google Drive and use them, you will be able to enhance your drive’s performance.

But which extension do you use to get the improvements? This tutorial helps you find answers to your questions.

Checker Plus for Google Drive

Checker Plus allows you to access Google Drive and manage your files without opening the Google Drive home screen. Clicking the Checker Plus icon in the Chrome toolbar will open a pop-up showing your files in Google Drive. You can search, delete, or rename the file here.

A new browser tab will open with the document in the relevant Google Office app when you click on a filename. Additionally, you can upload files from your computer to Google Drive for easy tracking and copy shareable web links to files.

Furthermore, Checker Plus can notify you if any changes are made to any files in your Google Drive (including shared documents that you’ve allowed others to edit). These notifications appear as notification cards and are sent from the Checker Plus icon on the Chrome toolbar and the lower-right corner of your computer’s desktop.

Save to Google Drive

One might wonder why this popular plugin, which has over four million users, is integrated into Google Drive as a core feature. It is a Google-produced extension for Google Chrome that increases the functionality of Google Drive. One possible explanation for this could be that some Chrome users may not want to use a Google Drive account.

All that this extension does is provide a few more options for saving files straight to a Google Drive account. A new save to Drive option appears in the context menu when you right-click on a link or media file. Selecting it will save the file straight to your Google Drive account.

One useful feature is that you can save to Google Drive straight from the web without saving the file to your local device; this eliminates the need for Drive for Desktop to be installed.

Note — If you use Google Drive for Desktop, you don’t need this. You can browse your Google Drive directory using the standard file-saving dialog box.


We are in the Digital era; digital signatures become a trend. Everything happens remotely, and e-signatures authorize documents.

Now, most people do that by attaching an image of their signature to the documents. However, this could be risky. Anyone might save that picture if you’re not careful enough and put it to the wrong use.

Using an extension like DocuSign is a better option since it is one of the best Chrome Extensions for Google Drive. You can use it to have your documents signed more securely.

You can use the extension to put your own signatures on the documents and also request signatures from others.

Moreover, it shall allow you to take the signatures of multiple people in a single go. You need to assign the request, and as and when the recipient sees the request, he/she shall sign the document.

Moreover, you can also see the exact time at which the recipient saw the signature assignment and put the signature on the document. This is possible through the time stamp feature of the application.

You can also add recipients to the document for signature assignment at a later date. The only issue with the extension is that while it’s free for individual use, you’ll have to purchase a plan for additional members and signatures.

Nonetheless, the plans don’t cost a lot, and you can purchase them based on your specific needs and requirements.

With all of these features, it will be a great extension for your Google Drive, ensuring that your documents are signed safely and on time.


While Drive Anywhere and Checker Plus offer a quick way to search files in Google Drive without having to open the Drive home screen first, OmniDrive speeds up the process even further by enabling you to search your Drive files directly from the Chrome address bar or “Omnibox” as it is known in Google lingo.

In the address bar, you type “drive” and then “space.” “OmniDrive” appears at the top of the address bar as soon as you type that space. To locate a document in Google Drive, type its filename or a word or phrase in the document and press Enter. The search results are displayed on the Google Drive page that opens in the browser window.

Note that although this extension hasn’t been updated in a while, it still functions, and its source code is open to the public.

Transfer Dropbox to Google Drive

This is just one of the services offered by Multcloud.com. This straightforward extension lets you move files to and from Dropbox and Google Drive and syncs with both cloud storage providers. Use it for platform migration, archive transfer, copying, or other similar tasks. It is quick and efficient, and it avoids the laborious download-upload procedure for local transfers.

Multcloud offers many similar features. You can also sync and move files between different cloud platforms. Up to 5 GB of data transfer per month is free. If you want more, you need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Save to Google Drive

If you are researching something for documentation, you know the difficulties of finding the right information and sorting it accordingly. Generally, you copy the links and files you look at on the web to documents.

However, this is very time-consuming, and there might be a chance that you will miss out on copying and saving some specific links.

Save to Google Drive is a Chrome extension that offers a better way to save and organize your research.

With this extension, you can save all your research links and files directly to your drive in a single click. You won’t have to sort or arrange the links, either. The extension will save them all in separate folders in a well-organized manner.

With that, it will become much easier for you to make out the meanings of your research and create great content pieces from it, and that too in less time and with more efficiency.

Moreover, this extension will be helpful even if you are someone who just likes to look up information on the web and save it for future reference.

With all of that, it’s an amazing extension for Google Drive that significantly enhances the quality of your work as a blogger, writer, or researcher.

Save Emails to Google Drive

Open a Gmail email message to do this. Select Save to Google Drive from the drop-down menu when you click the Save to button in the toolbar above your email. A window displaying the folders in your Google Drive will appear; choose the one where you wish to store the message’s PDF and any attached files.

You can use this from your Gmail account’s home screen. Click Download as PDF near the toolbar above the subject headers. Using the drop-down menu, you can choose to save all separate emails as one PDF or just the attachments to these emails.

Simple Invoicing

Freelancers generally use this to send invoices with details and charges for their work. They have to fill in the information for invoice purposes, but it automatically creates the invoice and sends it to your email in PDF format. It will also allow the customization feature. Moreover, this extension will store a copy of all the invoices you generate in Google Drive.

Final Words

So, that was all about some of the best Chrome Extensions for Google Drive. These are just seven extensions, and each one will serve some other users. They’re some tools that every person needs at one point or another while working on Google Drive.

We hope that you found the article helpful and are all set to add these extensions for Google Drive on your Chrome browser.

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