7 Best Chrome Extensions for Google Drive

When it comes to cloud storage for keeping your data safe and secure with all the privacy protections, encryptions, and backups, there’s nothing better than Google Drive.

However, as you keep using up Google Drive storage, it starts getting slow. Moreover, you may face performance issues with Google Drive in some or another way.

This makes you wonder if there was a way to eliminate those problems and enhance the performance of your drive. Well, luckily enough, there is!

Everyone is aware that web browsers provide many add-ons, plugins, and extensions to help enhance the functionalities of different applications and software that you’re using on them. When we talk about these extensions, you’ll find the best ones on Chrome.

Chrome is a hub for all kinds of extensions you’d ever need on browsers and for your devices. Luckily enough, there are many such extensions for Google Drive as well, and this article aims to help you know them.

Here, we list some of the best Chrome Extensions for Google Drive that will help you enhance the performance of your drive and bring out the best of it.

Best Chrome Extensions for Google Drive

Google Drive is, without a doubt, the perfect cloud storage platform for your data. It helps you sync between the files, data, documents, and all kinds of media on your local system as well as the drive.

You can transfer this data, create its backups, and even encrypt them for more privacy and protection.

However, every application has some loopholes, and extensions offer a way to eliminate those issues. So, when you look for extensions for Google Drive and use them, you will be able to phenomenally enhance the performance of your drive.

The question is, what extensions can you use for achieving the best performance improvements and enhancements? Well, this article will help you know quite a viable answer to this question.

Following through, we have created a detailed list of some of the best Chrome Extensions for Google Drive. Have a read and know for yourself the add-ons you need to use to enhance your drive for better performance and more secure data storage.

Please take note that each of the extensions in the list supports different functionalities that you might or might not need for your working areas and scope in Google Drive. You can pick out the extensions that you feel suit you the best. Let’s get started!

1. DocuSign

As the world goes digital, digital signatures have also become a trend. With everything happening remotely, nowadays, documents are majorly authorized by putting up signatures over them digitally.

Now, most people do that by attaching an image of their signature to the documents. However, this could be risky. Anyone might save that picture if you’re not careful enough and put it to the wrong use.

docuSign Chrome Extension
Chrome Extensions for Google Drive

Using an extension like DocuSign is a better way to go since it is one of the best Chrome Extensions for Google Drive. You can use it to have your documents signed in a more secure manner.

You can use the extension to put your own signatures on the documents and also request signatures from others.

Moreover, it shall allow you to take the signatures of multiple people in a single go. You just need to assign the request, and as and when the recipient sees the request, he/she shall sign the document.

Moreover, you can also see the exact time at which the recipient saw the signature assignment and put the signature on the document. This is possible through the time stamp feature of the application.

You can also add recipients to the document for signature assignment at a later period in time. The only issue with the extension is that while it’s free to use for individual usage, you’ll have to purchase a plan for additional members and signatures.

Nonetheless, the plans don’t cost a lot, and you can purchase them based on your specific needs and requirements.

With all of these features, it will be a great extension for your Google Drive to make sure that your documents get signed safely and on time.

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2. Gannter for Google Drive

When you are working in a corporate setting as a professional, you need efficient tools and applications for managing different projects that come your way.

Now, as the inclination shifts towards cloud technology, it’s best that you have your entire project plan and management over a cloud-based platform.

If your project management is on the cloud, it will be easier for you to share the details and plans with your team while also having updates and workflows in real-time.

Now one of the best ways for doing this is by using Google Drive for maintaining and saving the project information, details, and other data. Further, Gantter for Google Drive will help enhance project management.

Google Chrome Extensions for Google Drive
Gantter Project Management

You would already have all the data on your Google Drive; the extension will further have you maintain and manage the data for better project management with its extensive features and functionalities.

With Gantter, you’d easily be able to schedule the tasks, assign them, set timelines, create charts, and do all the things encompassing the perfect management and execution of your projects.

Moreover, you can easily customize the charts that you create and use different colors to indicate different things, items, and tasks on your list.

The best part yet is that it’s an entirely free extension. So, it would be great to help you with all your project management activities, and you wouldn’t have to spend a dime on it either.

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3. Simple Invoicing

Are you a freelancer? Is it difficult for you to keep track of your work, and do you always find it challenging and time-consuming to create invoices for the payments?

Have these issues with invoice creation also led you to bill the invoices late and thus delaying your payments? Well, this happens with every person at some point or the other.

However, there’s no reason that you keep going through this problem.

Chrome Extensions for Google Drive

With the Simple Invoicing Chrome extension, you can put an end to all your invoicing and billing troubles. As its name suggests, it makes it extremely easy for you to create your invoices and even save them over Google Drive.

You just have to fill in all your details and some other basic information related to invoicing, and voila! The extension will auto-generate the invoices for you and send them to you over the email id linked with your drive.

Additionally, all the invoices will be saved to your Google Drive. So, once you get the copy of the invoice, you can check it, and when you’re satisfied, you can forward the same to your clients and customers.

With this, this Simple Invoicing Chrome Extension for Google Drive meets all your billing needs and requirements and helps keep better track of your transactions and payment cycles.

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4. PDF Compressor

PDFs are the safest way to save your data; however, they can take a lot of storage space on your drive.

Now, while Google Drive offers sufficient storage even in its free plans, you want to make sure that every bit of it is put to efficient use. In that case, one way of saving space on your drive is by compressing your files to a smaller size. The PDF Compressor Chrome Extension for Google Drive helps with that.

You can simply select the files from your system or drag and drop them into the extension to compress them and minimize their size. Additionally, you can use this extension to even convert your files in other formats to PDFs.

As such, whether it’s a word document, excel sheet, ppt file, or any other media file, the extension will help you convert them all to pdf format.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Google Drive
PDF Compressor

Once you convert those files, you can again compress the PDFs to save some space on your drive. With that, the PDF Compressor is perfect for your Google Drive to maintain the storage while also making sure that its performance never slows down due to the memory being full.

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5. Translate for Drive

Do you often face the need to translate your documents, files, and other data to some other language? Well, the most obvious route you follow for the purpose is to copy the text that needs translation, paste it to Google translate, copy back the translated content, and finally paste it to a document or file. Now, this process is extremely time-consuming.

Moreover, Google Translate does not always provide the correct translations, especially if you’re dealing with long-form content.

In fact, sometimes, the translations are so absurd that they might frustrate you, and the irritation shall only aggravate when you’d have to correct those wrong translations all by yourself, manually.

Best Chrome Extensions for Google Drive
Translate for Google Drive

Translate for Drive saves all this trouble. With this browser extension on your drive, all you would have to do is go to your drive, find the file that needs translation and run it by the Translate for Drive extension. The add-on will take care of the rest of the things all by itself.

It will automatically translate your document or file and create a separate copy containing the translated text. The accuracy of the translation will also be pretty awesome, and you shall have to make minimal edits.

With all of that, this is the perfect extension for anyone with even the most basic translation needs and requirements. Moreover, if you are a professional translator, this extension will ease out your job a lot.

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6. Save to Google Drive

If you’re a blogger, writer, or researcher, you might know the struggles of finding the right information and arranging it in an understandable manner. Generally, you just tend to copy the links and files that you look up over the web to some documents or sheets.

However, this is very time-consuming, and there are always chances that you may miss out on copying and saving some specific links.

Save to Google Drive is a Chrome extension that offers a better way to save and organize your research.

With this extension, you can have all your research links and files directly saved to your drive in a single click, and you won’t have to go through the struggles of sorting or arranging the links either. The extension will save it all in separate folders in a well-organized manner.

Save to Google Drive

With that, it will become much easier for you to make out the meanings of your research and create great content pieces from it, and that too in less time and with more efficiency.

Moreover, even if you’re someone who just likes to look up information over the web and save the same for future reference, this extension will be helpful.

With all of that, it’s an amazing extension for Google Drive that significantly enhances the quality of your work as a blogger, writer, or researcher.

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7. Drive Template Gallery

When you’re using Google Drive, you’ve got a plethora of options to explore. You can create documents, sheets, slides, and a lot more. Additionally, you can save and customize pictures and videos on the drive too. 

Now you can do it all from scratch. However, if you have templates for everything you want to do, your task not only becomes less time-consuming, but it becomes a lot easier as well.

Now, there are some in-built templates on the drive, but you can open yourself up to a lot more options with the Drive Template Gallery extension on Chrome.

This extension has all kinds of templates for your drive, ranging from simple documents and sheets to beautiful presentations, cards, videos, images, graphics, invoices, and a lot more.

With all such templates, you can better use the functionalities of the drive and have more efficiency in your tasks and jobs as well.

Final Words

So, that was all about some of the best Chrome Extensions for Google Drive. These are just seven extensions, and each one of them will serve some of the other users. They’re some tools that every person needs at one point or the other during working on Google Drive.

We hope that you found the article helpful and are all set to add up these extensions for Google Drive on your Chrome browser.