How to Open MSG File in Outlook Online?

Unaware of opening MSG file in Outlook Online? This is the right article you have came across to check how to open MSG file in Outlook Online.

Outlook is now the preferred email client for businesses due to its extensive features and functionalities. The application’s contribution has raised workplace productivity.

A user could want to open an email in a web browser for a variety of other reasons. This article will show how to open an MSG file without third-party applications.

  • Benefits of opening email via web browser
  • Importance of opening an email in a web browser
  • How to open email in Outlook browser?

Benefits of Opening Emails Through a Web Browser

Opening an email through a web browser can be done for a variety of reasons.

Advanced capabilities – The reason for opening MSG file in browser is mainly supports the features like GIF, flash animations, CSS formatting. In such instance it is better to switch to browser.

Printing Needs – When we open an email with the web browser, we can print the emails with the help of printing options available in a browser. This way, we can print an email as per our wish to do it, without any restrictions.

Issues with Email Client-  Another reason for using this is to avoid issue with the email client. If our email is not working properly or facing some minor issue straightaway, we can open the browser application.

Easy Opening of browser – It is not important to install an PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and access our PDF files every time. Using Outlook in the web browser, one can easily open in the web browser.

Sending requests to clients – Using a web browser application we can quickly send meeting requests to contacts and use the month, week, or day views to access or update the upcoming appointments.

Email RequirementsFinally, some emails are specifically to be opened in a web browser. This is absolutely common with marketing emails that include images or other rich media. If you are not sure whether an email should be opened in a web browser, you can usually find this information in the Outlook email’s header.

Importance of Opening an Email in a Web Browser?

There are several reasons to open an email in a web browser. The important reason is if the email is containing graphs or formatting. It will not be delivered in proper format. In such case, opening the email in a web browser will allow all the content to be displayed as expected.

Another important reason if someone might choose to open an email in a web browser is if they want to take advantage of any interactive features are included in the message. If these types of features are important to the reader, they will need to open the email in a web browser in order to access them.

Some emails contain active content such as java script, which will not run well. In such case, we will need to open the email in a web browser to view the active content. Finally, some email clients will block certain types of content from being displayed. This can include anything from images to links to external websites. In these cases, the only way to retain or access this content is to open the email in a web browser.

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How to Open an Email in Microsoft Outlook Browser?

Now, as we have discussed why and when should a user need to open an email with a web browser, let’s now discuss how one can do it.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook in desktop application.
  • Double click the email you want to appear in the web browser.
Open MSG file in browser
  • After selecting the desired message, click three dots or ellipsis in the last corner to see Actions options. Simultaneously click View in browser to see the messages in browser.
View in browser message file

Once you click view in browser, the message will be displayed in the browser (OWA) application.

End Point

Outlook is a great platform for all the clients. But it will be better even when simultaneously used with the web browser. By following the above method, check in the Outlook desktop application.

Sometimes it is important to save the particular emails for our future use. So, what are you waiting for? Do the steps and see the changes in your PC.

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