OneDrive Tutorials

Are you using OneDrive for working with documents or files? Check out all these OneDrive tutorials; they will help you to increase productivity.

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is a cloud storage service from Microsoft that allows you to store files and data online securely. It’s a part of Microsoft’s suite of online services and can be integrated with Windows operating systems. OneDrive offers features like file sharing, real-time collaboration, and accessibility from multiple devices.

What is OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive for Business is a more advanced version of OneDrive tailored for corporate and organizational use. While it offers similar cloud storage features, it is enhanced with additional security measures and administrative tools and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).

OneDrive vs. OneDrive for Business

FeatureOneDriveOneDrive for Business
Storage Limit5GB Free1TB or more
File SharingYesYes
Real-time CollaborationYesYes
Administrative ToolsNoYes
Integration with MS 365LimitedFull

Why Use OneDrive?

Convenient Access to Files

With OneDrive, your files are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. You can access them from multiple devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Real-Time Collaboration

OneDrive enables multiple people to collaborate on the same document in real-time. This is particularly useful for team projects and business collaborations.

Enhanced Security

Especially with OneDrive for Business, the security measures in place are robust, ensuring that your data is protected. Features like two-factor authentication (2FA) and advanced encryption are designed to safeguard your files.

Seamless Integration

If you’re already using Microsoft products like Windows or Microsoft 365, OneDrive integrates smoothly, making it an excellent option for streamlined productivity.

OneDrive Stats

Number of OneDrive Users250 million
OneDrive for Business Adoption Rate60%
Storage saved by Businesses using OneDriveUp to 15%
Increase in Collaboration using OneDriveUp to 35%

OneDrive Tutorials and Tips and Tricks

Share a OneDrive Folder via Email We can easily share folders with other people in OneDrive. Whether we want to collaborate on a project or just share some files, it’s easy to do things.
stop onedrive from popping upPopping out OneDrive makes our productivity less. Learn how to stop from popping to work peacefully.
Delete OneDrive Files Without Deleting Them From My PCIt is an easy and few-step process to delete a particular file in one application without deleting it on a PC.
Give Access to Another User on OneDriveIn 2 unique ways, we can access other’s OneDrive accounts if the employee leaves the organization suddenly when he/she is on leave.
Create a Shared Folder in OneDriveCreating a shared folder in OneDrive is an easy process. Learn how to do the process.
Remove Green Checkmark from OneDrive WindowsThe Green check mark denotes that OneDrive is up to date and synced well. Follow this if you to remove the green checkmark in OneDrive
Share a OneDrive Folder via EmailOne of the great things about OneDrive is that we can easily share folders with other users. Whether you need to collaborate on a project or just share some files, you can go with this option.
Access OneDrive Recycle BinTo access the deleted file or restore the deleted file, we are accessing the recycle bin in OneDrive.
Delete All Photos from OneDriveLearn this to delete all your unwanted photos from OneDrive applications.
Sync Documents to OneDriveStoring your documents in the cloud can help protect them from loss or damage.
Send A OneDrive Link to Different PeopleTo access the file with the different team members, you can share the OneDrive link with many people.
Stop Sharing Files on OneDriveThere might be times when you want to stop sharing files with particular people. Follow this to do so.
Backup OneDrive to an External DriveFor data protection, accidental deletion, and offline access we can backup OneDrive to the external drive.
Check OneDrive Space Follow these 2 approaches to check the OneDrive space to decide whether to increase the space or not.
Save Outlook Emails to OneDrive Check 2 different ways to save all your Outlook emails to OneDrive. It offers a quick way to quickly store all of your data on the cloud and retrieve it while you’re on the road, along with 5GB of free storage capacity. 
stop onedrive automatically backing upSometimes due to some reasons, we have to stop the automatic backup in OneDrive. Follow this technique to do so.
Add OneDrive to FinderFinder helps make the file’s search procedure more straightforward and less time-consuming to look for the particular file.
Make Sure OneDrive is running on your PC, then try againWe might not be aware of whether OneDrive is running properly or not on our PC. Troubleshooting is the best thing we can do.
Download a File from OneDriveDownloading a File from OneDrive is easy. For offline access, the downloading option will be helpful.
OneDrive Not syncing on Mac – Reasons and FixesCheck out the reasons why OneDrive is not syncing on Mac.
Add OneDrive to File ExplorerLearn how to add OneDrive to File Explorer.
Share a Document on OneDriveWe can easily share folders with other people in OneDrive. Whether we want to collaborate on a project or just share some files, it’s easy to do things.


OneDrive and OneDrive for Business offer robust cloud storage solutions with real-time collaboration, enhanced security, and seamless integration with Microsoft’s ecosystem. The statistics indicate the wide acceptance and utility of OneDrive among individual users and businesses. Therefore, opting for OneDrive can be a strategically beneficial move for both personal and professional storage and collaboration needs. I hope these OneDrive tutorials will be helpful to you.