How to Cancel Google Drive Subscription

Do you want to end the Google Drive subscription? Follow this tutorial to check how to do so. Data can be stored in cloud platforms like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc. Users will prefer cloud platforms only to store the data because they provide excellent capacity for storing the data and make the database … Read more >>

How to Block Someone on Google Drive

How to Block Someone on Google Drive

Have you struggled with the scammers in Google Drive? Then follow this tutorial to be aware of scammers by blocking users in Google Drive. Unknown users or let’s say scammers are always thinking of new ways to contact you through spam. Google Drive is a nice feature where files and folders can be shared with … Read more >>

Why is Google Drive So Slow?- Reasons and Solutions

Why is Google Drive So Slow

Google Drive is the best storage to store your important data to be safe and secure. Whether it is documents, sheets, images, or videos you can save it all in Google Drive. It even has two-layer protection security so no need to bother about the security of the documents. In some instances, Google Drive has … Read more >>

Advantages of Using OneDrive and Google Drive

Advantages of Using OneDrive and Google Drive

Are you confused about which is the best storage for OneDrive and Google Drive? Here is the exact comparison for both. Google Drive and OneDrive are the two most popular and widely used cloud storage devices. Although their methods are different, the two cloud storage apps provide the same services. OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud … Read more >>

How to Clear Storage on Google Drive

How to clear Storage on Google Drive

Have you got any warning messages like your storage is full in Google Drive? Then this is the time to check which files take up large space in Drive. Google Drive is a professional and free cloud backup storage to access data. Some unwanted files and duplicate files will occupy and make the storage full. … Read more >>

How to Stop Spam in Google Drive

Want to stop spam in Google Drive? This tutorial is for you to check out the ways to stop spam in Google Drive. The introduction of cloud computing platforms such as Google Drive has simplified the process of storing and sharing documents. But with it comes the risk of being spammed and hacked and the … Read more >>

How to Send Word Documents in Google Drive

Word to Google Drive application

Have you tried sending the Word document to Google Drive? Then check out this Google Drive tutorial to see how to send a Word document in Google Drive. Earlier, Microsoft Word used to be the first choice of people, but as people are shifting towards using online software to share files without interference, Google Drive … Read more >>

Google Drive File Stream not Working – How to Fix

Google Drive File stream not Working

Unable to access Google Drive streaming? Check this tutorial to see how to fix the error for the reason behind Google Drive is not streaming. Earlier it was Google Drive for streaming now it is reintroduced as Google Drive for desktop. You can simply visit their official site and download it on your Windows or … Read more >>