How to Invite Someone to Dropbox? [5 Effective Methods]

How to Invite Someone to Dropbox

Is it possible to invite someone who doesn’t have Dropbox account? Yes, we can. In this article, I’m gonna show you how to invite someone to Dropbox and the possible ways to do it. I am in need of inviting my friends, and colleagues to Dropbox to share some important files and it will be … Read more >>

How to Edit Files or Folders from Dropbox? [6 Practical ways]

How to Edit Files or Folders from Dropbox

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How to Upload and Download Music on Dropbox?

How to Upload and Download Music on Dropbox

In this article, let’s go through how to upload and download music from iPhone, Android, and Web Browsers in Dropbox. I love to listen to music each and every day, I have downloaded a variety of music on my device and listen to them depending on my mindset. Due to more downloaded music on my … Read more >>

How to Protect a Dropbox Folder with a Password? [8 Simple Reasons]

How to Protect a Dropbox Folder with a Password

Unaware of files and folder protection in Dropbox? You have reached the right destination. Millions of people around the world use cloud storage devices like Dropbox. We use Dropbox to store photos, videos, audio files, and PDFs. I have used Dropbox for more than a year. Initially, when I tried to protect files and folders … Read more >>

How to Set Up Siri on iPhone? [2 Efficient Ways]

How to Set Up Siri on iPhone

The quickest way to complete tasks on iPhone is by commanding Apple’s voice assistant ‘Siri’. Further, Siri not only finishes the chore but also saves our precious time. So, let’s find out how to set up Siri on iPhone 14 or iPhone 13. Being a busy person, completing tasks on time is extremely crucial to … Read more >>

How to Make Your Dropbox Sync Faster? [6 Simple Ways]

How to Make Your Dropbox Sync Faster

In this article, let’s discuss why Dropbox is slow during sync, upload, and download. And also I have given 6 simple ways to make Dropbox sync faster. Dropbox is a place to store a large number of files and folders privately. Whenever I try to upload or download the data and sync in Dropbox, it … Read more >>

How to Unshare a Dropbox Folder? [8 Effective ways]

How to Unshare a Dropbox Folder

Tried to unshare a Dropbox folder and can’t get it done? You are on the right page to check how to unshare a folder in Dropbox. In some instances, we don’t want others to see our files even if we shared them already. In that situation what we can do is just unshare the file … Read more >>

How to Change Email on Dropbox? [6 Defined Ways]

How to Change Email on Dropbox

Want to change the email on Dropbox? Here are the guidelines to follow on how to change the Dropbox email. The majority of the websites, require us to use our email address to signup. Email addresses are perfect for usernames that can be a point of contact for communication and for Dropbox account ownership verification. … Read more >>

How to Create a Dropbox Link? [6 Methods]

How to create a Dropbox link

Want to share a Dropbox file quickly? We need a Dropbox link. These links can be shared via emails or messaging apps. The specialty of the link is even if our recipient doesn’t have a DropBox account it works. The process of attaching files over mail can be tedious. Sometimes it gets failed due to … Read more >>