How to Remove Recent Searches in Outlook Online? [2 Methods]

Want to delete or remove search history in Microsoft Outlook application? Here is the article you looking for how to remove recent searches in Outlook Online.

In today’s connected society, many individuals have developed a high end sense of awareness when it comes to their personal information or sensitive data is being shared.

We might decide that we want certain types of personal information, like our Outlook search history, to be inaccessible to others if we share a computer with a coworker or member of our family. Fortunately, by following a few easy steps, we can delete our Outlook search history.

  • Outlook Search history basics
  • Managing and controlling our search history
  • Clearing search history in Outlook from browser
  • Delete history in Outlook from the Run option

Outlook Search History Basics

Using the built-in search options in Outlook if we are looking for a specific email. Outlook provides us with the convenience of holding all of our searches and allows us to view them at a later time.

If we need to refer to a single specific email repeatedly for a long time, this might be really helpful. This way of looking for content is simple and quick because all of our Outlook emails are kept in one place.

But, if we share a computer or even a single Outlook account, privacy concerns could occur. For instance, many people have a shared email account. In a scenario like this, we can find out that we have access to other user’s search histories in addition to our own recent email search history.

Managing and Controlling Our Search History

If security is a priority, the steps we have used to view Outlook search history or clear Outlook search history may only be the beginning. As a general rule, sharing accounts always creates opportunities for information will be viewed and distributed without our conscience. We may decide that a secure, private account is in our best interest.

It will be better and secured if we delete our search history in Microsoft Outlook 365 application.

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Clearing Search History in Outlook from Browser

Removing or deleting search history in Outlook from the browser is easy. Follow the below steps and delete from browser.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 365 application from the browser such as Chrome, Internet explorer or Safari.
  • Move ahead to the Settings or gear icon to click View all Outlook settings.
How to remove history in Outlook
  • Select General and also click Privacy and data. Delete history under the search history options.
Delete search history in Outlook

For deleting, click Delete history. All your search history will be deleted. To export search history click Export.

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Delete History in Outlook From Run Option

We can delete the search history using the below steps as well.

  • Type regedit in the run option. or Click windows icon + R and type regedit then hit enter.
Delete search history in Run option
  • In the User Account Control popup window, select Yes to allow registry editor make changes to our computer.
  • Go to the following location in the registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Profiles\Outlook\0a0d020000000000c000000000000046.
Remove Outlook history in Run option
  • In the right pane look for a exact registry value 101f0445, click CTRL + F shortcut key to type 101f0445 which we need to delete. Highlight the registry value correlate with Outlook and then press the delete key on your keyboard. Click Find Next and delete
Delete history in Outlook using values
  • Right-click and select delete option. A Confirm Value Delete dialogue box open up. Confirm the delete by clicking on the Yes option. The confirmation should clear our Outlook search history.

Restart Microsoft Outlook to verify if the process successfully deletes the search history. Click the search tab, then the recent searches button. We should not see the previous search keywords or history anymore.

However, if the entries in the search history still show, close the Outlook app and repeat the process. Otherwise, use the above method of deleting Outlook search history on the web.

Final Word

Deleting our Outlook search history is permanent. We can use the above methods above if you are sure you want to.

Deleting Microsoft Outlook search history is making us to use application in a secure way. End of the day confidential and trust matters. Follow the method and check search history is removed or not in application.

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