Google Drive Error Accessing Folder Contents – How to Fix

There have been multiple errors being reported by users all around the Glove that they are facing Google Drive error accessing folder contents. If you have uploaded a large number of files on Drive recently and have not been able to access them, it could be because of various reasons.

We have also faced google drive upload failure 38 and other similar errors due to uploads. All of these were mainly because of insufficient storage or internet issues. Similar issues could also be associated with this error as well. Hence keeping in mind all of the possible fixes we have already tried, you can check out the list here.

Let us get down to the list of the fixes to solve the Google Drive error accessing folder contents.

How to Fix Google Drive Error Accessing Folder Contents

Here is a list of all the methods you can try to solve this particular error and these fixes might also help to solve other upload errors as well.

1. Update your Google Drive App

If you have been experiencing the Google Drive error accessing folder contents, the foremost aspect you need to work on is updating the application.

Whether it is your mobile app or your desktop app, it is better to update to its latest version before moving on to working with other methods.

There are times when Google Drive has various internal errors that any user cannot simply solve. Hence, the tech giant releases different updates with bug fixes that will solve these problems collectively.

2. Check the Storage Space

Another fix or solution that you can think of is simply checking the storage space on your cloud storage.

As we all know that Google Drive gives 15GB of free storage to every user. Since all your images, email, documents, slides, docs, etc are synced to Drive, there isn’t enough space left to save more files.

Hence, make sure you have enough space so that you can access the folder contents when needed. Due to insufficient space, Google stops working as it should be and thus all of these errors take place.

Furthermore, you can even choose to buy storage space as per your need which will cost a small amount overall. Here is how you can do that.

Google Drive Error Accessing Folder Contents
  • Choose from among the packages available here.

If you are not willing to buy the space, you can always clear the space and get rid of that used-up space. Some of the files you can delete include promotional emails in bulk, duplicate images, videos, etc.

3. Reconnect your Account on Desktop App

If you are using Google Drive for Desktop and have been experiencing the Google Drive error accessing folder contents, here is something you can do.

There are certain steps you can follow to disconnect your current logged-in account and then reconnect it back.

It might sound too generic, but then it always works. You might have no clue how and why this might work but it sure does. We have tried this process for other purposes too and it always worked for us.

Here is how you can do it.

  • Click on Google Drive Icon on the taskbar.
  • Now, tap on Gear Icon on the top-right corner.
  • Choose the option Preferences.
  • Again, click on the setting icon on the current window.
  • Here, click on Disconnect Account.
Error accessing folder contents in Google Drive

Once you tap on the above option, in the next window select Disconnect. Your account will now be removed from the application. Similarly, try logging in to your account and try accessing the folder contents.

4. Check Internet Connection

Try checking your internet connection since it might not be working properly for you. You may not have realized but your wifi is unstable currently and does not seem to be working as it should be.

This is the major reason that you are unable to access the folder contents on the cloud storage.

For this, you can try restarting your router or switching over to your mobile data. If these are still not working out for you, then you need to speak with your internet provider and make sure there are no errors from your end.

Once all of these methods are ruled out, you can move over and check the server error on Google Drive.

5. Check Google Drive Server

Lastly, you can try checking the server error from Google Drive itself. We have mentioned this particular method several times now.

While having upload errors as well, this is something we asked the users to follow and check if there is an internal server error you are unaware of. Even though you will never be able to know about any internal issue.

But you can surely be relieved that there is nothing you can do from your end and hence sit back and wait for things to get better by themselves.

To check the server you need to go to Google Workspace Dashboard and then look at the green or red signal of the application.

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Did you solve the Google Drive error accessing folder contents? Well, there are high chances that these methods will work out for you. Starting from updating the app to checking the internal server error are some of the most basic yet effective ways to tackle such problems.

However, if you are unable to still access the folder content, you can choose to add the query directly on the community forum. Or else we are always here to help.