Why is Outlook Calendar Not Syncing? [4 Methods]

Is your calendar not syncing in Microsoft 365 application? This is the right article you are looking for regarding the reason why Outlook calendar is not syncing.

 Microsoft Outlook will enable us to share our plan with colleagues so that they can add it to their view in Outlook. And also if we need other users to edit or view the calendar, multiple options are available to help.

This article will explain how we can fix the Microsoft Office 365 calendar not syncing with the Outlook issue. We will also discuss some alternative solutions to deal with the problem.

  • Why is Outlook calendar not syncing?
  • Considerations for Outlook calendar sync
  • Is Outlook calendar not syncing on Mac?
  • Why is Outlook calendar not syncing in iPhone?
  • Resolve Microsoft Outlook calendar not syncing on Windows.

Why is Outlook Calendar Not Syncing?

The reason for Outlook calendar is not syncing is described below:

  • We may have chosen the incorrect calendar in Outlook for syncing.
  • Our Microsoft Outlook is not connected.
  • Wrong configuration of the third-party application.
  • Data synchronization with the server is not done correctly.

Now that we came to know the possible reasons. Then we can proceed next and fix this error on our device. However, before we proceed next to complete the syncing process, there are certain points we need to take into consideration.

Considerations for Outlook Calendar Sync

Consider the below important steps for Microsoft Outlook calendar syncing.

  • Ensure that you are using the updated Outlook version.
  • Regularly update Microsoft Outlook to avoid technical errors.
  • Make sure the network connectivity is good. Sometimes poor network connections can be the main reason for not syncing. If required restart the router.
  • Ascertain that only the administrator has the authority to reject or accept calendar permission.
  • Involve only one device to accept or reject the calendar.

Is Outlook Calendar not Syncing on Mac?

Before trouble shooting in Mac, we will know the reason behind OLM synchronization issue.

  • Offline mode – Microsoft Outlook in Mac will be in offline state.
  • Failure connection – Connection may be failed with Outlook exchange server.
  • Cache issue in Mac – Our Microsoft Outlook cache may be corrupted.
  • Settings issue The Outlook settings is not properly configured.

The above steps are the main causes in Mac for not syncing in the Microsoft Outlook application.

If your Outlook calendar on Mac is not syncing, you can reset the device in Outlook on Mac by below steps.

  • As a first step, open the Go menu on a Mac device.
  • Next, open the library. For this, we need to press and hold the option key.
  • Go to Preferences and simultaneously click the Application support option.
  • Move the office sync pref to trash on a Mac device.
  • Restart your Mac device and open the Outlook application.
  • Now, check again whether synchronization is happening or not.

Check the above steps before troubleshooting with the other devices.

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Why Outlook Calendar is not Syncing in iPhone?

Let’s check the below steps to check and fix the synchronization in Microsoft Outlook from iPhone device.

  • Go to the Mail account in iPhone settings.
Outlook calendar not syncing in iPhone
  • Select Outlook from the options.
Calendar not syncing in Outlook
  • Make sure calendar option is enabled under your Microsoft Outlook account for synchronization.
calendar is not syncing

This is the simple step to check in iPhone whether it is syncing or not.

Delete and Re-add Account in Outlook iPhone.

We also delete and re-add account in Microsoft Outlook in the iPhone. Check the below steps.

Select Delete account and if you are trying to add the account choose Exhange account.

After deleting and adding the account check once the synchronization is done or not.

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Resolve Microsoft Outlook Calendar not Syncing on Windows

When we try to handle all the calendar events in all the accounts and issue occurs in only one account, we can configure the particular account instead of entire Microsoft Outlook application.

  • Open calendar in Microsoft Outlook desktop application.
  • Click on the gear icon or settings icon in the bottom left corner of the Outlook page.
  • Click on Manage accounts in the right corner.
  • Select the particular account and click Delete account from this device.
  • Click on Add account option from the settings page.
  • Click Done button.

After deleting and adding the account check the account once whether issue resolved or not.


In this article we have seen troubleshooting techniques and also symptoms for not syncing in Microsoft Outlook application. Here i have touched Mac, windows and iPhone as well.

Check all the above possible method to avoid error while enabling syncing in the Microsoft Outlook application.

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