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iPhone Tutorials

How to Know if Alarm Still Rings When iPhone is on Silent?In the iPhone, even when the phone is in silent mode the alarm still rings.
Where the Audio Files are Saved on iPhoneCheck out all the methods of how the audio files are saved on the iPhone.
Add and Remove a Screen Recorder on iPhone? There are 7 techniques to add and remove a screen recorder on an iPhone.
Change Caller ID on iPhone? You will get to know how to show caller ID and change and turn off caller ID on your iPhone.
Use Location Services on iPhone? Learn how to Turn on and Turn off the location services then how to setup location services and how to give permission to apps on iPhone
Forward Messages on iPhone?Message forwarding can done by forwarding messages directly on iMessage and copy-pasting the SMS on iMessage finally we can also automatically forward messages on iPhones.
Use Favorites on iPhoneFavorite is a function in iPhones that can be used to add some things that are important to us or just our favorite in general. This feature helps us to do things in a few taps of the iPhone. We can add and remove contacts on favorites as well.
Use Incognito Mode on iPhoneIncognito mode can be described as a private browsing session that is available in web browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. We can use it safely without getting saved from browser history. There are 7 methods for incognito mode on iPhone
Use Voicemail on iPhoneApple’s voicemail is a feature available in iOS to send a voicemail to other iPhone users. We can use voicemail on iPhone in 10 ways.
Lock or Unlock iPhoneOur personal details in the wrong people can cause more harm than we ever imagined. we can prevent ourselves by locking the iPhone.

iPhone Tips and Tricks

Erase Data on iPhoneErasing data from an iPhone can be a bit of an inconvenience. Moreover, clearing the iPhone data is also important as it starts to lag sometimes if its storage space is occupied and full. We have 5 methods to erase the data on the iPhone.
Set and Reset Keyboard on iPhoneLearn how to set and reset the keyboard on the iPhone in 6 effective ways.
How to Block and Unblock Contacts on iPhoneWe can block the contacts in iPhone messages and, iPhone, block and unblock emails on iPhone.
Set Up Siri on iPhoneThe quickest and smartest way to complete tasks on iPhone is by commanding Apple’s voice assistant ‘Siri’. Further, Siri not only finishes the work but also saves our precious time.
Loop Videos on iPhoneSome days, we often want to watch videos on a loop on our iPhones as they get very addictive. But eventually, replaying the videos again and again manually. There are 5 methods to loop videos on an iPhone.
Enable or Disable Notifications on iPhone 13 and iPhone 14Enable or disable notifications on iPhone 14 or iPhone 13, etc to better control iPhone notifications. There are three major procedures to enable and disable notifications on iPhone.
Highlight a Screenshot on iPhoneWe can highlight the screenshot on the iPhone by highlighting tools, pen icons, and highlighting with a marker. There are 7 methods to do this.
Take Screenshots on iPhoneScreenshots are a picture taken of the important information shown on the display screen of a laptop or phone. There are 11 ways to take a screenshot on iPhone
Set up iPhoneHere you will get a complete solution for the SIM installation to the bonus tips in iPhone.

iPhone Tips and Tricks

Follow these iPhone tips and tricks to learn more about the iPhone.

Transfer Videos From iPhone to MacTo transfer videos from iPhone to Mac we can simply use AirDrop. It is the easiest method we can use and hardly takes seconds to transfer large video files from one device to another.
Sync Reminders on iPhone and MacApple Reminders is an excellent application that can sync between all your Apple devices and remind you no matter where you are.
Delete Photos on Mac but not on iCloudWe can delete Photos on Mac but not in iCloud by disabling iCloud photos on Mac. Learn more about deletion and recovery of deleted iCloud Photos on Mac.
Disconnect Your iPhone From Mac Apple uses iCloud to sync data between devices, you need to log out and disconnect your Mac from the iCloud account to stop receiving more updates from your phone on Mac.
Import Photos From iPhone To Mac Without USBHere are the 4 ways of approaches to importing photos from iPhone to Mac without USB.
Share Wifi Password from Mac to iPhonePasswords are very personal details that should always be kept secret. There are 4 methods to share a Wi-Fi password from Mac to iPhone.
Sync Contact from iPhone to MacFollow the guides to check how to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac.
Connect AirPods to Mac and iPhone at the same timeLearn how to connect and turn off Airpods to Mac and iPhone at the same time.
Sync Messages from iPhone to MacLearn how to Sync messages from iPhone to Mac.


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