Google Drive Download without Zipping Files [4 Different Ways]

Google Drive has made our lives simpler in many ways. The platform has left no stone unturned from previewing shared content to collaborating with a greater public; it does it all. The simple user interface and efficient functionality powered it to emerge as a standard competitor for online cloud storage and sharing clients.

You now have the freedom to download files of any format from Google Drive instantly. Right-click on the specific file to select it to highlight, and then click on the upper three dots on the top right corner to download from the menu. 

Sounds easy, but there occurs a problem if you are willing to download multiple files. It will send a deck of files to your device in a zipped format. What to do now?

What are Zipped files?

Why does Google Drive automatically zip up some of your data while downloading? And why are they not preferred by users? Let us answer.

There is another issue with Google Drive in this aspect. It slows down the zipping process to a great extent if the aggregate data size exceeds 2 GB.

Similarly, Google Drive has a likewise taste for many files being downloaded even though they are smaller in size. It won’t start the zipping process if you wish to download more than 500 files per folder.

Zipping helps reduce the size of the data by compressing it into a smaller entity. The larger files take a long time, and it is cumbersome to accommodate bulky files or folders on your system.

Zipping hastens the download process and will get things done. Later, when the zipped entity (your .rar file) is unzipped, all constituent files expand to their original sizes.

However, zipped files give you a hard time recovering completely. Even for accessing the files, you will need to use an unzipping tool, something you do not have ready all the time.

It will then lead you to download it and then use it to unzip specifically. This entire process is quite time-consuming and adds up the extra load.

Even the Google Takeout feature isn’t entirely helpful. It allows users to download large files up to 50 GB but that too as .rar files only. To make things easier, let us look at ways to download files without stressing about un-lock zipping tools.

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Google Drive Download without Zipping Files
Google Drive Download without Zipping Files

Ways for Google Drive Download without Zipping Files

Fortunately, we have choices to Google Drive Download without Zipping files. Among the plethora of methodologies opted for easier Google Drive downloads, we have curated the best ways to easily access your larger files.

Forget about creating extra space on your hard disks or transferring data here and there to accommodate larger files.

Read through to get an insight about some easy to perform ways to Google Drive Download without Zipping files:

1. Using Google Drive’s Mobile version

If you are working on your mobile while contemplating these Google Drive issues, things are pretty much sorted for you. The Google Drive app, available on Android and iOS stores, poses no such zipping scenario. 

Multiple files selected for downloading will unload your device storage the way they are, regardless of their combined size. This is a great way to get your data on a personal device if you don’t wish to carry out other processes on your computer.

The downloaded files are shareable, and you can now transfer them to your laptop or peers, whichever is desirable!

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2. Transferring data to other Google Drive accounts

To make some room on your Drive.

This is probably the easiest way to stop Google Drive from getting between you and your fast, extensive file downloads. This method works great if you have multiple Google accounts. In this way, you can utilize Google Drive’s free 15 GB storage individually.

To begin with, start dividing your hefty aggregate into different parts and transfer it into respective Google accounts, to the Drives, of course.

This manual trick works because Google Drive does not permit a tremendous amount of data to be downloaded simply. To tone down the space issues, it is compressed. 

However, when you work with divided, multiple accounts, the overall data to be downloaded is not that huge, and therefore, no automatic zipping occurs. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this way is pretty laborious.

The manual transfer is time-consuming in itself, let alone downloading bits from numerous Drive accounts.

3. Using Google Drive’s Desktop Version

The recommended method for users for Google Drive Download without Zipping files. The Google Drive for Desktop tool by Google is one of the best innovations Google Drive has ever integrated into its functionality.

The benefits of this tool are endless. In our case, it cuts away all the fuss about file compression and expansion needs.

Now, all you need to do is install it on your PCs, log in with your respective Google accounts, grant permissions, set preferences as per your needs; that’s all about its setup.

Choose files/folders you wish to download to your system remotely from the ‘My Drive’ center on this app. After selecting, hit download.

You can also try choosing for syncing the entire folders or those specific files. There you go, without any interruptions; you will have your data on your computer in almost no time!

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4. Opting for third-party download clients

Third-party clients are preferred among the masses, especially if you wish to speed up the process and take all that extra exertion off your shoulders. All variants mentioned below are entirely safe to use. 

While most of the downloaders available are for URL or link-based downloads only; not catering to Google Drive specifically, here are the best two practical tools (that actually work with Google Drive) to try on: 

1. Cloud Drive Multiple Downloader

Drive Multiple Downloader is a prevalent and mainstream tool for downloading multiple files easily from Google Drive without being compressed and expanded later. The tool itself takes care of the entire process itself. It is available as a helpful extension.

Using it is very quick. Open the tool and click the ‘Add files from Drive‘ button. You will see a Google Drive logo on it. Then, select the respective files from your browser-linked Google account.

The files will be added accordingly to the list below. You can edit it anytime. Click the ‘Options‘ button under the list window to set some preferences. 

That’s it. After finalizing your files, just hit the ‘Download All’ button, and the transfer will begin. If needed, you can halt the process midway anytime.

2. JDownloader 

JDownloader is another top-tier online data downloading tool. Not just limited to Google Drive, this tool will help you perform mass downloads from the internet rapidly with extreme comfort.

The approach here is similar to the download tool mentioned earlier. All you need to do is go to MyDrive via this tool to add your files, folders as many as you require into its directory while being logged in from your same Google account.

Specify the download paths and end locations, if needed. Then finally, click to start the process whenever you feel like it. You will be done within minutes!

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Well, we all know that zipped files are not fascinating for users. Maybe your device does not support such files, and you cannot afford to waste another minute searching and then re-installing a new unzip tool. 

Downloading these third-party tools isn’t very safe either. These unauthorized platforms can tamper with your data, especially if you have to download or share sensitive information. Your data becomes vulnerable to common malicious threats.

When downloading everything through Google Drive is easier than ever, downloading multiple files has still not been made that convenient to use. No worries, with these simple ways as mentioned above, you have now resolved your issue.