Advantages and disadvantages of Google Drive

Do you want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of Google Drive or the pros and cons of google drive? Keep reading this article, I have explained in detail.

Google Drive provides you with data storage space for free. It works like a server where you can keep various files and any other type of data safely. Some of the files that you can store here include videos, PDFs, Google docs, photos, and many others.

It uses a technology known as cloud computing, which means you can access the data from anywhere. It can also be managed jointly or individually, making your work easy.

Google Drive comes with many benefits for users. But it also has some cons that you should not overlook. Read on to know both the advantages and disadvantages of Google Drive.

Advantages of Google Drive

Let us first check out the advantages of Google drive.

Advantages and disadvantages of Google Drive
Advantages and disadvantages of Google Drive

1. Ability to Access Files from Everywhere

The most significant advantage of using Google drive to store your data is that you can access it anywhere. Google servers allow you to sign in using your Gmail account and access your data anytime.

What you need is an internet connection and a device that can go online. This ensures you never lose your files and important data even if your computer, smartphone, or other gadget is stolen or damaged.

2. Ability to edit files

The ability to edit files in Google Drive is an added advantage that you will not find with other data storage options. You get instant access to various suite editing tools, including Google Spreadsheets, Google Docs and Google Slides and many others.

The access to edit your files allows making any changes you wish to before saving them again.

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3. Compatibility with most devices

You are not limited to using a single device to access Google Drive. You can use different gadgets like an Android phone, iPad, Mac, iPhone or a PC to access your stored data anytime from anywhere. This makes Google Drive beneficial and highly efficient.

4. Quick Files Search

Searching a specific file in Google Drive is made easy by the search feature that allows you to filter the file type and use keywords to find the file. Even a word on an image included in your file can help you locate it fast.

With the ability to store thousands of documents, it may be impossible to find a file by scanning through them all. Thanks to the quick file search options, you can locate your file within seconds.

5. Ability to view different file types

This is a crucial pro of Google Drive. You do not have to install different file types to view documents on your device; Google can open many types of files, including Adobe, HD video, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

6. Easy sharing

It takes a few clicks to share files and data with other people. This makes it easy for people to work as a group. You need to set up permissions to allow your collaborators to edit, view or comment on specific files.

It is a great feature that also ensures Google Drive is safe because only those permitted can access your files.

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7. Open discussion

If you have a project that requires participants to carry out discussions, Google Drive makes it possible. It has a comments feature where users can make comments or reply to others and get feedback instantly.

A group of people can work on a project without the need for other forms of communication e, thanks to the comments feature that enables them to collaborate smoothly and achieve their common goal.

8. Free Storage space of up to 15 GB

When you sign for a Google account, you get 15 GB of storage space for free. It is shared across Google Photos, Gmail and Google Drive.

If you have plenty of files and data to store, you can upgrade at the cost of $2.49 for 25 GB, $4.99 for 100 GB or$49.99 for 1 TB. The plans are monthly, and choose what suits you depending on your needs.

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9. Excellent User interface

Easy to navigate interface is another great advantage of Google Drive. Even first time users do not get lost because this online storage option is easy to manage. You can maneuver through the files and data and locate whatever you are looking for very fast.

The user interface is friendly and made for anyone who wishes to store their information using cloud computing.

10. Affordability and great usability

Google Drive comes with a wide range of features that encourages everyone, including new users, to browse through it effortlessly.

It is free, and you have up to 15 GB of storage space. This makes it affordable and great for users who do not have much to store and looking for free storage.

11. File Organization and management

File management in Google Drive is automated, but you can customize them for quick and easy access. Google drive has proven to be a better option for many people looking for storage platforms when compared to others.

It organizes and manages your files so well that you will not waste time trying to locate one of them.

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12. Solid Data Backup

Google drive provides solid backup for your files, including photos, files and many other resources types. All the files you choose to back up will appear anytime you check them in Google drive.

It is possible to customize your gadget to save your data and files in your Google drive along with data in your hard drive disc. This ensures you can access the stored files from different devices whenever you want to.

13. Character Recognition Feature

The character recognition feature scans through your Google documents, including those saved by your collaborators or other users, to find the name or word you are searching. It eases finding a vital document process making it ideal for meetings and different setups where you need to get various files within seconds.

14. Secured Files

Before you can access any data or file, you are required to enter the correct password. This ensures your files are secure in Google drive. Besides, you can use advanced admin control in Google drive to enhance security.

15. Compatibility with Microsoft

If you use Microsoft Excel or Word documents, you can easily start using Google Drive. This platform converts your documents into the desired Microsoft versions. It is easy for a team to collaborate without any problems.

16. SSL Encryption

Google drive is protected by SSL encryption standard, which also protects various Google services such as Gmail.

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Disadvantages of Google Drive

While Google drive remains one of the powerful storage tools with many advantages, it has some drawbacks. They are worth knowing and know-how to combat any problem that may arise from. They include:

1. Security Risks

The most significant disadvantage of using Google drive is that hackers can remove your essential data. They do this by installing malicious hardware in your server, and the files disappear. The password feature can be hacked, and someone you choose to share your link with may share it with others.

This is a considerable risk, especially if you have sensitive documents such as financial statements shared with business partners; if a third party accesses them, they may harm your business.

However, Google drive is still developing since its new in the market. Being a reliable storage tool, it may develop security systems and strong antivirus to keep users protected against hackers.

2. Requires Internet connection

You cannot access Google drive unless you have an internet connection. It allows you to work offline, but changes and comments made are only visible when you go online. This is a big disadvantage because you cannot work in a remote area without an internet connection.

You have to look for a stable connection for your collaborators to view your changes and discuss the way forward using the comment features.

3. Has a limit of file size you can upload in a day

Google drive cannot upload files bigger than 5 TB in a day. This is equivalent to 1000 GB and limits most people who work with large files daily. Once you reach the limit, you blocked automatically and have to wait until the following day to upload more.

4. File size limits

The embedded images you add in a document should not be more than two megabytes. Also, alphanumeric and text documents cannot have more than 1,024,000 characters. This is regardless of the page number.

Besides, slideshow presentations should not exceed 100 megabytes that are equivalent to almost 400 slides. The restrictions hinder most people from using Google drive, and the most significant disadvantage of this storage tool.

5. Erratic Third-party applications

Some several add-ons and apps work effortlessly with Google drive. These are primarily first-party apps, and they are easy to integrate with this platform, but some third party needs payment to unlock their features.

6. Downloading and uploading speed

When uploading or downloading files from Google drive, the speed becomes slow. With millions of people using the platform simultaneously, you can expect this to happen.

Also, Google Drive is relatively new, and the company may not have thought about the speed. It may improve or become worse as the number of users goes high.

7. Google broses content save in Google drive

This sounds intrusive, but it’s true that Google will analyze your content including emails. Their aim is to create ads or show their users relevant services and products. Regardless of their good intention, it feels like a big brother is watching over everything you do.

The best thing is that it’s already happening to you if you have a Gmail account, so you have nothing to worry about. Besides, this is clearly stated in Google’s policy and so as long as you read the fine print before signing up for Google services, you should be aware.

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The advantages of Google drive are more than cons and the reason you should try out this storage platform. Regular users of Microsoft Office will find a great alternative, thanks to the low cost.

Google is definitely working on the cons to ensure all users are safe. Meanwhile, do not miss out on the many pros and features that make your work easy.

Regardless of the amount of data and files and data you want to store, Google drive is worth trying. You can trust Google to add new features and since it has a free version, stay connected to the platform for more in the future. I hope you got an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of Google Drive. It covers:

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