Google Drive vs Mega – Which is one is a better Cloud Storage Platform?

Cloud storage has been at the core of helping you keep your databases and files in a safe and secure environment. Additionally, when your data is on a cloud-based server, it becomes more accessible. Also, it is always available you need not rely on one particular system or device. Instead, you can access your data from any place at any time on any device. 

So, cloud technology is on the rise. Everyone wants to leverage it to the best of the capabilities it has to offer. However, as this technology becomes popular, the options before you become umpteen.

When it comes to cloud storage platforms, you cannot really put your finger on one single server. There are just too many of them, and each one is capable, useful, and different in its own way.

So, the question is, how do you find a platform that is perfect to meet your specific data storage and management needs and requirements? Well, the answer lies in comparing the platforms against one another and seeing what suits you best. So, that’s what we are going to do here.

Google Drive vs Mega
Google Drive vs Mega

For the purpose of this article, we are picking up two of the most popular cloud storage platforms, which are Google Drive and Mega. In this comparison, we will discuss Google Drive vs Mega.

It covers all necessary and important parameters, including storage space, pricing, and more. The sole purpose is to help you understand which one is better. Let’s get to the comparison without any further ado.

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Google Drive vs Mega – A Detailed Comparison

Both Google Drive and Mega are strong, powerful, and robust cloud storage platforms. They allow you to store and manage your data in a safe and secure online environment so that it can be more accessible.

Additionally, it serves as a good backup for your data. In fact, when you have your files on a cloud server, you can be more assured about not losing them in any manner whatsoever.

However, you need to know what would serve as the perfect cloud storage platform for your needs and purposes.

Now, while there are many of them, here, we focus on comparing and choosing between Google Drive and Mega. Go through this detailed comparison on major parameters to find out which one shall suit you better.

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Google Drive vs Mega- Storage Space

The first and foremost thing that you need to look for in a cloud storage platform is the storage space that it offers.

Now, both Google Drive and Mega are phenomenal in that area. Be it the free plans or the paid plans. There is a lot to compare as regards storage space for both these platforms.

Google Drive- Storage Space

When we talk about Google Drive, you get 15GB of free storage space. Furthermore, once you are done using the same, you can buy extra storage as per your needs and requirements.

The lowest plan for extra storage on Google Drive starts at $1.99 per month, offering 100GB storage.

Google Drive Storage Plan

However, when you are using Google Drive, you need to be very careful about using your storage, else you shall exhaust the limits really soon.

Google Drive counts storage in other applications like Google Photos and even your Gmail account towards the storage limit.

Google Drive Premium Plan

So, you need to ensure that you are constantly managing your other Google apps usage so that none of the storage limits are wasted.

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Mega- Storage Space

Now, as far as Mega is concerned, it goes far beyond Google Drive in offering storage space.

For starters, you get free storage of up to 20GB, that’s 5GB more than what you get on Google Drive. Besides that, Mega provides you with numerous opportunities to grab extra storage space for free.

Mega Individual Storage Plan

As you go on with activities on Mega, you start getting extra free storage. For instance, if you install Megasync in addition to Mega itself, you shall be rewarded with 5GB extra storage.

Then you get 5GB more for installing the app on your mobile device and another 5GB for verifying your mobile number.

Mega Business Storage Plan

In addition to all of that, you can win extra storage by inviting your friends as well. For each friend who joins on your invite, you get 5GB extra storage.

So, there’s basically no limit to getting free storage on Mega, which is pretty awesome! However, there’s a catch. These extra storage space limits come with an expiry date. You can use them for only a year. Nonetheless, you can keep adding up to the limits over the years.

If that doesn’t work for you, you can even go to the paid plans. It starts at $5.91 per month and offers up to 400GB of storage space at that cost.

So, when it comes to the storage space, Mega surely has the chips in its favor.

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Google Drive vs Mega- Security

The next thing after storage space that anyone would like to consider in a cloud storage platform is its security. You definitely want to ensure the security of the data that you are uploading over your cloud storage platform.

Now, when it comes to that, both Google Drive and Mega promise excellent security features and protocols. All the files that you upload over Google Drive and Mega are end-to-end encrypted. However, the way they are encrypted on each of the platforms is where the difference lies.

Google Drive encrypts files in motion as well as the files at rest and has a lot more encryption protocols incorporated in its system when compared with Mega.

However, for Google Drive, the encryption is from the server-side. So, Google Drive servers possess your security keys to decrypt the files, and that’s quite a security risk.

However, when it comes to Mega, the files are encrypted from the client-side servers, and only you have access to the security keys that can decrypt your files.

So, while Google Drive incorporates more security features and protocols for the files on it, Mega keeps the files protected even with its lesser features and protocols for security.

This somehow puts both the platforms on an equal standing when it comes to the security of the files.

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Google Drive vs Mega- File Uploading and Restrictions

You will not want to face restrictions as regards the files that you can upload on your cloud storage drives.

However, sometimes imposing restrictions and caps for the uploads and downloads becomes important for better management of the drives. Considering the same, both the platforms have put some restrictions.

For Google Drive, if you haven’t opted for a paid plan yet, you are free to go and use the drive as you like it without any restrictions whatsoever, except one of the storage space limits.

However, if you have opted for paid plans, the uploads and downloads limits are capped at 750GB and 1TB, respectively, per day. 

Now, when you really look at it, it doesn’t seem too much of a restriction considering that the limits are extremely high and generous.

However, Mega is not so very generous in the matter. Even for the free users, the limits are capped at 1GB upload and download every 6hours.

Moreover, the more concerning fact is that you really cannot know what exactly the limits are. There are no official documents, rules, or protocols for these limits and restrictions.

Everything is regulated and controlled by Mega servers depending on factors like server load, time, duration, etc.

So, knowing the limits on Mega is impossible, and that sometimes puts you in a fix. You may not be able to upload important files sometimes, and that might even delay your work.

In that sense, you may start to feel like Mega is not that very useful after all. Nonetheless, if your file uploads and downloads requirements are not very frequent, these restrictions shall not bother you much.

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Google Drive vs Mega- RealTime Working and Collaborations

One of the greatest benefits of using cloud applications and platforms is that you can work in real-time with your team and that too sitting at remote locations.

You could share files, add comments, respond to queries, and do a lot of things like that when using cloud-based servers for working.

When it comes to Google Drive and Mega, both the services offer these capabilities for real-time working and collaborations.

You can open your files and documents online, make edits online, and every change you make reflects directly to other people who have access to your files and documents.

This makes your work extremely easy and fast and even adds more efficiency and efficacy to the teamwork.

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Google Drive vs Mega- File Access Permissions

While you share your files, you may not want to give the same access to every person you share them with.

For some, you would want to allow them only to view the files; for some others, you would want them to suggest changes or enhancements, and for some more other people yet, you might want them to make the edits themselves to your files.

Now, this requires you to tweak access permissions for the files you are sharing. Luckily enough, both Google Drive and Mega come with these permission tweaks and restrictions.

You can share the files putting whatever restrictions you need. Moreover, it is possible to change the access permissions and restrictions at any point in time, even after you have shared the files with concerned people.

This makes it easier for you to have control over your files and data by making sure that only authorized people are making authorized changes to your databases.

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Google Drive vs Mega- ThirdParty Application Integration

When you are using any service, you need to make sure that it integrates with other applications and third-party APIs. Now, Google Drive and Mega have a vast gap when it comes to this.

Since Google Drive is an application by Google, it seamlessly integrates with all other Google apps and even third-party apps, thereby offering you more flexibility and ease in managing your data and files.

However, Mega doesn’t allow such integrations, and you need to work with Mega alone. In case you want to add your files to other applications, you will have to go through the manual process of file downloads and uploads.

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Google Drive vs Mega- Where Can You Use these Drives?

Both Google Drive and Mega are very robust in supporting multiple platforms. Be its web interface or mobile applications; you can find both for Google Drive as well as Mega.

Moreover, there are no restrictions as to the operating system using either. Both Google Drive and Mega are equally compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. In fact, Mega goes a little beyond that and even supports Linux operating system.

So, you are free to use these drives anywhere on any device without any restrictions whatsoever.

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Final Words – Where Must Your Choice Be Inclined?

Cloud storage and drives have become extremely popular in today’s time. They are the perfect space for keeping your data safe and secure while also ensuring that it’s accessible at all times. However, with so many options, it is natural to get confused.

In this article, we have compared Google Drive and Mega, and as you can see, Mega is too good with the storage space.

However, for all the other factors, Google Drive takes the upper hand, the major one in the fact that it doesn’t come with many restrictions.

What suits you better totally depends on your needs and requirements. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and want to use as much free storage space as you can, then Mega might be the choice for you.

However, you will have to deal with restrictions there for file uploads and downloads.

So, if you are someone with greater needs for uploading files to and downloading files from the drive on a regular basis, then Mega is surely not the option, and you would better opt for Google Drive.

We personally suggest Google Drive, considering the fact that except pricing and a slightly lower free storage space, everything else is great with this application, and you get to integrate with lots of other applications, too, which is again not the case with Mega.

We hope that you found the article helpful and will be able to make the right choice!