How to Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage

Google Drive is the best storage available today and is popularly known as a modern-day hard drive as it provides enough amount of storage where you can store your important information as notes, files as documents, and photos as memories. Similar to a hard drive, the Google Drive storage is not unlimited and may run out of the box. Here I will explain how to get unlimited Google Drive storage.

By default, Google Drive gives every account 15GB of space to use for every associated application such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Presentation, Google Notes, Google Photos, etc.

If you have a paid Google Suite account, your Google Drive storage limit is higher. But without spending more money, there are also some tricks by which you can get unlimited Google Drive storage.

You can check your current Google Drive storage status and if you need some more storage, you can purchase more space by using Google One.

Get unlimited Google Drive Storage for Free

Google Drive has a wide range of various documents and folders which you do not need anymore. These junk files may eat up a lot of storage space which you may not have noticed. To remove the large files from Google Drive storage, follow the steps below.

  • Open Google Drive and sign in to your account with your credentials.
  • Move ahead to the left side of the screen and click on Storage at the bottom of the screen. This will show you how much space you have used in the Google Drive.
Unlimited Storage in Google Drive
  • Once you click on Storage, you can see the size of the file that took up the Google Drive storage space and if the file size is larger, delete anything you do not require.
Get unlimited storage in Google Drive
  • Right-click on the particular file, folder, image, or video that has taken up larger space then click Move to trash if is not required in the future as well.
Get storage in Google Drive
  • Some of the hidden applications associated with your Google Drive storage will be available in the Drive. To delete those hidden data, navigate to the upper-right corner of the Google Drive screen click the gear icon, and select Settings.
Unlimited Storage from the Drive
  • Click the Manage apps to delete the hidden application in Google Drive.
Storage in the Google Drive
  • Now you can see the hidden applications, click on the OPTIONS, and click Disconnect from Drive.
Google Drive unlimited storage
  • Large files you’ve deleted will be occupied in Google Drive Trash for at least a month. To delete those files, navigate to the left corner of the screen and select Trash.
Unlimited Storage from Google Drive
  • Now click on the Empty Trash button to delete all the large files. For confirmation, click Delete forever from the Drive.
Delete trash to get unlimited storage

This method may save to get unlimited storage from Google Drive.

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Free up Google Photos Storage for more storage

Google Drive storage will be less if every photo and video you upload in Google Drive is of high quality. If you save every photo and video at their original sizes, you can free up tons of space by converting them to Google’s high-quality option, which compresses images down to 16MP and videos to 1080p.

To get unlimited Google Drive storage using this “high-quality” option, follow the steps below.

  • Open Google Photos and sign in to your account.
  • Click the gear-shaped icon, and select Settings upper-right corner of the Google Drive screen.
Storage from Google Drive
  • While making the selection, it will ask whether you want to switch to the high-quality format and compress your existing photos. If you don’t want to compress then click on the Original option.
how to get unlimited google drive storage for students
Free up Google Photos Storage

This will convert and compress all your Google Drive photos and thus you can get unlimited Google Drive storage.

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Remove Gmail Junks in Google Drive

Even though emails will not take much space the attachments will be taken more space. You may have a larger attachment that you might not need anymore, it is better to remove to free up space from the Drive. Follow the below steps to find those large files and remove them to get unlimited Google Drive storage.

  • Open Gmail and sign in to your account.
  • Type “has:attachment larger:10M” into the search box at the top. 

Note: You can search attachments of any volume.

How to get unlimited Google Drive storage - Remove email attahments
Remove gmail email attachments
  • If you find any messages with disposable attachments, delete them. If you wish to have the message in the mail, you can forward the message back to yourself and manually remove the attachment before deleting the original mail.
  • Also, move to the left end click on the Spam folder, and click the link to Delete all spam messages now.
  • Even though you deleted the unwanted emails, the emails will remain inside the Gmail account for 30 days. To delete those, open your Trash folder, and select Empty Trash now.

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Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage for Students

Google Drive is offering unlimited Google Drive storage for free to students. Google for Education is a free service that school or college administrators can sign up for and share their accounts with staff and students. It is mandatory to have .edu mail to get free storage in Google Drive.

To get unlimited storage of Google Drive for free, after getting a .edu email, you need to sign in with your .edu email in Google Drive.

To get unlimited Google Drive storage in your email, follow the below steps:

  • Create a folder in Google Drive of your email. Right-click on the folder and click on the share option. 
  • Now give the .edu email and send. Now open Google Drive of the .edu mail with whom you just shared the folder. 
  • Click on the Share with me option. There you will see a folder you had just created in your Google Drive personal email. Right-click the folder and click to add to my drive.
  • Now just upload all your files in that shared folder in Google Drive of .edu email and you get unlimited Google Drive storage for free.

Whenever you upload files on Google Drive with a .edu email address under that shared folder, you can get unlimited Google Drive storage.

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Increase Google Drive storage on payment

Instead of using a standard Google Account, you need to sign up for a G Suite Google account to get unlimited storage. Below is the price range with storage space for the G-suite business account. Here you can see

$6 per month30GB
$12 per month1TB
add 6 users 1 TB to unlimited.

Google Drive Unlimited Storage lifetime price

Unlimited Google Drive storage will cost $60/month with a Business G Suite account with 5 users. Below are the steps to follow to get unlimited storage with a G-suit account through payments.

  • Open the G Suite in your browser and Get Started under the Business column.
  • Sign in to your account give the domain name and fill in all the required details.
  • Once you have created your account, log into Google Drive using your new account.
  • In the left column, you can see that there is no storage limit specified under the Storage tab.

Now you can use Google Drive unlimited storage.


Hope you’ve got an idea of how to get unlimited Google Drive storage. You can use all the different methods to get unlimited Google Drive storage. Try from your account and get the unlimited storage from the Google Drive. Students can make use of this offer provided by Google just by creating .edu mail and can enjoy Google Drive storage.

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