Google Drive vs Amazon Drive – Which one is the better Drive?

Do you want to check the best cloud service on Amazon and Google Drive? Then check out this tutorial to get clarity on this. When we compare both the big cloud services, we will see pros and cons as well. The technology was first released more than ten years ago. Now, a lot of businesses have used its extraordinary capabilities over time to carve out a niche for themselves in the cloud computing industry.

Now, when we discuss that, it is impossible to overlook the names of Google Cloud Services and Amazon Web Services. The first businesses to use cloud computing were AWS and Google Cloud.

The best of these are their file and data management and storage options, which come in the form of Google Drive and Amazon Drive.

Excellent cloud storage options include Amazon Drive and Google Drive. They are employed to maintain a more secure yet easily accessible environment for your files and database.

But which one you will choose? Which option is preferable? Well, that all depends on your requirements and inclinations. But since they are both excellent, you should compare them to make sure you are selecting the best option.

Google Drive vs Amazon Drive
Google Drive vs Amazon Drive

Google Drive vs Amazon Drive – A Detailed Comparison

When it comes to cloud storage, Google Drive and Amazon Drive are the best-known names available. Their popularity makes it hard for people to choose between the two, even though they are both very well-liked.

When it comes to making decisions, all that’s left to do is compare your options. Based on every significant consideration that one might have when looking for cloud storage, Google Drive and Amazon Drive are thoroughly compared in this comparison.

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Google Drive vs Amazon Drive- Storage Space

The storage capacity of a cloud drive is among the most important features to consider. These days, Amazon Drive and Google Drive both seem extremely promising in the same regard.

Up to 15GB of free storage is available with Google Drive. Data uploaded to your Gmail account and Google Photos are also included. You have more than enough storage to meet all of your needs.

And if you manage your Google Photos and Gmail accounts well, you may probably not run out of storage ever.


However, Google Drive paid plans, which start at just $1.99 a month and offer up to 100GB of storage, are available if you have higher needs and requirements for data storage.

Now let’s talk about Amazon Drive. The limits on free storage are not very generous. Up to 5GB of free data storage is available. You must upgrade to the paid plans if your needs exceed that, which they will. The good news is that Amazon Drive’s paid plans are pretty generous.

Currently, Amazon Drive only offers yearly plans, but they are quite good value for the money. You can get up to 100GB of storage on Amazon Drive for just $11.99 a year. Additionally, you can get 1TB of storage space on Drive for just about $60 a year.

In the long term, however, this is significantly less expensive than Google Drive premium plans, which makes Amazon Drive a superior choice for storage if your needs and demands for data storage are high.

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Google Drive vs Amazon Drive- Security and Privacy of Data and Files

When you store your files on cloud drives, they are all stored in an online server environment. That now carries significant security and privacy risks.

Public cloud servers are always under attack from hackers and other cybercriminals. They will make improper use of any information they come into possession of.

To keep hackers and attackers away from your private and confidential business as well as your data and information, you must constantly make sure that efficient and effective security measures and protocols are in place. The same is guaranteed by Amazon Drive and Google Drive.

The exceptional security features and protocols of both of these services are well-known and well-liked.

These are similar aspects of Amazon Drive. To ensure that no unauthorized individuals are accessing your file systems and databases, it provides multi-factor authentication for the files and data transferred over it.

In this regard, Google Drive and Amazon Drive are comparable in terms of drive security.

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Google Drive vs Amazon Drive- Ease of Use

When you are using a cloud storage service, you don’t want to fall into any hassles or mambo-jumbo of technicalities and navigation. You want a simple interface that is easy to use.

It should also be simple to use and assist you in smoothly managing and organizing all of your files and data. That’s right, both Google Drive and Amazon Drive provide this.

The user interfaces of Google Drive and Amazon Drive are both straightforward to use. Uploading your files is a very quick and simple process. Then use the search boxes to locate them on the drive.

Thus, you won’t have any problems, and using these drives will be very simple for you.

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Google Drive vs Amazon Drive- File Sharing and Access

Working in a team becomes simpler when your data is stored on cloud storage platforms, which is one of the biggest benefits. It functions only if you can collaborate with your team members on tasks and share files and grant access with ease.

But there is also a risk involved, particularly if you are sharing your files with others and are unable to restrict their access.

Amazon Drive- File Sharing

Now, this comes as a problem on Amazon Drive. While you can share the files on Amazon Drive, it offers no features or functionalities to control or restrict access the users get.

Once a file is shared, the users can download files. They can also make edits, add comments, and do about everything in your files. As such, you offer free reign on your files to any person you share them with.

Google Drive- File Sharing

Google Drive keeps it a lot different and a lot more secure in this matter. There is great control in the file sharing and access features on Google Drive. You can easily share your files with anyone. Also, make sure that they only get the access permissions that you want to grant.

You can choose to grant access to anyone having the link to your files and documents. Or restrict the same to only some specific people who you especially add to the documents or files.

Furthermore, you can choose how the people with access can use the files. To know whether they can only view the files, suggest edits through comment, or have free reign on your files as an editor, just like you.

Moreover, you can change the access that you grant at a later period of time as well and can even remove a person from the sharing list.

So, you have complete control over how your files are shared and how you grant access to the people on Google Drive, and this makes it a much more secure platform than Amazon Drive.

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Google Drive vs Amazon Drive- ThirdParty Application Usage and Integration

Google Drive works flawlessly with all third-party apps and provides excellent support for them. As a result, Google Drive offers many more features and capabilities.

Using other Google apps, creating documents, sheets, and presentations is simple. Moreover, these do not even factor into your allotted Google Drive storage.

Furthermore, working in real-time with your teams is made easier by Google Drive’s extensive third-party integration features.

Nevertheless, Amazon Drive is devoid of these attributes and capabilities. Although Amazon Drive does not support third-party tools and applications, the entire AWS platform does.

As a result, creating documents or files on Amazon Drive is not possible. All you can do with it is upload, store, and share files.

Google Drive has a significant advantage over Amazon Drive in this regard as the latter lacks a very crucial feature.

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Google Drive vs Amazon Drive- Where Can You Use These Drives?

The limitless accessibility offered by cloud drives is among their best features. As a result, mobile and web interfaces are available for both Google Drive and Amazon Drive. Furthermore, there are no restrictions or limitations regarding compatibility with operating systems.

You can use both drives on any operating system—Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows—with the same feature-rich and functional experiences.


Two of the best cloud storage services and apps that you can use are Amazon Drive and Google Drive. Both businesses are best since they were among the first to use cloud computing technology.

But that’s it with Amazon Drive. For all other features and functionalities, Google Drive takes a much upper hand and gains by a lot of points.

Be it free storage limits, ease of use, security, file sharing, and access control, or compatibility and integration with other third-party tools and applications; Google Drive proves to be much more feature-rich, efficient, and better than Amazon Drive.

In such case, if you want a cloud storage platform that would meet all your data storage and file management needs and requirements at minimal costs, then Google Drive will be the way to go.

It all depends on your specific needs and requirements as regards the usage of your cloud storage platform.

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