How to Upload Large Files to Google Drive

There is no denying the fact that everyone who has used Google Drive might have encountered loads of errors. Whether it be while uploading files or sharing with someone. It could either be due to technical difficulties or simply due to a slow internet connection. Here you will find a guide on how to upload large files to google drive.

It is pretty easy to upload smaller files on Google Drive. You can simply drag and drop the file from your system to the cloud. While uploading large files such as videos or other data sets is not as easy as the former process.

You can not simply drag 1GB files to the drive, since it can take hours to upload and even longer time to share them with other users.

Here are some steps you can follow on how to upload large files.

How to upload large files to google drive directly

Google Drive provides up to 15 GB of free space to every user once you sign up on the platform. You can always get more space after paying a small fee, however, if you have loads of data sets on your system eating up the drive, you can simply save it on the drive.

It is not a tedious job to upload large files but it can take hours to upload on the drive. Here is how you can upload files directly.

  • Sign up or Log in to your Google Drive account.
  • Tap on New on the screen.
add large files to Google Drive
  • Select Folder or File Upload based on the type of file you have.
how to upload files to Google Drive directly on Laptop
upload files to Google Drive
  • Now choose the file you wish to upload from your system.
  • Click on Open
how to upload files to Google Drive directly
upload files to Google Drive directly
  • Now, wait for the file to upload on the drive and monitor the progress on the screen below.
Upload complete
upload files to Google Drive directly

The process here is pretty simple and hardly takes a second to perform. It all depends on your internet connection and the space left on the drive.

All these factors will determine the time taken by the file to upload. Sometimes it only takes several minutes to upload a 1GB file and sometimes it can take hours for the same size file.

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How to upload large files on google drive faster

Well, here we have another method that you can try out that might seem much faster than the regular method that you would otherwise go for.

If you applied this process before where you would simply compress multiple files or any large file into a Zip folder that makes it easier to share.

Here we will be following a similar process and carry the upload process in Google drive further.

  • Choose the file on your system you wish to upload.
  • Make a right-click on the file and tap on Compress.
how to upload large files in google drive faster
how to upload large files in google drive faster
  • This will create a Zip file of your original file on your system that we will be uploading.
google drive upload limit
  • Now, open Google Drive and log in to your Google Account.
  • Tap on New.
  • Select File from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, select the Zip file you created from the options on the screen.
  • Tap on Upload.
google drive upload large files
google drive upload large files

This process hardly takes a few minutes to upload on the drive and you can keep track of it. Moreover, the zip file is easier to share with other users as well as easier to download too. Furthermore, you can check with both the methods and track the time for yourself.

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How to Upload large files to Google Drive on Mobile

Since Google Drive has a stable mobile application, you can even upload videos, photos, documents from your smartphone to the drive within minutes.

The mobile version is easier since you can select multiple files by tapping on the screen and within a few steps, all your files will be on the drive after which you can empty your gallery.

Also, the app is available for both iOS and Android that follows the same process for each. Here is to carry it out on a Mobile.

  • Tap on the Drive icon on your smartphones.
  • Click on the “+” icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Select Upload on the screen and choose the number of files you wish to upload.
google drive upload large files
  • Click on Select to start the upload.

If you have an active internet connection, the file or the files will be downloaded immediately. Also, if the upload and download configuration has been set up only for Wi-Fi, you need to keep your Wi-Fi on at all time to upload all the files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions related to google drive upload large files.

1. What is the largest file size you can upload to Google Drive?

You can easily upload large files on Google Drive since Gmail does not allow more than 25MB attachments. Similarly, while we learned about how you can upload large files via different methods, you can only upload up to 10GB of a single file on Google Drive.

2. Does Google Drive compress video?

The answer is No. If you have uploaded a massive video file of the best quality on Google drive, the original resolution remains as it is and nothing gets affected at all. Once you download that video on another system, the video still remains of the same quality as you have uploaded on the drive.

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Here is everything you need to know on how to upload large files to google drive. We have mentioned three basic methods that you might not have tried before but here is your chance to correct your errors.

You can either use it on the web version or else choose the app version too. Both are equally easy and effective. The only issue is that no matter what it will take time-based on how large the file is.

As we know you can only upload up to 10 GB in one go in Google Drive. You can either choose a single file or multiple files at once. You may encounter errors if your internet connection is not working so make sure you have a good internet connection so that all the files are uploaded faster and successfully.

If at all you are stuck up on any process, let us know in the comment section below. I hope it fixes the below issues:

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