How to Stop Getting Spam on Google Drive

How to Stop Getting Spam on Google Drive

Do you want to protect Google Drive from spam? Then you are right page to see how to stop spam on Google Drive. Google Drive is a powerful cloud storage solution that provides collaboration and file sharing. However, as with any online platform, users may face spam or unwanted content. Managing spam in Google Drive … Read more >>

How to Save Link to Google Drive [2 Methods]

How to Save link to Google Drive

Do you want to save link in the Google Drive? If yes follow this tutorial to know how to save links in Google Drive. Instead of going through multiple steps such as images, PDFs, and files downloaded from the internet to save the link in Google Drive, you can use a specific tool to save … Read more >>

How to Manage Google Drive Version History

Version History in Google Drive

Have you heard about Google Drive version history? Follow this tutorial to learn more about version history in Google Drive. It is a tool for several purposes to check errors in documents. But still, users will not be aware of this function. The changes in the document in Google Drive like Google Docs, sheets, and … Read more >>

Why can’t people hear me on my iPhone?

Why cant people hear me on iPhone

Isn’t it frustrating when you make calls and the person on the other end cannot hear you? So if you are faced with the question why can’t people hear me on my iPhone this article is for you. We will look at the possible reasons and find ways to troubleshoot. If people can’t hear you … Read more >>

How to make hotspot faster on iphone?

Make hotspot faster on iPhone

To boost the speed of your hotspot, you need to adjust not only the settings on your iPhone but also the devices connected to it. This tutorial will help you use the hotspot on your iPhone better and will answer the question, how to make the hotspot faster on your iPhone? To improve the speed … Read more >>

How to bold text on an iphone?

Bold text in iPhone

Messages, Notes, Mail, and other apps that allow specific formatting choices allow you to bold text. Here is How to bold text on an iPhone. To bold text on an iPhone type the text that you need in the desired application. Now tap on the text and drag the arrows to highlight. You can also … Read more >>

Why is my iPhone going straight to voicemail?

iPhone going straight to Voicemail

There are various reasons why your calls are going straight to voicemail. This tutorial article on why is my iPhone going straight to voicemail looks at all the possible reasons. it also gives you steps on how to fix the problem. If your calls are going straight to voicemail you might consider checking the network … Read more >>

How to fix ghost touch on iPhone?

Fix Ghost touch in iPhone

Ghost touches, as the name suggests, are touches or selections made on your phone when you haven’t touched it. These can be extremely frustrating; yes, there is a way to fix it. This tutorial article takes you through how to fix a ghost touch on an iPhone. To fix ghost touch on your iPhone start … Read more >>

How To Select Multiple Files On Google Drive

Select Multiple files from the Drive

If you are aware of using Google Drive for your personal or professional work, you may already know how easy to deal with large files with this cloud storage platform. Putting the files into folders will be organized in the Drive to make the Google Drive easier. Selecting multiple files in Google Drive for sharing … Read more >>

import/export option greyed out outlook 365 mac

import option disabled in outlook mac

Recently, I got a 16-inch MacBook Pro and tried to import pst (email) to outlook 365, but I saw the import/export greyed out in Outlook 365. In this mac tutorial, I will explain, how do I enable import/export in outlook mac. import option disabled in outlook mac We can easily import emails from a windows … Read more >>