Can Viewers on Google Drive Download Files? Here is all you need to know

Have you tried downloading files from Google Drive as viewers? Then follow this tutorial to check whether viewers can download files in Drive.

Digitalization created a revolution in the creation, storage, and maintenance of records and documents to a great extent. Everything in today’s era from books, manuscripts, and mark sheets are online reading platform.

Coming back to the original concern of can viewers on Google Drive download files. YES, viewers can download files from Google Drive unless the admin or owner has disabled the downloading rights for everyone.

Even through the read-only mode, you have the ease of documenting quickly using a few simple steps. Let’s get started to learn more about this.

Can Viewers on Google Drive download Files- Here are the Steps to Follow

It’s not hard to download and save book PDFs or special templates that you come across online and that require links to Google Drive to view if you don’t want to spend hours trying to crack them. When PDFs or templates offer links to view them, downloading them is not difficult; all it takes is a little more time to open them.

Can Viewers on Google Drive download Files
Can Viewers on Google Drive download Files

Google Drive Download Options

Probably the simplest method to finish your work. Next time you open a document in Google Drive, check the upper right corner of the preview window for the download button.

This will instantly start the file’s automatic download to your computer. The document can even be saved by your browser as an HTML web page file.

Try right-clicking the file name from outside the preview window if you can’t find a “download” button anywhere in it. Select the download option from the drop-down menu now.

Also available for download are folders and multiple files at once. Keep in mind that selecting multiple files will download them remotely as zip files, which you will need to unzip using an unzipping program.

This method runs parallelly on Windows, iOS, Android, or Mac-supported devices.

Sync directly from Google Drive to your System Folder

This method is just one more way to make things simpler and provide an answer to the query of whether or not viewers on Google Drive can download files. Now you can unwind by sitting back.

Here’s how to quickly sync your Google Drive data to your computer in a few simple steps.

  • Installing Google Drive on your Windows computer or Mac—or the Drive app if you’re using an Android or iOS device—is necessary for this method.
  • To streamline things, sign in now with the same Google account that you used to view the file. Choose which files you want to have synced with your system as you go along. Next, you have the option to choose one or more files, folders, or your entire drive.
  • To ensure that everything is backed up here, all you have to do is select the option to “sync my drive to this device.” This is it; the file you wanted to save has now been downloaded.

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How to prevent viewers from downloading your files from Google Drive?

For those who are the original owners, this is the information you need. It is not safe to share PDFs, photos, audio files, or even videos when you are juggling your work or documents containing sensitive information.

Without verifying certain configurations that ensure the safety and integrity of your data. Google Drive now offers simple, user-friendly options for protecting your data from being readily accessible by outside parties.

Preventing individuals from downloading content that they can access as viewers is a very challenging and cunning task. In a technical sense, they cannot open these Drive files unless they are first downloaded to their computer.

Method 1

Let’s say you want to prevent people from using unethical methods to obtain files, but you still want them to be able to view them for surveys, research, or previews.

If that’s the case, you might need to get a little technical and attempt to encrypt or encode the content limits so that the data can only be decrypted or decoded by your web application when it opens the file.

In this manner, the file is safe and secure and is meaningless to other users on different platforms.

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Method 2

For those who are not tech-savvy, there is still another simpler method to complete tasks. Click the ‘Advanced’ button in the lower right corner of the page, just before choosing to share your document.

Select “Disable options to copy, print, and download for viewers and commenters” at this point. And that’s it. It is that easy to erect a wall around your information.

You were mistaken to believe that blocking downloads of your files would be the best way to protect your original work. In the modern era, there are numerous additional methods for retrieving someone else’s content.

It is also possible to copy and then paste the text. Users can save foreign files on Google Drive with the assistance of a few free online service platforms.

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Method 3

Some viewers aren’t even allowed to copy and paste text from your documents because of this protective feature!

Regretfully, users are still free to take screenshots of the document. However, Drive security has advanced significantly thanks to Google security support.

The range of restriction options that Google Drive provides is another way it keeps people from prying into your files needlessly.

It can prevent designated editors from modifying the access permissions or sharing the data again. The’settings’ option next to the ‘Share’ button makes it simple to apply.

The same process is followed by the methodology, but commentators and viewers are prohibited from downloading, copying, or even printing the content.

However, Google Drive workspace, files, and folders function independently of one another. The settings you apply when sharing a folder or file are exclusive to that specific entity.

For example, assigning folder restrictions won’t help much to gather all of the folder’s files under the same bracket. Before changing any of the folder settings, you must block all of your files.


If you check the ‘Anyone with link’ box, anyone can download your PDFs or any other file you post as shareable links on different platforms. You want them to be reachable sometimes.

There are moments when you wish the file window’s sharing and tampering features were all grayed out. To strengthen the security requirements for creators, Google has put forth several features.

If you are a viewer who is not familiar with the common sharing or downloading options, you might feel like a gullible child. You can now save files, documents, reports, records, and much more using the straightforward techniques mentioned above—all of which are, of course, legal. You can choose from a variety of restricting methods when re-sharing, ranging from permissions granted to what users can tamper with.

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