How to Download All Mails from Outlook Online? [3 Methods]

Want to download important messages or emails in Outlook? Then this is the right article to came to see exactly how to download mail from Outlook Online.

Downloading emails from Microsoft Outlook allows us to share our account’s specific email messages and attachments efficiently if we save them somewhere. The process to download emails from Outlook at large is helpful when you want to protect your data from unauthorized attacks or hacks.

In this article, I will explain the various methods to download emails from Outlook and get several benefits of downloading or saving email messages locally.

  • Why need to download emails from Outlook?
  • Download the email as a text file
  • Download the email as a PDF
  • Download email as a word

Why Need to Download Emails from Outlook?

Downloading attachments from multiple email Outlook accounts has many benefits and advantages. Here are a few to consider:

Microsoft Outlook is the most trusted email client but still, storage space is very limited in mailbox items. If you are also facing storage problems you can save the emails for future use. Users may save or download important emails on their computers to avoid information breaches. People do not install Outlook applications on their PCs so they can download emails from Outlook web applications and then save them for future use to share with others. To protect the mailbox from malware attacks, known as social engineering, which contains malicious links in emails, pop-ups on websites, or text messages. In such cases, users need to transfer Outlook emails to other email clients by downloading them.

Download the Email as a Text File

We discuss here all the possible solutions, just enter the log-in details of Outlook and go with the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook application from the desktop.
  • Click on the File on the home page and click save as option.
Save email in Microsoft Outlook
  • Here we have to save the mail in our convenient folder as per our requirements.
Save the Email in Outlook
  • Click save to download on your PC.

Download Outlook Email to PST

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Download the Email as a PDF

We also have the option to download the email as a PDF document. Here we go to check by the below steps.

  • Move ahead to the Outlook application and the message you want to save.
  • Click the File option and then simultaneously click print from the list of options.
Print email in Outlook
  • The print wizard page will open, choose the required option to save in the folder.
Print option and save email in Outlook
  • Next, choose the location and give the file name.
  • Click save email as a PDF from the Outlook application.

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Download the Email as a Word

Let’s see how to download the email as a word in Outlook Online. Check and try below each step.

  • Open the email message in the Outlook application.
  • Move to Save As and select the HTML option from the list.
Save email in HTML format
  • Click the Save button to save Outlook emails as HTML.
Email saved in Outlook as HTML
  • Right-click the HTML file and open it with MS Word.
  • Again, click on the File tab and also save as, and select Word Document (*.docx)
  • Finally, click on the Save button.

What If the Outlook PST file Can’t Access

It’s possible that our Outlook data file becomes corrupted or damaged when users go through the process of downloading all emails from Outlook to a local drive. Therefore, choosing an appropriate tool, such as Outlook PST Recovery, is required to resolve the problem of Outlook file corruption & damage.

The software is capable of repairing PST file damage or corruption issues and restoring as much data as is practical. All PST items, including emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, distribution lists, and more are recovered.


This article helped you in downloading the email in all the forms as per the user’s wish. I have given information from why to download to why PST can’t access it.

All the above steps are simple and easy. Check each and every step carefully to check whether it is downloaded properly or not. Anyhow it will be saved in the folder we choose.

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