How to Create Birthdays On Outlook Online?

Want to create birthdays or work anniversary in Outlook? Then this is the correct page to see how to create birthdays on Microsoft Outlook 365 application.

Creating a work anniversary or birthdays for the company is easy to do in the Microsoft Outlook and best way to confirm that we did not miss their big days.

Read this post tells you how to create a new calendar for members of our inside organization and share it within our organization. If you want to add birthdays for all of your contacts to your calendar, follow the below steps to do it.

  • Create birthday calendar in Outlook
  • To view the birthday calendar
  • Add a birthday to existing contact from browser
  • Delete a birthday event in Outlook from browser
  • Adding birthday in desktop application
  • Set the reminder in Outlook desktop
  • Disable or delete from Outlook Desktop

Create Birthday Calendar in Outlook Online

Check the below steps to create birthday calendar in Outlook Online.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook in the browser such as Chrome, Internet explorer or Safari etc.
  • Move to gear icon or settings to see the options view all outlook settings.
Create calendar in Outlook Online
  • Choose Calendar from the left side pane of settings page. Simultaneously click View then check Turn on the birthday calendar.
Add birthday in Outlook Online

Once turned on, it will show the notification for the person birthday or work anniversary.

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To View the Birthday Calendar

Once after added the birthday calendar, we can add it to the birthday calendars.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook from the browser such as Chrome, Internet explorer or Safari.
  • Go to calendar, select My calendars then move to Birthday calendar.

Add a Birthday to Existing Contact from Browser

  • In the Microsoft Outlook, select people icon to add a birthday to existing contact.
Add birthday to existing contact
  • Choose the contact you want to add the birthday.
  • Right click the particular contact and select Edit.
Adding birthday to Outlook
  • Scroll down to see the Add others option to add birthday to the specific contact. Click Birthday from the option.
Birthday added to existing contact in Outlook
  • Add date, month, date and year then click Save. Birthday will be added to respective contacts in Outlook.
Birthday added in the Outlook

We can face few minutes delay but still birthday will be added in the Microsoft Outlook application.

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Delete a Birthday Event in Outlook from Browser

If we don’t want the option or the person’s birthday, we can simply delete by following steps.

  • Right-click the particular contact to delete their birthday in Outlook.
  • Click Edit option then their birthday will appear. Delete icon will be appear beside. Hit on that so that date of birth will be deleted from Outlook.
Birthday deleted in Outlook

After clicking on delete icon, it will be deleted.

Adding Birthday in Desktop Application

We have seen adding birthday in Outlook from browser. Here we will see how to add in desktop applications.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook desktop application from the windows.
  • Go to Home option and in search tab type Address book. The page will open with offline Global Address list.
Adding birthday in Desktop application
  • Click on the particular contact to add birthday in their address book from desktop application. Double click the contact to add the details from the address book.
  • Now add the birthday under the specific column and click save.
Add birthday in Outlook desktop

This is how we can add birthday in the Microsoft Outlook desktop application.

Set the Reminder in Outlook Desktop

By default, the Outlook reminders will be set for 15 minutes before the event starts. If we want to receive the birthday or anniversary notifications further in advance for all the new contacts you are going to create, you can change the default reminder time here:

  • Go to File–>Options–>calendar–>Calendar options.
    Set the specific time on the drop-down list next to the Default reminders.
  • Note: This will be applied to all the events you create in the future. Or, if you want to set the reminder time of some existing birthdays please follow below steps.
  • Go to Calendar, under the View tab, click Change View in the Current View group, then select List.
  • Now, Double-click the particular event that we want to change its reminder time.
  • In the pop-up dialog box, Recurring Event window, find the Options group under the Recurring Event tab.
  • Set the exact reminder time on the drop-down list of Reminder. We can set the time for up to one -two weeks in advance of the event.
  • Click Save & Close in the Actions group from desktop Outlook applications.

Disable Or Delete Birthday in Outlook

Though the reminder can be a good tool to prevent us from forgetting things, we can find it disturbing our application sometimes if there are too many of them, especially the unnecessary ones. To remove the birthday or anniversary reminders in bulk, please do the following:

  • Go to Calendar, under the View tab, click Change View in the Current View group, then choose List.
  • Now click View Settings next to the Change View.
  •  The Advanced View Setting page will appear. Click the Filter button. Then in the Filter page, search the word for birthday and click OK.
  • select Reminder followed by Group by option on the drop-down list and then click OK.

If we want to remove all the birthday reminders, simply we can select and drag them all to the No Reminder: N item(s) group.

Wrapping Up

Both Office 365 and (Browser) users have a separate Birthday calendar in their mailbox. The server inhabits the calendar from our contacts, in much the same way that Outlook creates birthday and anniversaries for our contacts, In this article we have seen for both browser and desktop application for creating birthdays in Microsoft Outlook 365 applications.

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