Store passwords in Google Drive- Is it Safe?

Are you aware of security in Google Drive? Is it safe to store passwords in Google Drive? Since it is a difficult question to answer. I will explain in this tutorial whether it is safe or not.

Google Drive is a familiar storage to keep our data safe and secure on online platforms. Google Drive is a cloud storage platform and if anyone gets access to your details, they can access all the data you have stored in your drive.

Saving passwords in Drive without encryption is a risky thought. You must take the necessary safety steps if you still want to store your passwords in Google Drive.

Why storing passwords in Google Drive is not a safe idea?

You can not expect 100% safety while storing the password in Google Drive. If accidentally, if you share full access to your drive with your team member then there is a chance of accessing all our data.

If you save your sensitive information such as bank details, it can be misused at any time by any member. Every day, millions of cyberattacks take place online. The saved passwords for all of your accounts are a bonus for any hacker who manages to gain access to your Google account.

Generally speaking, it is very risky to store your password in Drive or any other online platform. It is not recommended as well to store important information in Google Drive. Still, if you want to do so, then we have some tips for you.

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Key points to consider if you choose to store passwords or other sensitive data in your Google Drive

Here you have to know the important aspects. Additionally, keep it in mind before storing any sensitive data on Drive or password as well.

  • Keep the data encrypted – Make sure you have encrypted your file for your password in Google Drive. You will be responsible for all the threats.
  • Keep the file private – Ensure the file is in private mode and they are not shared with anyone. Maintain this work folder separately that you will share regularly with the team.
  • Protect your PC – Use proper antivirus software to avoid any virus or other attack.
  • Secure your Google account –  Use 2-factor authentication on your Google account.
  • Never leave your PC unlocked – Always keep your PC password protected. 
  • Use a separate Google account – Google accounts can be accessed from different devices. Also, it is safe to use separate accounts for the important data and name the files and folders differently. Opening your account on any random device will put you at risk. Don’t subscribe to any service by using the particular account.

Make sure to follow the above points to avoid the risk of your important data while saving your passwords in Google Drive.

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How to encrypt a Google Drive document?

Encrypting documents before uploading them to Google Drive is the best practice. Encrypted files will provide an extra layer of safety. Even if it is a password with an encrypted then the password will be safe.

If you are aware of their third-party encryption tool, then you can use that as well to secure your password in Drive. But the thing is you cannot edit the files online.

You will have to download the file and decrypt it to gain complete control over it. If you are a Microsoft Office user, you can make use of the built-in password protection feature to add extra security to your documents.

Follow the below steps to encrypt a file using the WinRAR application on your PC.

  • Right-click on the file and select the Add to Archive option in the context menu.
Save password in Google Drive
  • Set the Archive format to “ZIP” and click on the Set password option.
Google Drive store password
  • Set a password for your file and save it.
  • Click on the OK button and your encrypted file is ready.
  • You can upload this file to Google Drive and whenever you want to access it download and unzip using the password.

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Is it safe to store sensitive personal information in Google Drive?

  • Every file uploaded to Google Drive is kept safe in Google-managed data centers. No matter how hard Google works to protect your data, a single human error could lead to loose all of its efforts.
  • Your Google account may be compromised by careless user behavior and password sharing, so the information saved in your Google Drive account is never completely safe.
  • You can protect your data by creating a strong password and keeping a close eye on your Google account. A minimum of 14 characters must be included in your Google account password, with a combination of capital and lowercase letters, symbols, numbers, and special characters.
  • By utilizing the always logged-in feature to maintain synchronization between your PC and Android device, Google services can significantly compromise your confidential data stored in Google Drive. If you misplace any of your devices and an unauthorized person gains access to them, all of your Google accounts will be compromised.
  • Anybody with an unlocked Android phone can easily access all of your Google Drive data, and things become more difficult if you store sensitive data like bank account details and passwords. 

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Never keep your whole password on Google Drive

You can store partially completed passwords on Google Drive as an alternative to full passwords. You will have to commit a few characters to memory, but this keeps hackers from having full access to your accounts.

But it’s crucial to ensure that your incomplete passwords are hard to figure out. Don’t save chocolate as your stored password, for instance, if your entire password is Chocolates. Rather, your password should have a string of digits or symbols at the end.
Chocolates*4% is an alternative password if chocolates are what you currently have. After that, chocolates can remain saved in your Google Drive password document as an unfinished password.

Password Should not Store in Google Drive

These passwords shouldn’t be kept on Google Drive:

  • Monetary accounts
  • Retirement funds
  • Accounts for credit cards
  • Email addresses

It is not advisable to keep any passwords that grant access to your bank accounts on Google Drive. Since money theft is the top priority for cybercriminals, keeping these passwords on Google Drive carries a high risk.

What are the safe ways to store passwords online?

  • It’s not a good idea to type your passwords down anywhere online. It remains vulnerable even if you store it in a Google Doc file that is nested inside numerous folders in your Google Drive.
  • Keeping your passwords safe is best accomplished with a reputable password management program. Choose the best password manager for you from the many highly rated ones available online.
  • It is far better to use a password manager than to store your passwords on Google Drive or any other cloud storage service.

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