Download quota exceeded google drive – How to fix

Google Drive is a fantastic platform to upload, share and download images, documents, and video files. This Google Product makes it easier for you to share the files with a vast group of people at large. 

Furthermore, the files having a large size may make you run into the problem of usage limits. These usage limits display the error message “Download quota exceeded.” 

Since you are here reading this troubleshooting guide, it is probable that you, too, are facing this problem. But hey there is nothing to worry about, for we have come up with practical solutions to fix this problem. 

What is the “Download Quota Exceeded” Error? 

When you have shared the link to any uploaded file on Google Drive with a vast audience, the error message of “Download quota is exceeded” may pop up on the screen. This is because Google Drive has fixed a certain quota of download limit availability for each file. 

Whenever many users try to download that file, it gets automatically blocked once the limit is reached. This norm has been wittily devised by Google to curtail abuse. The quota is reset after 24 hours. 

Unfortunately, if the file continues to receive massive traffic, the blocking period might be prolonged, and in such cases, the quota won’t reset after 24 hours. Do you know that it may even take days or weeks for the problem to restore if the file garners a vast audience? 

Also, you cannot afford to wait patiently for several days for the quota to reset, right? What is worse is that Google doesn’t clearly state what is to be done to fix this issue!

Don’t freak out. Just relax! Moreover, keep reading the remedies to the problem that we have listed below. 

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How to fix the “download quota exceeded” error on Google Drive?

The file can be downloaded without prompting the appearance of the error message. What is needed is to change the Google Drive account from where you are downloading the file to your account. But first, save a copy to your GDrive account.

1. Bypassing the Google Drive Download Limit 

  • Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Now, select the link to the file that has been shared via Google Drive and that which you wish to download. A copy of the file will open in your account if you are signed in to your Google Account. 
  • A message saying a copy has been successfully added to your account will be displayed at the top. But it won’t be clear as to where the copy has been stored. 
  • Save the file copy in any convenient Google Drive folder.
  • To perform this action, choose File > Make a copy.
download quota exceeded
Download quota exceeded google drive
  • Browse and then choose the folder where you wish to save the copy of the file.
  • Click on the OK button to finish. 

The file is moved from the original Google account from where it was first shared to your account. Moreover, the fact that your Google Drive account is a part of the server of Google itself, it can’t be called a file download. 

Since you have successfully got your hands on the copy of the original file in your account, there will be no other person who will be accessing or downloading it. 

Also, you can peacefully download the file to your laptop and access the file without facing the problem of download quota exhaustion.

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2. Downloading the GDrive File From Your Account

Here is how you can download the Google Drive File.

  • Close the window where the original file has been displayed.
  • Head for the folder present on your Google Drive account. 
  • There will be two file downloading options at your disposal. Select and right-click on the file.
  • Click Download.

After the file is successfully downloaded, you will be able to access it from your browser’s Download section. Moreover, suppose you are using Google Chrome, the downloaded file will be seen at the bottom left corner of the browser. 

  • Click on the down arrow situated to the right of the downloaded file. You now have the liberty to perform any action on the file. 
  • Another option for downloading is to double-click on the file and open it.
  • Click on File from the menu and choose Download.
  • Select the file format into which you wish to download the file. 

Once the download is finished, the file will be shown in the left bottom corner of the browser, at the same position as we had mentioned while discussing the first downloading option. 

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3. Fixing the Error if You are the Owner of the File 

The above solutions were for those who have received the shared file and are not the owners themselves. 

But, if you are the owner of the Google Drive file that has been shared with a large group of people, the way of fixing the error is somewhat different from the other listed solutions. 

The fact that a massive group of people is trying to download the same file has compelled Google to block any future downloads of the file.

Also, the restricted file can be easily downloaded again if you convert it into some different file. 

  • Right-click on the original file and choose to Make a copy.
download quota exceeded error
  • A new file will appear with “Copy of” being added before the original filename. 
  • Share this copy of the original file with a truncated group of people to avoid using up the download quota for this duplicate file. 
  • Right-click on the file and choose Share.
  • Under the Get Link section, click on Change.
  • View the dropdown list and choose Restricted.
How do I fix download quota exceeded
Download quota exceeded google drive

Also, the file will now be shared with only those you wish to download and access the file. 

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Hopefully, you have got a grasp of how to fix the “download quota exceeded” error on Google Drive. 

Furthermore, the fixes, as you have seen, are way too simple, and anyone can apply these solutions to get rid of the error message. 

Be Stressless, and things will work out!

Use the tricks that we suggested to you, and everyone else with whom you had shared the file can now access it.