Google Drive Files Missing – 8 Ways to Solve the Error

Have you faced your files missing in Google Drive? Follow this tutorial to see how to retrieve or how check the missed files in Google Drive.

Files will be deleted if we press mistakenly in the Drive. This you will identify after some days. This you will realize and search for the files where it will strike in the Drive.

However, this is uncommon where files are missed in Google Drive where the users think Google Drive is the best cloud storage application. Continue reading to know the reasons.

Why Google Drive Files Are Missing?

Before trying to troubleshoot, here you go to know why Google Drive files are missing.

Google Drive is one of the leading cloud storage services available out there. This makes it extremely reliable, and issues like missing files are not something you should face.

However, there are lots of users who have reported that there are certain files that have gone missing from their Drive. And there could be a couple of reasons why this happens. Such as,

  • You may have deleted your files by accident. By pressing some keys it may have chances of deletion.
  • You may not be logged in proper Google Drive account.
  • Google itself deleted the files due to privacy or security reasons.
  • Maybe, the file you are looking for is shared by someone, and the person has cancelled your access.
  • You might be using Disk scanning or backup software that locks out Google Drive.
  • Internally Google Drive dealing with some technical issues.
  • Your Antivirus application is not allowing you to view some files on Google Drive.

So these are all the reasons why you cannot see your files in Google Drive. But fixing this issue is not complicated below are the hacks you have to know.

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Google Drive Files missing- Ways to solve the issue

1. Check the Activity Panel

The activity panel is an excellent feature to track all the changes you made in your Google Drive. This will let you know whether you have accidentally deleted the files or not.

To check the activity panel, follow the below steps.

  • First, log in to your Google Drive account.
  • Then click on the info icon located under your profile picture.
  • Switch to the Activity tab.
Google Drive Files Missing- Acitivity Panel
  • Over here, you will get to see all the activities with their date.
  • Look for any file changes or if you have deleted any files.

2. Check Sync and Backup Settings

First of all, make sure you have logged in to your account. Follow the below steps to do so.

  • For this, you have to open your Google Drive from the taskbar.
Google Drive file is missing
  • Click the Google Drive icon, and click the settings option, simultaneously click the Preference option.
Google Drive files are missing
  • Make sure all your files are up to date and synchronized properly.

3. Check the Error List

Check the Error list, if there is anything unable to upload then that particular file will be shown in the error list.

  • Open your Google Drive from the taskbar.
Google Drive file is missing
  • Click the Google Drive icon, and click the Error list.
Google Drive file missing
  • If any error is there it will show the list of files which is not able to upload. If there is no error, then you can see the below image.
Google Drive files missing

4. Restore From Trash

In case you have deleted the files mistakenly or unknowingly, then you can recover them from the trash folder. However, the only condition is that you can recover files within 30 days of deletion. So if you have deleted your files long back, there is no way to recover them.

If you have deleted your files recently, then follow the below steps to recover them:

  • Go to Google Drive and sign into your account.
  • Click on Trash from the sidebar.
  • Over here, look for the files you have deleted.
  • Then right-click on it and select Restore.
Google File is missing

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5. Try Incognito Mode 

Maybe your files are not deleted, instead, they are invisible to you because of a cache issue. The best fix to this issue is to try out the incognito mode.

To launch an invisible tab on your browser by pressing CTRL+ SHIFT+N on Chrome. Or CTRL+SHIFT+P for Mozilla Firefox.

Then head over to and see if you can see your missing files. In case you do see the missing files, download them and make a copy.

6. Change a Browser or Computer

You can also try switching to another browser or a computer to look for the missing files on Google Drive. Below are the steps that you have to follow:

  • First, check if the browser you are using is having some issues related to connection or cache.
  • Select another browser from your computer and access Google Drive from there.
  • If the problem is occurring because of your previous browser. Then all your missing files on Google Drive should appear on your new browser.
  • In case your files are still missing, then try to change your computer and see if it solves the issue or not.

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7. Restore from Admin Console

You can also try restoring Google Drive missing files using the Admin Console. However, this method will only work for those who don’t have a personal account. Instead, the account is connected to a certain company or group.

So in case, if you meet the requirements, then do follow the below steps:

  • First, sign in to your Google Admin console using your Administrator account.
  • Next, go to Apps select the G Suite, and then tap on Drive and Docs option.
  • Click on Manage Team Drives and then click on Filter to choose a Filter Option.
  • On the right side, you should find a Restore option.
  • Finally, select the data range for file restoration and click on Restore Data to get back your files.

8. Submit a Request to Google Drive Support

If none of the above methods worked for you, then you have to contact Google Drive support for further help. To get help from Google Drive, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Google and search and visit the Google Drive Help page.
  • Then click on the Contact Us option from the top right corner.
  • Select missing or deleted files and then select Email support.
  • After that, fill in all the information and click on submit to send your request to Google Drive support.

Once done, you have to wait for Google Drive support to revert you with further instructions or information on the issue. 


So this was all for how you can solve Google Drive Files missing error. I hope the above guide did help you with your problem. Try out all the methods and check which method is working well. Missing important files is quite frustrating but no worries, these troubleshooting techniques will help you out to solve the issue.

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