How to Add Google Drive to Finder

Apple offers several features for storing files in iCloud so that users can store their files securely. However, 5GB is not enough to store the files for the users.

Instead of paying additional money for just file storage, you can switch your cloud storage with Google Drive. It also offers numerous handy tools along with free-of-cost storage for nearly all types of files available. Here, let us check out, how to add Google Drive to Finder.

Adding Google Drive to Finder

Is Google Drive Safe to Use?

Google Drive is safe to use. Encryption of data received and sent to the account follows the proper guidelines for financial transactions. This means, no one can read while transferring the data to your computer. Your information is encrypted using the AES-256 standard while it is on Google’s servers. AES-256 is powerful so there are no external third-party tools to hack the data.

Why Add Google Drive to Finder

Including Google Drive in Finder on Mac allows you to access your Google Drive files and folders directly from your desktop file management system. It can be used as a backup solution, and by having it sync with Finder, you can easily drag and drop files into your Google Drive folder to store the files safely.

If you are searching for how to add Google Drive to Finder on Mac, stay tuned for a comprehensive solution in the upcoming content. If you’re eager to learn more, keep reading.

Register Google Account

Before adding Google Drive to Finder, we have to register a Google account. There are different ways to access this page, but the easiest is to visit the Google Drive homepage.

Here you have to give basic information to configure the account with Google services. The account gives you access to all the features from calendars to Drive. One account will work for all Google services. You need to remember the account name because you will use it for sharing files and other Drive services.

Add Google Drive to Finder

How to Add Google Drive to Finder

To add Google Drive to Finder, follow the below steps.

Step-1 Move to the Google Drive web application on your Mac, then download and install the drive for your desktop.

Step-2 Open Finder on your Mac and move to the Downloads folder to locate your Google Drive file. Then, open the Google Drive. pkg file to set up by following the on-screen notes.

Step-3 After signing Google account credentials, you can see the drive icon in the menu bar. You can also access your Google Drive files through the Finder app. Click the Google Drive app icon in the menu bar to see recent activities, notifications, storage, and access application settings.

Step-4 Click the Preferences button, and you can set up personalized settings. Now you can also select the syncing option.

This is how you have to add Google Drive to Finder.

Install Google Drive

To install Google Drive in Mac, here are the steps.

  • Double-click Google Drive. pkg to start the installation. or you can sign in to the cloud and click get for desktop. The installation needs around 406 MB of free space on your computer. 
  • Once the installation is completed, Google Drive will open automatically and let you sign into your account.
  • Signing in is a direct method here – if you’re already signed into your browser, you don’t need to sign in manually in the app click sign in, and the app will open up your browser, confirming if you want to use your account on your desktop app.

By doing this, your Google Drive is installed on a Mac device.

How to Sync Google Drive to Finder

Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage, but it shares that space with Gmail and Google Photos. Additionally, Google Photos does not offer unlimited storage for compressed photos, which means that the available free storage space may quickly run out. You must sync important data to an alternative cloud if you choose not to upgrade your Google account.

In other cases, users must sync data from Google Drive to another cloud drive because of smarter features offered by other drives. Since Dropbox provides enhanced collaboration tools like Dropbox file requests, many users of Google Drive sync their data between the two cloud drives. But how can one quickly and simply sync Google Drive to another cloud?

In this situation, you can make use of MultCloud. It is a smart and practical cloud file manager that allows you to organize multiple cloud drives on the market, including Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, SharePoint, iCloud, iCloud Photos, Box, OneDrive, Dropbox Business, OneDrive for Business, and so on. You can manage those cloud drives via MultCloud in an easy way.

Here is how to sync Google Drive in Finder.

  • Select Google Drive in the menu bar.
  • Click the Settings icon and click Preferences.
  • Select Google Drive from the sidebar and check the syncing options.
  • Choose Stream files to store your My Drive files in the cloud. You can choose specific files and folders to make available offline.
  • Choose Mirror files to store your My Drive files in the cloud and on your Mac. All your files are automatically available offline.
How to add Google Drive to finder


From this, we have learned how to add a finder in Google Drive. Also, this tutorial touched upon installation and sync as well.

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