How to Organize Google Drive? Best Tips To Have A Systematic Digital Work Platform

Google Drive is the hub where a large number of important files and folders stay. Music, images, and videos to documents, presentations, and podcasts will store all the files on Google Drive.

Because of our laziness, Google Drive may get messy day by day. It will be very difficult to pick up the files on an urgent basis. The only thing we can do is organize our Drive.

The solution for this is to organize our files in Google Drive. To overcome the messy Drive, we have come up with a solution for how to organize Google Drive. Let’s get started to see how we can turn our working platform into a neat and organized one.

Tips & Tricks to Organize Google Drive

Below are the major tips and tricks to learn how to organize Google Drive to keep track of every data.

Organize the Folders as well as the Subfolders into Folders 

The first and foremost step is which you have to organize the file categories by storing them in proper folders and subfolders in the Drive. You can also create separate folders for storing the images, documents, etc.

Let’s see how to create a folder in Google Drive and the way to shift the files to the folders. 

  • Click on My Drive and click New folder to create a new folder in Drive to organize files and folders properly.
Organize Google Drive
  • Name the folder as per your wish and click Create. Once created, you can now quickly click and drag the files to the respective folders.
How to Organize a Google Drive
  • You may also create a sub-folder inside the main folder to keep folders in an organized way.
  • Choose the parent or main folder first. Now, you can click and drag the files into this folder. 

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Naming Convention of Files and Folders

  • The naming convention for Google Drive is simple since to access the files or folders faster the name should be easily remembered. So that no need to spend much time searching the files whenever needed in an emergency.
  • Try to keep the file names short and crisp. Make the file name meaningful so that you can recall what it contains by giving a glance at it. 
  • You can also add dates in the file names to understand better when this file was stored or created and what it contains. If you want to keep an abbreviated name in the files, do so by capitalizing the letters.

Choose any naming custom that you find fit for you, and you will have a well-organized Google Drive. 

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Add File And Folder Descriptions 

You can add descriptions for files and folders so that the details will be seen first and click View Details.

Google Drive Organize

You can now add any extra information to that file or folder. It can be an important note, a meaningful description, or anything that makes it easier for you to search the file. You also can add extra information to the files or folders. It is mandatory to have meaningful descriptions or anything that makes it easier to find while searching for particular files or folders.

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Delete Old Or Unimportant Files 

  • After transferring the necessary files to the necessary folders, you will find some duplicate or unnecessary files. These files are no longer necessary, so you should delete them. Google Drive will then appear tidy and well-organized.
  • Simply highlight the file and use the right-click menu. Click Move to trash at this point. No confirmation message asking if you want to remove the file will appear. When you delete a file or folder, though, you will be presented with an Undo option right away. Press the Undo button to recover the file.
Organize files in Google Drive
  • Select the Bin button from the menu bar. Right-click on the files that you wish to get back. Now, click Restore. The deleted files on Google Drive will return here. 

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How to Organize Google Drive Using Colour-Coding

  • All the folders in Google Drive are grey by default. You can identify the files quickly by coloring the folders and making each color a code to recall what that folder contains instantly.
  • You can choose from among 24 colors to jazz up the dull grey look of your Google Drive. 
  • Right-click on any folder and click Organize. Now, choose any of your favorite colors from the color lists. The folder will now be altered to your chosen color.  
Organize the Google Drive

The ability to color-code folders in Google Drive has made it simpler to get rid of clutter. You can recall the files that are in the folder with just a glance at it.

Starring The Vital Files/Folders 

  • Google Drive stores it in a specially created folder called Starred whenever you start any folder. The Starred section is present on the left side of the menu.
  • Starring the important files helps you stay organized and saves you time when you are urged to get your hands on some important files.
Add to Starred

Just right-click on a folder and choose Add to Starred. Now, you can access the starred folders by clicking on the Starred section present on the left side of the Google Drive window. 


Having successfully acquired the knowledge of organizing Google Drive, you can now set about clearing the clutter from your drive. Long-term benefits can be obtained by allocating a short amount of time to tidy and arrange your Google Drive.

As overly busy as we all are, keeping up a systematic digital work platform will enable us to quickly access vital files. Prepare yourself to organize the Google Drive now.

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