Why is Google Drive So Slow?- Reasons and Solutions

Google Drive is the best storage to store your important data to be safe and secure. Whether it is documents, sheets, images, or videos you can save it all in Google Drive.

It even has two-layer protection security so no need to bother about the security of the documents. In some instances, Google Drive has also had speed issues when we try to upload some files or access the already existing files on the Drive.

This causes a delay in our work. Sometimes you feel irritated to ignore the upload process and start again. You may be worried or thinking about the reason for Google Drive being slow. There might be several reasons for Google Drive’s slowdown, here are the fixes you can check if you are facing the errors.

Let’s get started to check how to fix these errors.

Reasons for Google Drive’s Slow

When you face any error or issue in the application, you will believe something has gone wrong with the application itself. But one thing you have to consider the error is not with Google Drive.

If your Google Drive is slow, it may be because of a problem with the drive itself. But the real problem will be your device or internet browser. So here you have to fix the internet issue.

This tutorial will walk you through understanding everything and fixing the issues. Continue reading and fix the issues.

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Issues with the Browser

As explained above, Google Drive could become slow if there are any issues with the browser you are using. This may be the entire browser or other problems namely tabs and windows, cookies, cache, or some extensions. Let’s check each issue and see how we can fix them.

  • The first and foremost thing is the browser that you are using currently. Even Google Drive works on all browsers, but not every browser offers Google Drive features.
  • The speed and upload time is a vital part of these features. Google Drive works fastest in Chrome.
  • Even after using the Chrome browser and facing the issue, try changing to Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, or Microsoft Edge.
  • Switching the browser may fix the problem because every browser runs at a different speed.

Close Unnecessary Tabs and Windows

Have you opened many tabs and windows on your browser? The more the tabs, the more internet usage required. This makes the slow down of Google Drive because the browser has to process more things simultaneously.

So, just in case you’ve opened too many tabs or windows, just try closing the unused tabs and windows. Alternatively, press Ctrl+W close all the tabs, and then try to use Google Drive. The speed issue shall be resolved in most cases. If you have opened too much of tabs, just close the unused tabs which is not at all required. Alternatively, press Ctrl+W close all the tabs, and finally start to use Google Drive.

If you are worried about losing your important tabs, you can also press Ctrl+Shift+T. Once you are done with your work on Google Drive, all the tabs can be restored from the browser history.

Clear Browsing Data and Cache

The next reason is if you have too much cache memory in the storage then it becomes slow and the application will not function casually. Clearing the browser history will be helpful to speed up your Google Drive.

Turn Off or Remove Extensions and Plugins

Many times, Google Drive acts up and becomes slow due to the plugins and extensions you are using on your browser. You can try turning them off for some time and see if the issue gets fixed. Many times Google Drive becomes slow due to extensions and plugins. Better turn them off for a while and check if the issues are getting fixed.

You can also remove the unused plugins and extensions from your browser. That will not clear the Google Drive problem and make the browser work faster.

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Device Issue

If you have checked everything related to the browser and fixed everything but the issue continues, then you have to check with the device. The device is not connected to the web or it may have a weak connection. It will make the entire thing slow and won’t let Google Drive process well.

Many times, it also happens that your device has a lot of unwanted data, which makes it slow altogether, including the internet connection. So, you can try some fixes to make your device faster to speed up your Google Drive.

Here are some things that you could try.

Check Internet Connection

The next main thing is, to make sure that your device is connected to the web and has high-speed internet access. If unable to make it, try to move to a better network.

Restart Your Device

Whether you’re using a mobile phone PC, or laptop, you can try rebooting your device. This will help remove unwanted data from your device, which might help make the device and Google Drive run faster.

Check the Operating System

Google Drive for Desktop has different versions for different operating systems. If the application isn’t compatible, it will cause issues on your device. So, check the operating system and make sure that the drive is compatible with the same.

Check LAN settings configurations

Adjust the LAN settings on your PC, from the control panel and check Google is slow when uploading the videos. Follow the below steps to do so.

Internet Options > open Connections tab > LAN settings > select Automatically detect settings and click OK.

Other Reasons

Eventually, the above-explained methods solve your problem. At some point, Google Drive itself will be the reason for functioning slowly when you use up all your storage space. In that case, you can free up some space from your Drive and see if it gets any faster.

Also, the opening and uploading of the files depends upon size. If it’s larger, then you need to be patient for it to respond.

However, you should check the firewall and proxy settings as well. The drive will be slow if it is not configured properly. You can remove firewalls and proxy servers to Google Drive to function properly. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to remove them, make sure that you’re connected to the proper hosts.

Furthermore, if you’re using some other accounts, make sure that the files sync together, or else the Google Drive will become slow.


So, that was all to answer your question about why is Google Drive so slow. Hope that you found this tutorial helpful and are now able to have better speed in running your drive and maintaining your files and database.

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