How to sort folders in Outlook online?

folders are great when it comes to sorting out information and keeping it handy. All emailing programs and software give users an option to categorize the emails they receive into folders. This tutorial article takes you through How to sort folders in Outlook online.

There is no direct way to sort folders in Outlook Online. However, you can arrange them by influencing the order of the names by utilizing conventions like numbering or special characters. The folders must be manually maintained and organized on a regular basis.

How to sort folders in Outlook online?

You cannot easily sort folders in Outlook online as you do with emails. To organize and manage your folders, there are workarounds you can try.

  • Enter your Outlook login information into a web browser and sign in to your account.
How to sort folders in Outlook online?
  • Find the folder pane where your folders are listed on the left-hand side of the Outlook interface.
  • If you want to make a new folder, simply right-click on an existing one or the root folder (such as “Inbox”) and select “Create new folder.” Press Enter after giving the new folder a name.
  • You can use a naming or numbering convention to reorganize folders. To manage their order, you can, for instance, precede folder names with numbers (Here are some examples – “01 Urgent,” “02 Project,” “03 Personal”).
  • To change the sorting order, you can also add special letters or symbols before folder names. To prioritize particular folders, for example, you can use the exclamation mark (! ), underscore (_), or arrow symbols (>, ).
How to sort folders in Outlook online?
  • To construct a hierarchy, folders can also be nested inside of one another.
  • To move one folder into the other all you need to do is Drag and drop a folder onto another folder.
  • You can organize linked folders beneath a parent folder this will help streamline the organization process.
  • By using these methods, you can obliquely sort and arrange your folders according to the priority or order of your choice.

Note: that depending on the version of Outlook Online you are using, the precise features and options may differ slightly.

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How to alphabetize folders in the Outlook web app?

Alphabetizing folders is a great way to keep track of things based on the name of the project. This way you have everything in one place and you don’t need to search in different folders. This section looks at the process in detail.

  • Use a web browser to sign in to your Outlook web app account.
  • Find the folder pane, which lists all of your folders, on the interface’s left side. Here you will find existing folders and can also create new ones.
How to alphabetize folders in the Outlook web app?
  • To arrange the folders alphabetically, click the “Folders” header.
  • You can manually organize the folders by renaming them in alphabetical order if they are not already alphabetized.
  • Renaming a folder is as simple as right-clicking it, choosing “Rename folder,” and entering a new name in alphabetical order. For each folder you want to rearrange, repeat these steps.
  • Utilizing a numerical system before the folder names is an additional choice. To help retain the intended order, you can rename the folders with numbers (for example, “1. Alpha,” “2. Beta,” and “3. Gama”).

How to automatically alphabetize folders in Outlook?

Any process done manually is painstakingly hard. Here is how you can automatically alphabetize folders in Outlook.

  • login to Outlook and sign in using your ID and password
  • You will see a list of all the folders created on the left of the screen in the panel.
  • To rearrange the folders right-click on the panel. You will have a dropdown menu.
How to alphabetize folders in the Outlook web app?
  • From the options available Click on Sort Subfolders A to Z. By doing this all the folders created will show in alphabetical order.

Outlook web folders not showing

You can try the following troubleshooting steps if folders are not showing up in Outlook Web for you.

  • Refresh the page: Occasionally, a quick web page refresh will fix display issues. To reload the page, either click the refresh button on your web browser or press F5 on your keyboard. Once the page is refreshed you should be able to see all the folders created.
  • Clear the cache in your browser: It is important to clear the cache from time to time. This can assist in resolving display-related issues. Find the option to erase cache and cookies in your browser’s settings. Restart your browser and attempt to access Outlook web after clearing the cache.
  • Take a look at the folder list view: Make sure you have the folder list displayed correctly. Different view options, including Favourites, All, and More, are available on Outlook Web. To display every folder, choose the appropriate view by clicking the “…” (More) button in the folder pane.
  • Check folder permissions: If you can’t view certain files, you might not have the right permissions to access them. Check folder permissions. You should confirm that you have the proper permissions given to view those folders by speaking with your system administrator or the folder owner.
  • Alternate your browser: The way folders appear in Outlook Web occasionally depends on the compatibility of the browser. To see if the problem continues, try logging into Outlook Web using a different web browser.

If the problem still persists check for solutions in the help menu in Outlook. You could also send them an email with details about the problem. But before you do that check with the IT department in your organization. Most organizations have local settings enabled. You can resolve the issue easily by speaking to them.

In conclusion

This tutorial looked at How to sort folders in Outlook online. Unfortunately, direct folder sorting is not a built-in function of Outlook Online. To successfully organize your folders, you can use workarounds. One method is to employ naming conventions to influence the order of the folder names, such as by prefixing them with numbers or other special characters.

You can use numerals to start folder names, such as “01 Urgent,” “02 Personal,” and “03 Work.” You can create the sorting order you want by renaming and organizing the folders appropriately. It’s crucial to remember that this strategy involves manual work and upkeep to keep the folder organization organized.

Hope you found this article helpful and interesting. Check out similar articles here.