Google Drive Storage is Full But No Files- How To Fix

Are you getting notifications that the Google Drive storage is full without files? No worries. Here is the detailed tutorial to check the reason behind that notification.

Google Drive is the best cloud storage that provides 15GB for free. But this free storage includes Gmail, and Google photos as well.

While working with my team, I had to use Google Drive for file sharing. Suddenly I received notifications that Drive was full even when you have not uploaded anything. I started troubleshooting to fix the issue.

Here I shared what I did exactly to fix the error you are facing right now. Continue reading to know more.

Google Drive Storage is Full But No Files- How To Fix

Here are some of the possible reasons and their solutions. Check and try all the below-mentioned steps to solve the issue.

1. Check the Total Available Storage

As a first and foremost step, check the total available storage in Google Drive. Sometimes people are unaware of this concept and worry about the storage of full notifications.

This is one of the common reasons why people don’t know exactly how storage occupies 15GB in the Drive.

Move to the Google Drive website to see the storage of Google Drive. On the home page of Google Drive itself, you can see how much space you have used already out of the total storage.

Storage full in Drive

If you want to free up the space, remove the duplicate files in the Drive and delete unwanted files to get space in Google Drive.

2. Check the Storage Taken by Google Drive Files 

This is also similar to the above steps where we check how much storage occupies every file.

  • Open Google Drive from Chrome or your preferred browser.
  • Now, click on the Storage tab on the side menu.
Google Drive Storage is Full But No Files
  • The space will organize the files they take up on the Drive. 
  • You can click the arrow beside the Storage Used to sign on the right side to arrange the items in an ascending or descending order.
why is my google drive full but no files
Google Drive Storage is Full But No Files

Here you can get the list of all the large files in an order which will also keep your files organized.

Moreover, you can also head over to this link and check for any files that might have been backed up from your computer. If you do not need them any longer, delete them.

However, if those files are currently being synced, then if you delete them from the Drive, they will also be deleted from your laptop. 

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3. Remove Any Left Over Files

If you delete the folders from Google Drive, sometimes the content will not get deleted. You can not see but you have to type in the search bar and delete.

  • Open your preferred browser and move to the Google Drive website. 
  • Enter your credentials to log in to the website.  
  • Once you are in, click on the search bar at the top and type the file name you want to delete to get storage space in Google Drive. Here I have searched office in the search bar, which will display all the files with the name office.
Storage full in Google Drive
  • Select and delete these files or move them to a new folder if you want to keep them. 

4. Got rid Of Hidden App Data

The next main thing you have to check is whether there is a hidden application available or troubles the Google Drive application. Check any third-party application that occupies the Google Drive storage space. Check the below steps to remove the application.

  • Open your preferred browser and move to the Google Drive website. 
  • Now click on the small gear icon at the top right of the window and choose Settings.
  • Click on Manage apps from the new window that pops up. 
  • Here select any application that you want and click on Options.
  • Select Delete hidden app data if you do not need the data within the selected application. 
why does google drive show storage full
why does google drive show full storage

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5. Empty Trash

Once the files are deleted, they will move to the trash folder. In the trash folder, it will be available for 30 days. The bin folder should not also be filled with unwanted files.

  • Open Google Drive from your preferred browser.
  • Head over to the Google Drive website and log in to it.
  • From the menu on the left-hand side, click on Bin. 
  • Now click on Bin below the search bar and select Empty bin from the dropdown list. 

6. Cross Check With Other Devices

A good way to ensure that the storage status has been updated is to check it on another device. If you did it on a laptop, check it on your phone and vice versa. Furthermore, you can also purchase additional storage if you decide to keep all your files. 


Here you have enough information on the reason why Google Drive storage is full even when there are no files. Check the files for available storage in the Google account if you face this issue.

Moreover, clear the trash frequently even if it automatically deletes thirty days. Emptying the trash will be helpful if you need extra storage in Google Drive.

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