How to Stop Google Drive Notifications

Google Drive is one of the most used cloud data storage platforms. Be it documents, presentations, sheets, databases, photos, videos, or any other data or media file. You can store it on Google Drive, and the good part is that you can do it for free, well, at least up to 15GB of data.

So, Google Drive is a perfect space to keep your data safe and secure. However, sometimes, the application can really irritate and frustrate you with its notifications.

Of course, you may appreciate some notifications from the application, especially the ones that keep you ahead of your work schedules and let you know important things.

However, would you really want to be notified about a picture you just uploaded on your Drive? Or be it about a memory from some three years back? Yes, going down memory lane can be fun sometimes. But you surely do not want to be disturbed by that when you are trying to work.

Also, think of the notifications that just update you about the activities in different Google applications synced with your Google Drive. Do you really want to get these updates? Well, of course not! You hardly even care about it.

All you want to do with Google Drive is to have convenient storage for your data. And the only notifications you shall appreciate are about the things that really need your attention and prompt action.

Now, the question is, how do you stop the notifications that do not matter to you? Well, Google Drive has a workaround for the same.

Luckily enough, you can choose the notifications that you wish to receive on your drive and stop the ones that are just unimportant and disturbing. Have a read of this tutorial to know how to stop Google Drive notifications.

What are the Notifications that You Receive on Google Drive?

There are several types of notifications that you can get on Google Drive. Such as a file upload, sharing, commenting, updates, etc.

Here is a list of some of the most important kinds of notifications that you receive from Google Drive-

  1. Sharing of a File/Folder
  2. Mention in a comment
  3. Access request for a file or folder

You can choose to get these notifications on your emails, web interface, or mobile phone. Moreover, you can also choose to not receive them at all, or you can choose to receive some of them and stop the others.

It all depends on your preferences and the way you alter the Google Drive notification settings. So, let’s have a look at how that’s done and how you can confine your notification space to receiving only the important ones.

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How to Manage Google Drive Notifications?

All you need to do to manage your Google Drive notifications is to make the right notification settings.

Now, if you’re receiving too many notifications from the application and need them to stop, you will have to alter the notifications on Google Drive. This can be done in several ways using your desktop or mobile phone. Let’s have a look at how it’s done.

How to Stop Google Drive Notifications from Desktop?

Here are the steps that you need to follow for altering the notification settings in your Google Drive from your web interface-

stop Google Drive Notifications
  • Here, you shall see a list of the notifications that you can receive from Google Drive, along with checkboxes adjacent to each option. Uncheck the boxes for the notifications that you do not wish to receive from the drive.

And you are all done!

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How to Stop Google Drive Notifications from Mobile?

The altering of settings from your mobile phone will depend on your device’s operating system, whether Android or iOS. Here, we have elaborated and explained the steps for both operating systems. 

Stop Google Drive Notifications on Android

If you have an Android phone, you can follow the steps explained hereinbelow to manage your Google Drive notifications-

  1. Open your Google Drive application on your device.
  2. Go to the “Menu” option, and from there, tap on Settings.
  3. Further in the list, tap on Notification settings.
  4. In these notification settings, you can choose the notifications you wish to receive and the ones that you want to stop. Simply uncheck the boxes for which you don’t wish to receive the notifications.

You can even do this by accessing the Settings option in your other Google Apps such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. Whatever setting you make to these applications, they automatically apply to Google Drive.

Stop Google Drive Notifications on iOS

If you have an Apple device, whether iPhone or iPad, you can follow the steps explained hereinbelow to manage and alter your Google Drive notification settings-

  1. Open your Google Drive application and go to Settings.
  2. Next, open your Notification settings.
  3. Here, you will have to see if your notifications are enabled or disabled. For altering the settings, you need to ensure that the notifications are enabled. So, if you have turned off the notifications, go ahead and turn them on.
  4. Once you have enabled the notifications from Google Drive, you can choose the ones that you want to receive and stop all others by unchecking the boxes adjacent to them.

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Final Words

When you are working on cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, it’s very important that you have the notifications in control so as to avoid any unwanted interruptions and disturbances.

Not every notification is important, and you must keep the settings so as to receive only the ones that require your immediate attention. You can stop all the others. Hope this tutorial was helpful, and you are now in better control of your Google Drive notifications!