How to reduce file size in Google drive

Google Drive includes Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Photos, and Google Slides, which formulates an office suite that allows collaborative editing. These include documents, spreadsheets, drawings, presentations, and forms. Here, we will see, how to reduce file size in Google drive.

Uploading huge files takes time. Therefore, compressing a file size is a vital part of editing. Among the many tools, you can use to compress files is Google Drive. It is because it offers storage for all kinds of files and also has many different ways to compress videos, images, and PDF files.

Read on to learn how to compress images, videos, and PDF files.

Resizing an image in Google Drive

There is more than one way to resize images in Google drive. The process starts by downloading the image and resizing it using other Google tools.

There is no official approach to resize your images on Google Drive. You would need to download the photograph and resize the image using other Google add-on tools

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Does Google Drive Compress Photos?

You can’t resize an image using Google drive. However, you can use some Google add-ons, including Google Docs, to resize any image.

How to Resize an Image in Google Drive by using Photo Editor

Google Chrome offers you a Photo Editor add-on to give your images various effects. These include webcam capture, brightness, resizing grayscale, image crop, and flip vertical or horizontal.

Steps to follow

  • Open Google Chrome Browser and search for Photo Editor with Drive.
  • Click on “Add to Chrome” followed by “Add App.”
  • From the resulting page, open Photo Editor with drive icon.
  • Click on open files Google Drive
  • Resize the image to your preferred size.
  • Click Save to Drive once you have finished resizing
reduce file size in google drive
reduce file size in google drive

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Resizing an image using Google Docs in Google Drive

Google Docs is a reliable online tool for documents, but it can also resize files and images. The process is straightforward as all you have to copy and paste or drag the image to Google Docs to start editing.

Before you begin, ensure that you have enough storage space in your Google Drive.

Steps to follow

  • Open Google Docs
  • Click on Insert– image-Drive
  • Click on Image Options
  • From the pop-up screen, click on “Size and Rotation.”
  • Change the image size using Height, Width, Height Scale, and Width Scale.
  • Click on save
How to reduce file size in google drive
How to reduce file size in google drive

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Google Photos Resize image

It is easy to share or organize photos using Google Photos. It also presents an opportunity to edit images on Google Drive.

Because you can’t change the size of the uploaded image on Google Drive, you can edit it in Google Photos.

The following process offers more than a way to store different kinds of compressed images.

Steps to follow

  • Open the Google Photo app on your tablet or android phone
  • Sign in to your Google Account as prompted.
  • Click on your Google Account Profile picture
  • Click on Photos-settings-Backup and sync.
  • Select between “Original Quality” or “High Quality.”
  • Click on “Resume Back-up”
  • Changing the backup settings on Google Photos doesn’t change the settings on your other devices. 
  • Google Photos also allows you to change the upload size of your image using Express backup.

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Will my Photos retain the same Quality in Google Drive?

Google Drive stores videos, files, and images by creating different versions of it. However, you can use Google Photos to back up photos using these three easy ways.

Backup in Original Quality.

It means the same quality of your upload is the one that will be backed up to Google Drive. Google Drive will therefore operate as a storage unit. Photos uploaded via this means negate to the free 15Gb storage by Google Drive Storage.

Backup in High Quality.

It offers unlimited storage for files and images in your Google Drive. It is a preferable method because Google photos won’t compromise image quality even when you compress the image.

Even though the back quality of your pictures will not be the same as the original image, the indifference is not significant.

Express Backup

It presents a much faster way to backup images using WiFi or mobile data to your Google Drive. Like the “Backup in high-Quality option,” the storage is free.

However, your images will be more compressed, and there will be a noticeable difference between the uploaded images and the original images.

Backup in high-quality option backups images up to 16MM while the Express backup compresses image files to only 3MP.

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How to compress a PDF file in Google Drive

Data compression means reducing the size of a file. However, while transmitting data, this process is called source coding as it means encoding done at the source before sending or storing data.

Steps to follow

Start by choosing the file you want to compress. It can be either from your cloud storage like DropBox, Google Drive, or your computer.

  • Automatic Size Reduction. The uploaded file reduces in size automatically once it gets uploaded to the Google Drive system. It keeps a relevant compressed quality suitable for the internet.
  • There is the option to further shrink your file to web/email quality.
  • When the file is ready, you can access the compressed PDF file by downloading it and viewing it in your Computer’s web browser.

Facts About File Compression

PDF file compression reduces bits of the original file by encoding slightly fewer information. However, there is no information loss. The compressed PDF files target and eliminate any statistical redundancies.

Other PDF Compression Options

There are other advanced compressing options than Google Drive. You can download and install desktop options or compress PDF files using online software.

When compressing PDF files using Google Drive, you have the option to store them and preview them online or offline.

To view a PDF file offline, click on the offline tab and download for a later preview.

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Reasons to compress files to PDF

If you can, avoid sharing files in word or PowerPoint form. If there are no reasons why the file should remain as it is, always convert to PDF.

There are two primary reasons why a file should be stored and shared as a PDF file.

 When you share information with the public, they can use it elsewhere. Not everyone uses Microsoft products like Excel, PowerPoint, or word since you must purchase them as Microsoft Office products.

New versions of Microsoft products keep changing their file extensions. Different kinds of file extensions like pptx and docx have more recent versions. While newer versions of these Office products can open an older file, an old version can’t open new versions of these file extensions.

Saving files as PDF ensures that anyone can open file extensions since you don’t need to buy Adobe Acrobat to open PDF files.

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How to Reduce Video File Size in Google Drive/Online

Google Drive can easily compress video files to lower their size and allow faster uploads or downloads. Google Drive can compress multiple or single video files at the same time.

Steps to follow

  • Open Google Drive, then select folders/files you want to compress.
  • Right-click on the selected files then Click Download.
  • Look for the compressing progress on the right bottom side of your browser.
  • When the compression is over, your computer will automatically start the download process of the compressed .zip file.
Reduce Video File Size in Google Drive
Reduce Video File Size in Google Drive

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 Does Google Drive Reduce Video Quality?

While Google Drive is among the best ways to share videos and documents, it has its minor faults. If you try watching uploaded videos on Google Drive, you will discover that the videos are somewhat low quality and blurry. You may wonder if Google Drive reduces the video quality of your files.

However, Google Drive never reduces the quality of your video. Instead, it renders the video file into many different resolutions. These include, 360p,480p,720p, and 1080p.

Afterward, you can play the video using the preferred video resolution you want. If it appears like the video quality is lower, it means you are playing the video at lower resolution compromising on quality.

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What Will Affect the Video Quality in Google Drive

Google Drive is a storage service that allows you to store, upload, and download various files that you can preview later online. When uploading videos to Google Drive, it doesn’t change any of your files.

If you are to try and download the file again from Google drive and preview it on your computer, the file will be the same.

What this means is that your uploaded video remains the same and the quality unchanged. Video qualities are reduced in Google Drive. It is because Drive tries to offer you a seamless video experience by lowering the bandwidth hence a low-quality video.

When uploading video files on Google drive, it takes time to process. If the video file is large, then it will take even longer than if it were a small size video.

You can download the file to your PC during the compression process, but you can’t watch it online until the process is complete.

The reason is that Google Drive creates different versions of the media file. There will be several transcoded versions of the same media file for your convenience. After the process is complete, you can resume watching the video at any version you prefer.

The little gear at the left bottom side of your PC presents the resolution options you can watch the media file.

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Google Drive offers users many options to store all kinds of files. The idea is to compress files to make the internet friendly. However, most compressed files tend to lose their quality and resolution. But when it comes to uploading files on Google Drive, many ways prevent files from losing their quality.

While the videos will never lose their quality in Google Drive, the same is not true for compressed images. But uploading images using different methods may make you compromise on some little quality.

Preferably you can back up your images to Goggle Drive using Google Photos. Despite compressing them. It will also offer free unlimited storage. Storing PDF files, videos, and images in Google Drive is fast and straightforward. The compression takes less time. But when compressing video files, the larger they are, the more time it will take. File size depends on the resolution selected while recording.