How to Share Google Drive Links on WhatsApp

Have you tried sharing the Google Drive link on WhatsApp? If not, read this tutorial to get things done.

WhatsApp is not only for messaging; we can also share files instantly. Let’s get started without delay with how to share the Google Drive link on WhatsApp.

Why Share Google Drive Link on WhatsApp?

Before seeing how to share links on WhatsApp, we will see the reason for sharing.

We all know Google Drive offers 15GB of storage for files, images, videos, music, etc. This offer applies to every Google account, and you can also share access to your files by sharing the link through email, Facebook, or WhatsApp. You can also set the permission to editor or viewer, so your files will be safe even after sharing

But WhatsApp has limitations in sharing files. You can share up to 100 MB. So, you cannot share large files, but you can share a link to the file on WhatsApp.

How to Share Google Drive Link in WhatsApp

To share the Google Drive Link in WhatsApp, follow the below steps. It is easy and takes only a few steps.

Step-1 Open the Google Drive application on a mobile or computer.

Step-2 Move ahead to the particular image or files you want to send the link. Click the three dots and click Copy the link.

Step-3 Now paste the link into WhatsApp and send it to the person you want to. Once the user clicks on the link, the file will be opened.

This is how we can share the Google Drive link in WhatsApp since this applies to both Android and iOS devices.

How do you share Google Drive links without access?

If you want to share the links without access, then you have to use Google Drive on your computer and then share using WhatsApp web. Follow the below steps to share the Google Drive links without access.

  • Open Google Drive on your computer and sign in to your account.
  • Select the file you want to upload and share its link on WhatsApp. Once uploaded, right-click on the file and select Share.
How to Share Drive Link on Whatsapp
  • From the window that opens, You can see the ‘Anyone with link’ option to the left of the “get link” option. Enabling the ‘Anyone with link’ option allows you to share Google Drive folders and their files with non-Gmail users.
  • Click on it, and from the viewer dropdown option, choose ‘Restricted’ and copy the link. This will restrict access to the Google Drive shared link that can be shared on WhatsApp.
share Google Drive links without access
  • Now open WhatsApp web in the browser. Ensure that you’ve enabled an internet connection on your mobile.
  • Now open the chat you want to share the Google Drive link and paste the copied link. Click on the ‘Send’ button to share.

Try to send large files on WhatsApp using Google Drive Link.


From this, you have learned how to share Google Drive links in WhatsApp. Sharing a Google Drive link on WhatsApp is an easy and few-step process. Upload the file you want to share, copy its link, open WhatsApp, and paste the copied link

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