How to Get Taskbar in Outlook Online? [2 Method]

Don’t know to see the taskbar in Microsoft Outlook Online page? This is the right article to see how to get taskbar in Outlook Online.

One of the most widely used email applications is Microsoft Outlook, and it deserves praise for offering a wealth of additional functionality. For instance, Microsoft recently added the ability for users of Outlook Online to customize the toolbar.

You must adhere to a few easy procedures in order to modify the toolbar. You must first open an email and select the ellipse menu from the toolbar. You may access all of the quick actions and the Customize toolbar option by clicking on. Click on it, and you may proceed from there.

  • Customize Taskbar in the Outlook from Browser
  • Alternative Method
  • Buttons and icons in the toolbar

Customize Task Bar in the Outlook from Browser

Let’s see how to see or how tocustomize the Microsoft Outlook 365 application taskbar from the browser.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 365 application from a browser such as Chrome, Internet explorer or Safari.
  • This feature is available to every Microsoft Outlook user across the world.
  • Go to the ellipsis or three dots to see the customize option from Outlook.
Taskbar in Outlook from browser
  • The customize taskbar in the Outlook page will appear. We can rest the changes and click Save.

Alternative Method

An essential function that I have never seen absent from another instance of web Outlook is entirely missing. The “Toolbar” and options that are typically located below the “Message Surface” portion are entirely absent in the comparison below; also, there is no scroll bar because the feature is just absent. We can have one more option to customize the taskbar in Microsoft Outlook 365 application.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 365 application from the browser.
  • Click settings option or gear icon from the Outlook application. Click View all Outlook settings.
Customize taskbar from browser
  • The settings options with customize actions pages will appear. Modify the taskbar that you want to do and see the changes.
Browser taskbar in Outlook Online

By the above simple method, we can see the taskbar in Microsoft Outlook Online application.

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Buttons and Icons in the Outlook Taskbar

The Outlook bar icons are the same ones we see in the desktop program in OWA. The OWA toolbar, which is located at the top beneath the toolbar for your browser, has buttons that are similar to those on the desktop client.

Several of the buttons cause the screen to refresh. Occasionally, depending on the speed of our Internet connection, it can take longer to reload.

  • New – We can use the drop-down option to see or select a new message, meeting invitation or appointment.
  • Show/Hide reading pane – Here also we can use a dropdown to select off, right, or bottom options.
  • Delete option.
  • Move or copy to folder
  • Reply
  • Reply to all
  • Forward


The above method we have seen for an outlook web application. The above explained is a simple and effective method. We can customize our changes in Microsoft Outlook 365 application. I believe you find this method easy. Since I have given buttons present in the taskbar as well.

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