How to Add Second Email to Outlook Online? [2 Methods]

Want to add a second email to your Outlook 365 application? This is the article you are looking for on how to add a second email to Microsoft Outlook Online application.

Microsoft Outlook has an inbuilt feature that allows us to create more than one email account for the same profile so they can manage all their email address via Microsoft Outlook 365 application.

This will be great if we maintain personal and professional inboxes completely separated.

In this article, I will show how to set up multiple mailboxes in Outlook to help make using these additional email boxes easier. Let’s get started!

  • Why to use two email accounts in Microsoft Outlook?
  • Can multiple account users use the same Outlook account?
  • How to add second email in Outlook from Mac
  • How to add second email in Outlook from Windows
  • How to manage your email account
  • Add POP or IMAP account in Outlook

Why to Use Two Email Accounts in Microsoft Outlook?

There will be more advantages in using the two Outlook emails. One first and foremost example is the ability to schedule meetings from Outlook Calendar directly.

While we can certainly accomplish this ourselves, by doing so, requires opening up a second copy of Outlook. What happens if someone sends us an important message late at night? Do we need to be sitting in our meeting request folder forever? The answer is not at all.

Though we have created a second email account in Microsoft Outlook 365 application we can immediately reply to that person with a link to our calendar without late.

Another benefit of adding a second email account in Microsoft Outlook is we never miss deadlines due to non-directed messages. We can monitor messages coming from two different accounts definitely won’t give you a headache that you even don’t miss any important interactions even when we are in breaks.

Can Multiple Account Users Use the Same Outlook Account?

For public computers, it is often easy to share a single account among many people. We can ask whoever wants to use it to register themselves beforehand and also grant them permission to view certain folders or someone forgot to delete their old calendar events. In that case, it helps to assign individual calendars to particular users.

However, if we are sharing a private PC among coworkers, things will be complicated. First off, we cannot share a single account across multiple devices.

Secondly, we cannot force everyone who shares said device to register an email address. Microsoft does offer shared resources where employees can collectively download documents, images, videos, etc.

How to Add a Second Email in Outlook From Mac?

Below are the steps we can add a second email in Outlook from a Mac device.

  • Select Outlook and also click Preferences then simultaneously Account.
  • Click the plus sign and New Account.
  • Type your new email address and click continue.
  • Type the password as well and click Add Account.
  • If we are trying to add a Yahoo, or another account, we will be taken to those sites and asked to allow Outlook to access our mail, contacts, and calendars. Click Allow to continue.

Finally, select Done to start using the second Outlook account in Mac.

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How to Add Second Email in Outlook from Windows

Here we see how to add a second email account in Microsoft Outlook 365 application from windows. Since for creating the first account also the steps will be the same.

  • Select File from the Microsoft Outlook desktop application.
Add email in Outlook
  • In the next step, click +Add Account. So it will take you to the next page to add a second account.
Adding second email in Outlook Online
  • Enter your necessary email id and click Connect.
Add second email in Outlook desktop

How to Manage Your Email Account

We still have the option to manage the account in Microsoft Outlook 365. Let’s get started.

  • Select View in Microsoft Outlook and also click View settings.
  • Select Accounts and also click Email Accounts.
  • Add new accounts or manage the existing account in Microsoft Outlook.
  • When completed, close the settings window in the Microsoft Outlook application.

In this way, we can manage the email account in the Microsoft Outlook application.

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Add POP or IMAP Account in Outlook

If we need to add an account that is not listed, then click the Other account POP, IMAP entry. You would typically choose this option if you want to add an account for your ISP or a web-based account from a lesser-known online service. Enter your email address and password, then sign in and wait for your account to show up.

If all the settings were correct, your account was set up successfully. Click Done. If you’re informed that the account couldn’t be found, review the different settings to see if any were entered incorrectly.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are running a small-scale business or own a larger enterprise, hopefully, the ideas shared in this article helped explain how creating multiple Outlook mailboxes comes in handy. Keep in mind that optimizing efficiency and production requires a little amount of effort.

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