How to Sort Folders in Outlook Online? [2 Possible Ways]

Want to arrange folders in the Outlook? This is the right track you came to check how to sort or arrange folders in Outlook online.

If we want to arrange Outlook folders, we can customize our folders such as Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Drafts and the customs can be sorted alphabetically or as per our needs.

If the folders A to Z feature is enabled, the folders will be sorted according to the alphabetical order. Once this feature is disabled, the order is being reset to the defaults.

Arranging or sorting the folders in Microsoft outlook help us to keep the emails in the track for the future use to pick specific emails in the Microsoft Outlook application. We can drag and drop the folders in Outlook email application.

  • Search in Outlook Web application
  • Search in Outlook desktop application
  • Applying Sort options in desktop application
  • Applying Sort options in browser application
  • Filtering messages in Outlook
  • Bonus tip related to sort

Search in Outlook Web Application

Let’s check the below steps to see how to search in Outlook email in Outlook browser application.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook application in the browser such as Chrome, Internet explorer or Safari.
  • Move the mouse cursor to the top of the page in search tab. Click the arrow button fill the required details and click search.
Search email in browser Outlook
  • Now, specific email address will be highlighted. The specific folder will be view in the corner of the mail. Right-click on the particular email to move from one folder to other.
Sort email in Browser Outlook app

Search in Outlook Desktop Application

In the same way, we can search in Outlook desktop application as well. Let’s see how will be the steps.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook in the desktop application. Move ahead to the search tab and click the arrow to see particular contact email in Outlook.
Search email in desktop Outlook
  • Search as per the contact name or mail id, the particular mails will be highlighted. Right-click the mail to move to the other folder.
Move folder in email desktop outlook

In this method, we can search and sort email in Outlook desktop applications.

Applying Sort Options in Desktop Application

Another way of sorting in desktop application we can see is Move up and down features. Check below the steps and methods.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook application in desktop application.
  • Click the particular folder say for example Inbox, Sent items, Drafts, Deleted items.
  • Right-click and scroll down to see Move up and Move down option to changer the folder position.
Move option in Microsoft desktop Outlook

The folders are locked in alphabetical order if Move Up and Move Down are absent from the menu. To disable this, select Display All folders A-Z from the Folder tab.

Click the Display All Folders A to Z button on the Folder tab to restore the Mailbox folder list to alphabetical order, with the Inbox, Drafts, Sent, and Deleted items clustered at the top. The folders will sort alphabetically when this button is highlighted. The sort order reverts to the original order when it is turned off.

Applying Sort Options in Browser Application

Sorting or changing the position of the folder in the browser application is also possible. Check the below steps and follow.

  • Make sure you kept open Microsoft Outlook application in the browser.
  • Click the particular folder say for example Inbox, Sent items, Drafts, Deleted items.
  • Right-click and scroll down to see Move up and Move down option to changer the folder position.
Move option in Browser application

Filtering Message in the Outlook

In order to display only objects that comply with the conditions we define a view filter requires specifying the items you wish to see in a specific view. For instance, we want to utilize certain criteria, like the sender’s name to identify specific message(s) received from a specific individual, when looking for a specific message or group of messages within a folder (for example, Inbox, Sent Items, Personal Folder, etc.).
The functionality of pre-defined filter options, how to use them, and how to create and use a custom filter are all covered in the sections that follow.

Bonus Tip Related to Sort in Outlook

  • Filters – There are several pre-defined filters that may be used with the Outlook Online App. The various filter choices are listed below:
  • All – Shows all messages without any filtering.
  • Unread – communications are those that have been marked as unread.
  • To me – Shows messages that have been copied or sent to the user.
  • Flagged – Shows communications that have been marked for review, follow-up, etc.
  • Mentions – Shows messages with a high priority status.
  • Attachments – Shows messages with files attached.

Wrapping Up

From searching the particular or directly moving to other position is possible in both browser and desktop applications. Follow each and above steps and look for the changes in Microsoft Outlook application. I believe this article will help you in sorting or changing the position in Outlook.