How to Migrate from Evernote to Google Drive

Have you tried to move from Evernote to Google Drive? Follow this tutorial to check how to switch from Evernote to Google Drive. We are all too familiar with the name Evernote these days. One of the greatest note-taking apps available today is without a doubt Evernote, which has been around for a while.

It has many features providing more categories in addition to speech, handwriting, visual, and textual inputs. The note-writing features are the best in Evernote. Since this is a popular platform for ink drawings, checklist creating, planning, and writing down ideas. You also can record and include audio notes from the tutor as well.

In the current trends, it is to be cautious to create a backup in Drive, so migration can be done without difficulties. Let’s get started to know more about this.

What is the need to Migrate from Evernote to Google Drive?

  • Even if it is familiar among users it still goes wrong. Sharing options is not comparable to Google.
  • You can share your data in a few seconds between Google Docs, sheets, slides, and other workspaces. Recently, Evernote introduced numerous paid plans to increase your storage capacity and feature set.
  • Data up to 25MB is supported by the free version. This is a serious concern to take into account when Evernote users are moving their notes to other cloud storage services to protect them.

For once, your previous diary excerpts are now permanently better protected in Google Drive.

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How to Migrate from Evernote to Google Drive?

There are a few ways to Migrate from Evernote to Google Drive. The most common one is basic downloading and uploading using simple copy-paste features, and the rest includes the involvement of some additional platforms. 

Manual Transfer Process

They are using this method to Migrate from Evernote to Google Drive. All the users can trust this method if they don’t want to use any other platforms. Only three steps will be involved in this process. It is basic and practiced for many years.

To begin with step one, you need to decide and choose what is to be transferred. You can add your specific notes or even your entire folders from Evernote to Google Drive without disrupting the page order.

  • Click the Download option and wait till the process completes. Depending upon the size of the content, it will take time. The folder is preferable to avoid handling messy things.
  • Open Google Drive from your browser or use the app/desktop version for the final upload. Click on the ‘File upload’ button to add all your downloaded files straight to your Drive. Again, creating a new space for the incoming files is advisable.
Move Evernote to Google Drive
  • However, there are also certain drawbacks to this method. Initially, even though it is simple, it takes a long time if the data is large, which is typically the case.
  • The manual download and upload process may take longer for some users. You would have to wait an eternity to get transferred for the larger files.

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Export as an HTML or XML Document

You can transfer all your Evernote treasures now in another way by taking a bit more technical route. It is not as difficult as it sounds, it is quick to execute.

All you need to do is download the notes to your system in an HTML or XML format. This way ensures you can conserve all your embeds and attachments as a backup even when you simply back up everything on Google Drive.

Using Third-party Clients to Transfer Data

A recent option available to you to make things more convenient is third-party clients. They will handle every aspect of the syncing process, saving you the extra work. They are free to use, easy to understand, and quick to use.

Here is a list of a handful that have been tried, tested, and are adored by the crowd


  • MultCloud is a free cloud management platform and a major cult classic. It enables you to quickly switch between services or link your different cloud accounts.
  • You can now link or unlink data from practically any online storage client with the aid of MultCloud.
  • The migration process is a simple process to carry out. MultCloud will handle the rest if you can dedicate a few minutes to directing the specs.
  • Choose the two cloud providers from the source and destination menus to begin the transfer process. They have everything, including iCloud, OneDrive, Evernote, Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.

You are now only a click away from the final step after selecting Evernote and Google Drive as the appropriate locations, adding your accounts, computing the data to be transferred, and scheduling transfer durations.

Your work is finished when you click the “Start Cloud Transfer” button located beneath the selection lists.

And that’s it! Your transfer will be extremely effective, safe, and swift.

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  • CloudHQ is just one more well-liked and reliable third-party client that can be found online among many others. The presented UI is simple to use but still quite helpful. It offers an infinite amount of services.
  • Beyond simple storage functions, CloudHQ allows you to simultaneously create sufficient backups for several cloud clients.
  • Track emails, synchronize your Microsoft workspace and the entire G Suite, and add or remove linked desktop spaces—this is the ideal platform to entrust your data with.
  • It has its typical to-and-fro migration feature, which allows you to switch the data back and forth, either completely or just in particular sections. Performing the syncing process is not at all difficult.
  • Being real-time and well-structured, it gives the user insight into the actual sync speed statistics. 
  • To utilize all the features, you must pay for a respectable subscription, which isn’t free. Fear not—whether you require it or not, you can test it out with a 15-day free trial to help you make better decisions.
  • The file selection procedure is quite easy, much like MultCloud. To start the migration, log in with your individual Google and Evernote accounts.
  • CloudHQ’s features have advanced in the last few years. Selecting the exact data to be transferred is now not too difficult. Click the transfer button after selecting all of the files or the database.
  • You may now proceed! As per your specified preferences, your data will be securely linked across the desired services.


This is a guide explaining how to move from Evernote to Google Drive. Make sure to perform using any of the simple and safe methods available. When utilizing a third-party app for the same purpose, remember to wait for the transfer to finish before attempting to remove it from its original location.

We strongly advise people to complete the task by using either third-party services or manual transfer. They are the most popular and effective approaches. The HTML/XML code methods can be skipped if you are not familiar with technical terminology. In just a few minutes, you can now sync your data without any professional requirements.

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