Google Drive vs OneDrive – Which one offers better Services?

Are you confused about the best storage device? Here is a detailed comparison of Google Drive vs OneDrive to check out which is best based on your needs. Both the cloud storage are easy to use in all the age groups. 

There are some days when you need to carry multiple physical storage devices. Online cloud storage has made things easier in the world. You can now view, edit, share, or create data from any corner of the world and store it efficiently.

Even though the functions remain the same, Google Drive and OneDrive differ on several factors. Continue reading to know the best comparison for both the storage.

Google VS Microsoft

  • Microsoft Office has been a common and familiar name in many countries. From schools, hospitals, organizations, and manufacturers, Microsoft has been extensively used ever since the 2000s.
  • Whether creating text documents, and presentations, maintaining databases, cloud storage, or creating creative templates, and many more Microsoft applications are the answer.
  • For the past five to seven years now, Google has been a much-preferred platform by the general public. The services it offers are free, super easy to use, faster functioning, and have endless options and varieties. There was nothing that Google services could not do like the Microsoft ones, possibly better than Microsoft.

Let’s get started to dive inside more to know which is better Google Drive or OneDrive.

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Google Drive Vs OneDrive

Before getting into comparison, let’s have a look at basic things about Google Drive.

Google DriveOneDrive
Owned by Google and launched in 2012Owned by Microsoft and launched in 2007
Provides 15GB of free storage spaceProvides 5GB of free storage space
Offers 4 tiers of businessesOffers 4 tiers of businesses
Can set expiry date for the filesCan set expiry date for the files
For additional storage, the charges will be less thus means it can be affordable to the user.For additional storage, the charges will be more thus it can not be affordable to the user.
The number of users for Google Drive is more.Compared with Google Drive, the number of users for OneDrive is less.
Has Encryption featuresHas Encryption features.

Microsoft’s most popular service software OneDrive, which deals with providing file hosting and data synchronization features.

With a variety of service platforms, including the most recent ones, the web version of Microsoft 365 Suite has emerged as a popular choice, particularly for larger organizations that need to maintain large volumes of records.

Users like to use OneDrive for personal work as well. It is an excellent service platform for creating backups, synchronizing your PC’s data, or integrating data from other MS services all in one place, the OneDrive cloud.

Similarly, on the other hand, Google Drive is another data computing and storage platform, yet more famous as an online cloud. It is highly cost-effective and has a lot of variety in its advanced features. Easy to upload and download, and a great user experience even under offline folders.

If both of them are great with unique features, then based on user requirements you can go for which services.

Continue reading to get Google Drive and OneDrive on different aspects, starting from storage, costs, features, plans, etc., to give you a sharp comparison to choose your next best cloud storage platform.

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Google Drive – Plans and Pricing

Let’s have a look at the pricing of both the storage which users will check out first.

  • Online storage is way cheaper than conventional storage devices. An integral factor while you search for your ideal cloud storage platform is its cost.
  • They are not free to use entirely but offer a specific limited space for no cost and are followed with monthly subscriptions.

The prices depend on the space provided. The plans are pretty extensive; let us study them in detail.

Google Drive Pricing
  • For example, after using up the free 15 GB storage in Google Drive, you can go for Google’s Basic upgrading plan. It gives you a significant repository of about 100 GB, priced at $1.99 only for every month.
  • The costs of 200 GB Standard and 1 TB Premium monthly plans are priced at $2.99 and $9.99, respectively. You can now upgrade the 1 TB plan to 2 TB at no extra cost. Preferably, save up to 17% through annual variants of the subscription plans, as mentioned earlier.
  • The recent release of Google One now lets users have more spacious storage, exceeding 2 TB up to 30 TB. The largest one costs about $299.99 per month for 30 TB of storage. You are allowed to share with your family members as well in Google One.

Note – Google storage plans are included in Google Photos and Gmail, too, along with Google Drive.

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OneDrive – Plan and Pricing

Coming to OneDrive there are many options to explore. You have the choice to go either for only OneDrive plans or the entire Microsoft Office plans. OneDrive is free to use up to 5 GB only, three times less than Google Drive in storage.

PlanMicrosoft 365 FamilyMicrosoft 365 PersonalOneDrive StandaloneOneDrive Basic
Features– OneDrive Premium Features
– 6TB (1000GB/person)
– OneDrive Premium Features
– 1TB (1000GB)
100GB 5GB
  • The basic plan here is also for 100 GB of storage, priced at $1.99 per month, similar to Google.
OneDrive vs Google Drive
OneDrive pricing
  • OneDrive for Business is used widely in institutions and companies if you only have to use OneDrive and don’t need the entire Office 365 Suite.
  • The variants under it are priced at $5 per month for every user to have a space of up to 1 TB, which is a lot. In case you wish to expand to unlimited storage, the monthly $10 per-user plan is the best choice to go for.
OneDrive for Business
OneDrive for Business
  • To get your hands on the Microsoft 365 Suite experience, the plans are more or less equivalent to Google. The 1 TB monthly plan costs about $6.99, way cheaper than Google. The next upgrade plan is also quite effective, which allows you a space of 5 TB, for only $9.99 per month.
  • All these plans were established for single users only. Yet, there is a shareable plan by Microsoft OneDrive too. The 365 Business Standard subscription lets you allow multiple users on the account with a limit of 1 TB per person, at just $15 per month.

Google Drive lets you have a greater free space when you don’t want to spend, but OneDrive gives more value for its prices.

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Google Drive Vs OneDrive – User friendliness and ease of Use

This is another important comparison. The more easy to understand the interface and functionalities, the more popular the platform is. The more friendliness of use for the Drive, the more the number of users. However, both Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive have similar functionalities in graphics and other tools.

Google Drive allows you to make specific files available offline too. Speaking of the available categorization tools, organizing your files and folders effectively has become very simple.

The organization’s scope here is unmatched. You can sort, search, and arrange your data in a much better format. Like Google Drive, the downloading and uploading options are super handy while doing file transfers.

The sharing preferences and restrictions are similar on both these platforms. Overall, none of them lose out on essential elements. The associated services fulfill the same function without sacrificing the quality of delivery.

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Google Drive Vs OneDrive – Performance and Efficiency

Both Google Drive and OneDrive are powerful storage clients. None of the platforms will fail in this category.

Google Drive is online but has recently opted for offline browsing as well. So no need to worry about space issues on your local computer.

The synchronization is very speedy. It also allows file storage of different formats, whether it may be videos, images, or PDFs. The Google Workspace is very light and packed with unique features.

OneDrive, unlike Google, was established as an offline software. But, transitioning into the online format was not a big deal here. The downloading and uploading speeds are much faster on OneDrive. Although people prefer Google Drive due to its commonness, OneDrive has a more robust workflow. 

But, OneDrive has a significant drawback to its processing speed. It takes a much time for it to start, unlike Google, which opens and syncs instantly. The Microsoft software, no doubt, can sustain privacy threats much better than Google Drive can.

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Google Drive Vs OneDrive – Capabilities for Compatibility and Integration

Google Drive is highly compatible with almost all browsers, operating systems, devices, and online services. All you need is just one Google account. It is easier to sync content across millions of web pages using its super-friendly web extension.

If you want to save the documents quickly while looking at or working with the files, no need to download them. Just click Add to Drive and synchronization will happen within a short time. Working or just viewing files on Google Slides or Docs and wish to save the document quickly? No need to download it specifically. You are just a click away from Add to Drive and see synchronization within an actual time.

Similarly, OneDrive is power-packed with the Office Suite. From Teams, PowerPoint, Word, Access, and everything Microsoft, OneDrive’s impressive cloud integrations hold everything together beautifully. The Microsoft Productivity Suite is truly one of a kind.

If you have been accustomed to the Microsoft interface since you were a kid, it is better to stick to OneDrive to let the familiarity remain the way it is. If you were using the Microsoft application from

Just like Google Drive, OneDrive, although primarily available as an offline desktop client, has mobile variants for Android and iOS. The fast real-time sync allows users to share files across operating systems and devices.

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Google Drive Vs OneDrive -Technological Upgradations

  • Google Drive started in the year 2012 and gained popularity with more number of users in 2015.
  • Google has never hesitated to enhance Drive’s functionality with fresh, useful features. Google enhances the already amazing Google Drive almost annually.
Google Drive Vs OneDrive
Google Drive for Desktop
  • Earlier it is Backup and Sync (now Google Drive for Desktop) became the most significant highlight amongst Google Drive’s most beneficial features, rolled out in 2017. Just a single tool and it has single-handedly made Google as efficient as it could ever get.
  • OneDrive has been in the market with Microsoft Power for 14 years now. It was famous as every single person’s Windows desktop storing app, back in the days when online cloud storage was not even a thing.
  • Although OneDrive has not made any significant changes to its interface since then, it still did not fail Microsoft fans while conforming to online data storage. 
  • The recent options to create individual shortcuts and modify the content with synchronization have improved Microsoft users’ data-storing experience. The customizable syncing settings have topped all such platforms in terms of user control.


Here you get to know which is the best service based on your requirements. Both the options, Google Drive and OneDrive, both come down as beneficial platforms to boost your productivity.

The recent transition towards cloud storage from people of all ages and classes has gained such platforms immense fame. They come in very handy even for students to accommodate data of all kinds and ensure its safety and ease of accessibility.

Honestly, both of these platforms are very similar in terms of effectiveness, synchronization capabilities, and features offered. The only variation is the brand.

The comparison mentioned above will be helpful for you to decide the better choice for your next cloud storage destination.

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