How to Manage Google Drive Version History

Google Drive version history is a pretty tool if used in the right manner for several purposes. We have also put it to good use to check certain errors in the documents and a lot of other incidents. But not everyone might be aware of all the functions this particular feature can serve you, and so we took the best of our expertise and curated this small guide to help you out with it.

The major reason a lot of people use the version history is that you may lose the current version of your document due to system failure or any other matter. This is why you can simply replace the current one with your previous document and continue with it as needed.

If at all you have been facing any Google Drive version history errors, this guide might be perfect for you as well. Let us get on with the methods you can try to manage it.

How to Manage Google Drive Version History

Here are a few methods and steps you can try out to manage the version history.

Method 1: Google Drive Version History (Keep Forever)

A lot of you might never have tried out this particular method since you might not have needed to. So, here is a little information about the version history. Google Drive deletes the older versions of your documents.

Yes, you heard it. After a period of 30 days or 100 versions, the file gets auto-deleted. This is why you can opt to go with the Keep Forever option for certain files so that this rule does not apply here.

  • Open Google Drive through this link.
  • Head over your file such as PDF, docs, Images, etc. and make a right-click.
  • Choose Manage Versions.
Google Drive Version History
google drive revision history
  • Tap on the three dots beside the version you wish to keep.
  • Now, click on Keep Forever.
Manage Google Drive Version History
google drive revision history limit

Voila! There you go. That version will not be deleted anymore, at least by Google without your knowledge.

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Method 2: Google Drive Restore Previous Version

Next up, you can try out a certain method to restore the previous versions of your Google Drive documents. Here is how you can do it.

  • Open your Google Docs, Sheet, or Slides file.
  • Tap on the “Last Edit was 2 Hours Ago”
Google Drive Restore Version History
  • Now, choose the version history you want to restore and click on the Three Dots.
  • Tap on Restore this Version.
Google Drive Restore Version History
Restore Google Drive version
  • You can also simply select the Version history by tapping on it and clicking on the Green box that says Restore this Version.

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Method 3: Delete the Version History

Since we are talking about managing the version history, you can also choose the ones that are too old and you do not need anymore.

As we mentioned, Google Drive auto deletes the versions that are 30 days old and only allows 100 versions for each file. Instead of keeping these many, it is best to get rid of them manually.

  • Log in to your Google Drive Account
  • Make a right-click on the file you want to delete the version history for.
  • Click on Manage Versions
  • Choose the version you want to delete and tap on the Three Dots.
  • Click on Delete.

Here you go, that particular version will now be deleted from that file permanently. You can do the same with other versions as well.

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How Far Back Does Version History go?

Well, any file on Google Drive will have the version history from the time it was created. Either be it Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc.

You can check all the versions and make the necessary edits as you like directly from Google Drive or by opening up the file on other integrated applications.

If you do not wish to share the Google Drive version history with your clients, simply make a copy of the file and share that copy. Or else you can also choose to delete it using these steps.

  • Tap on File on the menu bar of the document.
  • Click on Version History and select See Version History
How to Manage Google Drive Version History
google drive revision history limit
  • Now, you can choose the version you want to delete and make the changes likewise.

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Why can’t I see version history in Google Docs?

If you are unable to view the version history of any file, it might be possible that you do not have the appropriate permission to make those changes to the document.

Make sure to ask the concerned person who created or shared the file with you to allow you to Can Edit the document or make you an Editor. This is how you will have access to all the versions from the time the file was created.

Final Verdict

Here we are with all you need to know about Google Drive version history and all that you can do to manage it. There are multiple options to hide the version history with the client.

The best manner and to be on the safest side is by simply creating a copy of the file either be it on Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. That way you no longer have to worry about any versions and you will be the owner of the file.

Other than this, if you encounter any Google Drive version history errors, let us know in the comment section below and we might be able to help you out with it.

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