Google Drive Keeps Going Offline – How to Fix

You might be facing the same issue where Google Drive keeps going offline like hundreds of other users on the internet. We too did which is why we researched everything we can to understand the reason behind it and how we can fix it. There could be so many reasons behind it depending on the user. So, we collected all of them together and brought this guide to you so that you can apply them by yourself.

A lot of users have reported the Google Drive offline error multiple times. It wasn’t only on the official app on the phone but other connected apps as well such as Google Photos have been experiencing the same.

It could be because of anything, either internet issues, bugs, or anything that we will be discussing shortly. Here is all you need to know on the possible solutions for the error Google Drive keeps going offline.

Google Drive Keeps Going Offline- Solutions and Fixes

With all the issues going on with your Google Drive, it is only right to look at all the solutions you can try to make sure it does not happen again. Even if it does you are ready to apply all the fixes you can think of.

Google Drive Keeps Going Offline
Google Drive Keeps Going Offline

1. Make Sure your Internet Connection is Working

The first thing that you need to check on your system or your smartphone is whether the internet connection is working at its best. There is a lot of time that you are simply refreshing the page and your internet is simply disconnected. Here are a few things you can do.

  • Disable your Wifi and connect to mobile data to be absolutely sure.
  • Check your router if it’s connected and working.
  • Close the tab and restart again

2. Restart Google Drive App/Software

Whether you are using the Google Drive app or the software on your system, there could be a lot of bugs that might be restricting the smooth functioning of the software. Hence, you need to close the tabs or close the app from your device. Then try reopening your files on it.

Also, you can try signing in again on the app whether you are using it on your phone or your laptop.

  • Open Google Drive.
  • Tap on the Profile icon on the top-right corner
  • Click on Manage Accounts on this Device
  • Now, select the account you want to log out, and tap on Remove from this Device.

Now, your device will be removed. Head over to the same steps and section and click on Add another account. Login again and see the changes.

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3. Clear the Cache for Google Drive

A lot of users may not know about this particular thing especially if you are not technically sound. But no worries we got it covered for you.

You can get rid of all the bugs and errors by simply clearing off the cache from your smartphone or your browsers. Here is how you can do it.

  • Open Google Chrome Browser
  • Tap on the three horizontal dots and go to Clear Browsing Data
  • Check the box beside Cookies and other Site Data and Cached Images & Data
  • Once done, click on Clear Data.

All the cached images and any cookies that might be taking up too much space are now deleted from your browser. Try using Google Drive.

4. End the Googledrivesync.exe Process

If you are using Google Drive from your system, you might need to forcefully quit the app from running in the background. For this, you might have to visit the task manager and terminate or end the task.

  • Make a right-click on Windows Task Bar.
  • Tap on Task Manager and open it.
  • Open the Processes section.
  • Scroll down and search for Googledrivesync.exe
  • Select the option and click on End Task at the bottom.

Now, try reponing Google Drive and check out if this solution works. You might be able to work on the software now smoothly.

5. Turn off your Antivirus

If you are operating on your system, you might have some kind of antivirus installed or Windows Firewall as default.

There are times when this software interferes with other apps and fail to function leading to error such as Google Drive keeps going Offline, which is why you might need to disable it for a while and check to see if it works.

  • Open Windows Firewall from the Start Menu
  • Head over the option and select the Turn off Windows Defender

Now, it is better to restart the system before you can try to use Google Drive again.

6. Try Contacting Forum or Customer Support

Well, when it comes to such errors, not many people tend to contact customer support. It is a myth that these big companies do not respond. In fact, the response from Google customer care is among the best we have seen and you can try it out too.

If none of these work for you, this is the last thing you can do. Either directly check out the community forum or just write down your issue to the customer support by emailing them or writing them on the official site.

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