How to enable Google Drive Dark Mode on your smartphones

Google Drive is not only a file storage and synchronization service but also an app where you can create and edit documents of various types: spreadsheets, presentations, journals, forms, etc., as well as collaborate on them with other people using the app or through email messages.

The program has been the go-to place for work, school, and other projects for many years. It has introduced a dark mode to its productivity suite.

The feature allows the users to easily enable it when working in their Drive and Chrome browsers. The dark mode feature is subtle yet powerful to make this file storage service feel more personal.

It provides a simple way to reduce eye strain and reduce distractions. It works using the same principles as Night Shift but without affecting your color vision.

By default, the dark mode option is not enabled for device users, but you first need to enable the Google Drive dark mode if you want to use it on your device.

How to Enable Google Drive Dark Mode

In Google Drive, a dark theme might help you focus and accomplish more. The dark mode works in a manner that darkens your background screen and lightens the icons. It removes light from the whole interface and gives a whole new transformation.

Google’s dark mode is now available for all Android users, iOS users, and web users, and you can enable it to use different colors for different files. The mode lets you see your desktop calendar in the Google Calendar app with a dark theme.

Dark Mode will help you quickly locate what you’re looking for without getting distracted by bright colors or light. If you use your computer at night, Dark Mode will save your eyes from straining while using your device.

If you want to make your Google Drive app darker on your device, there are a few measures you may take.

Guide to change the Google Drive theme on Android

The very first option we are trying out here to enable the Google Drive Dark mode is on an Android device. This functionality may be turned on in Google Drive’s Menu.

As the first step in allowing dark mode, you should open your Google Drive on your Android smartphone.

Here are the steps you can follow.

  • Open Google Drive on your smartphone
  • Go to Menu or tap on the three horizontal bars
  • Tap on Settings
  • Click on Choose theme
  • Choose Dark, Light, or System Default

As soon as you have followed the steps above, your dark mode will be enabled.

Guide to enable the Google Drive Dark Mode on iOS

Dark Mode is a setting that turns the interface of your device’s screen black while the text and other colors remain white. This option saves battery power and makes nighttime viewing simpler.

Although you will not find anything promptly close to this to enable Google Drive Dark Mode since it cannot be done officially from the app itself.

However, Smart Invert is a feature that automatically turns on dark mode in Google Drive when you are using an iOS device. Here is how you can enable it.

  • Open Settings on your iOS device
  • Scroll down and click on Accessibility
Enable Google Drive Dark Mode
Tap on Accessibility
  • Now, tap on Display & Text Size
Google Drive Dark Mode
Select Display & Text Size
  • Enable the option Smart Invert
How to Enable Google Drive Dark Mode
Choose Smart Invert

As soon as you toggle the button beside it, the entire phone will go into dark mode. To make sure it works, head over to Google Drive and see it by yourself.

Other than this, you can even choose to add the Smart Invert button as a shortcut by using the Accessibility Shortcut option using the above steps. Once done, simply press the lock button thrice to enable/disable the feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Should You Use Google Drive Dark Mode?

You can use this feature when you need a break from looking at bright colors or working on something with lots of colors, like in marketing campaigns and banners.

This feature may also be helpful if you are looking for a distraction-free environment where your eyes won’t be bothered by colors while reading or working. Other than that, it is perfect for working at night since it adds less staring to your eyes.

2. What happens if you turn on Google Drive Dark Mode?

There are plenty of things that happen when you turn on the dark mode, but the most prominent one is that your screen becomes easier to read.

Dark Mode is a feature in devices that can be turned on to make the device easier to use in the dark. If you turn on dark mode, you will see black and light gray colors instead of white. There are three different levels of darkness: light, medium, and dark.

The dark mode colors in the UI all the colors on your screen black and make it easier to read. The colors are less distracting, making text easier to see, even when you’re looking at a screen for a long time.

People who have problems reading in bright light will benefit from this since they can use their phone or laptop while out and about.

3. Is it true that dark mode is beneficial for your eyes?

The dark mode in operating systems is a setting that reduces the amount of light produced by the screen. This feature is available on most recent devices, but its benefits vary depending on your health and lifestyle.

The dark mode isn’t just beneficial for your eyes, and it can provide a much more relaxing work environment. The dark mode is a feature on devices like the iPhone and iPad, which changes the screen to a darker color.

The black color aids in focusing the eyes on what they need to view without being distracted. Black is a perfect color for reading or working at night, especially using a computer or laptop. When you’re in bed, when your kids are asleep, or whenever you want to focus on anything without being distracted, dark mode is the perfect option.

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