Cannot Download File from Version History on Google Drive – How to Fix

Do you know about the Google Drive version history? Well, it allows you to download the previous versions of the document you have uploaded since the time it was created. Even if you lose data of your current version, you can always choose to regain the previous version and work on it. However, a lot of users cannot download file from version history on multiple occasions.

As soon as you will try to download the file, an HTTP 400 error will occur on the Chrome browser and the file will fail to download. This error has been found with hundreds of users and no one could find the proper solution for it. Hence we tried our best to look for the best possible fixes for the same and listed out all that will surely work for you.

Here is everything to know when you cannot download files from version history of Google Drive.

How to Fix Cannot Download File from Version History on Google Drive

You can try all the methods listed below and fix the error you have been experiencing on Google Drive.

1. Update the Browser

The first method you can try here is updating the browser you are currently on. Here we will be working on Chrome Browser which has been showing the error with most of the users we have come across.

Google brings updates to their application quite often and makes sure that all the bugs and errors are fixed on time so that users can have the best experience.

Here is how you can update your Chrome Browser.

  • Open a tab on the Chrome Browser.
  • Click on the Three dots and go to Settings.
  • Now, tap on About Chrome.
  • On the screen, you will see the browser update in progress.
Cannot Download File from Version History

Wait for the process to follow and then you can try to Relaunch the browser to save the settings you have just made.

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2. Clearing Cache and Cookies

Next up, we will be trying to fix the issue by clearing the cookies and cache from the browser. Now, remember that cache allows the web pages to load faster and once you clear the data these might get slower than normal.

So, make sure you save all the work you have been doing and then proceed further.

  • Open a new tab on your Chrome Browser.
  • Click on the three dots and click on More Tools.
  • Now, go to Clear Browsing Data.
  • Check all the boxes beside the options on your screen.
  • Select Clear Data.

As soon as you click on clear data, everything will be deleted is the browsing history, cookies, and cache. Now, try downloading the version history again from Google Drive.

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3. Select “Allow All cookies”

If you cannot download files from version history and also get the error where you need to allow access to all the cookies, here is how you can do it as needed.

  • Open Settings on the browser.
  • Now, choose Security and Privacy from the menu on the left.
  • In the new window, tap on Cookies and other site data.
Cannot Download File from Version History on Google Drive
  • Select the option beside Allow all Cookies.
Allow all Cookies

Now, you can try and restart the browser to check whether you are able to download the version history on your browser or not.

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4. Try using Incognito Mode

Another method you can use if you cannot download a file from version history is by simply opening Google Drive in Incognito mode. The process is very simple and only requires a few simple steps.

However, make sure you have disabled all the extensions in the Incognito mode as well just to be sure you have taken all the steps needed.

Here is how you can do it.

  • Click on the three dots on your Chrome Browser.
  • Now, go to New Incognito Window.
  • Open your Google Drive account and try downloading the files.

Hopefully, this method will work since there are no cache and cookies when it comes to private browsing.

5. Try using a Different Browser

Lastly, you can try using another browser if none of the methods above work for you. It could be because of an internet error either on Google Drive or on the Chrome Browser that we have no control over.

Hence it is better to try other browsers such as Safari (mac user), Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, etc, whichever you are currently using other than Chrome.

Furthermore, you can choose to try downloading the version history from another device as well. If you are using it on your desktop or laptop, you can try using your smartphone to see if it works.

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Did the above methods work for you? Well, hopefully, it did since we have tried and tested these steps on multiple devices for various users. All the methods are pretty basic and you can try them without using any technical assistance.

Now, it is possible that these methods are still not enough. Hence, you can simply choose to restart the system you are currently working on and then try downloading files.

Furthermore, if you are still cannot download file from verison history, you can let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you with more info we can get on the error you are facing.