Google Drive not Uploading from Phone Error – How to Fix

If you are facing the Google Drive not uploading from phone error, there could be a plethora of reasons for it. And the fact that it can actually be fixed is what we will be discussing in this guide. The methods are very basic, simple, and anyone can work on them.

Even though Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage platform, it also encounters tons of errors over the period of time. The most common among them is the uploading error on any device you are currently working on.

While it is a bit easier to fix these issues on a system, the same cannot be said while working on a smartphone. We too have been there when there are a number of files failing to upload even after multiple tries.

Google Drive not Uploading from Phone
Google Drive not Uploading from Phone

Hence we tried a few methods that worked for us to fix the Google Drive not uploading from phone error.

How to Fix Google Drive not Uploading from Phone Error

1. Check your Internet Connection

The very first aspect you need to check before trying out any complicated steps is your internet connection.

You might not have realized that either your mobile data or the Wifi connection is currently unstable and hence all your files are failing to upload. This goes for all smartphones users including Android and iOS.

Simply check the internet connection on your smartphone. Or else try restarting your router just to be sure that everything is alright from your end.

2. Check Drive Storage

Try checking the drive storage before trying to upload your files. If you have been facing constant upload errors, this could be a major reason that you are unaware of.

You might be aware of the fact that Google Drive provides 15GB of space free for every user. And if you have been using it wisely for all your devices and files, it is most likely to get exhausted within no time.

You can check the storage capacity you have used and the number that is left currently from the dashboard itself. All you have to do is follow the steps given below.

  • Open the Google Drive app on your smartphone.
  • Now, click on the hamburger icon on the top-left corner.
  • Here you will see the storage capacity of your Drive.

Now, you can either choose to delete some files from it that are not necessary. Or else you can always buy more storage if it suits your budget.

3. Check the Google Drive Server Status

Another method we can try here is by simply looking to check the server status of the application.

If you have tried multiple methods to fix the error your cloud storage is currently facing with no outcomes, the problem could rather be because of an internal server error.

The reason could be anything and the only way to rule out the possibility is by simply checking the status.

  • Open Google Workspace from your browser.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Head over to the Dashboard.
  • Now, scroll down and check the status.

If the signal is green, everything is working fine from the server-side. Else, if the signal is red, you might have to wait out for things to get fixed from the tech giant itself.

4. Quit and Restart

Another very simple process which you might have already done. Here, you can try quitting the app or closing the app from your smartphone. It works for both Android and iOS devices and follows the same process.

Every smartphone has an app review option where you can simply slide off the window you wish to close.

Similarly, you need to do it for Google Drive. Close the current window that will ultimately quit the app. Now, open it again and try uploading the files again.

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5. Enable Download on Mobile Data

Whether you are an iPhone user or Android, Drive has the default function where it allows you to upload files only through a wifi connection.

Since these files take up huge data while uploading it on the cloud, hence it becomes difficult to rely on mobile data for the same.

But while your Wi-Fi might not be working, all your upload files wait for a Wi-Fi connection to upload.

Hence, you might need to enable the Mobile Data option from your phone to upload the files. Here are the steps you can follow on your iPhone. Similar steps are available for an Android user as well.

  • Open your iPhone Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Google Drive option.
  • Now, toggle the button beside the Mobile Data option given beside.

This will allow you to now upload your files even while using Mobile data and there will be no error whatsoever.

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Why isn’t Google Drive working on Android?

We did our part by mentioning all the different ways you can fix the error. Well, if you are hoping to know why isn’t Google Drive not working on Android, there could be a lot of reasons. It could be mainly because of insufficient storage on your cloud storage.

Also, another reason could be because cache that the app is currently using. There have been multiple times whereby simply clearing the cache, you can fix a lot of errors and issues.

Well, if it still isn’t working, then you need to either reinstall the app or update the current version from the Play store.

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Here is all you need to know about Google Drive not uploading from phone error. From understanding the reasons behind it to looking over the possible solution you can try, we have mentioned it all in here. Just make sure you go through all the steps as mentioned and do not skip anything.

If at all these methods are not working for you, simply update your app or reinstall it on your smartphone. This usually fixes the problem you are facing.

Furthermore, if you are still facing the same issue and nothing seems to be working out, do let us know in the comment section below and we will get back to you.