You don’t have an authorization Google Drive – How to Fix

Google services and products are mostly known and used by almost everyone. You can just do so much with it. It really makes your life easier. It is very convenient and comes with a variety of features, it is also easily accessible which makes it the most trusted and used service.

Other than that, there are many more things that you never heard about google services. There are plenty of them in Google Drive itself. Every good thing comes with difficulties. Same in the case of google products and services.

Especially talking about G-Drive it sometimes creates trouble with the Authorisation Error. In this article, we have covered topics & questions you might have on  G-Drive Authorisation Error and how you can fix it.

What is the Google Drive “You don’t have an authorization” Error?

You may see an error message telling you that you need the authorization to view a particular page when using Google Chrome to preview it. When this occurs, it’s known as an HTTP error 403.

This error message can appear for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that the problem stems from faulty Google Drive downloads, expired or cached browser cookies, or various other factors.

The sources of the problem, on the other hand, are probably of no interest to you at this time. When it comes to HTTP error 403, what you want to know is how to get rid of the message “You don’t have authority to see this page”. And it’s this that we’re exploring today.

What went Wrong?

The problem could have one of two causes. It’s possible that your browser’s cookies, cache, and site data have expired, or that the file you’re trying to view or download is faulty. Some Google Drive users are having trouble downloading their files.

This issue means they won’t be able to view or download the file. Let’s see if we can fix the problem on Google Drive so we can access and download the files normally again.

If you’re having difficulties resolving this exact error message, this article will walk you through a few troubleshooting methods. Below you’ll find two approaches that other people in your shoes have utilized to address the problem.

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How can you fix the You don’t have an authorization Error on Google Drive?

By deleting cookies and other site data, using incognito mode, disabling, or removing suspicious extensions, you can resolve that if you don’t have the authority to see this page.

You don’t have an authorization Error on Google Drive

HTTP 403 Forbidden or the You don’t have an authorization Error on Google Drive shows the following solutions that can be used to fix the problem if you don’t have permission to view the page.

  • Firstly, delete all data from the site, including any cookies.
  • Open with Private Browsing
  • Disable any dubious Extensions that may have been installed as it might also be the reason for this problem.
  • See if you use a VPN or not

1. Delete all data from the site, including any cookies

Google Data’s cookies and site data may have expired or broken. Clearing your browser’s cookies and site data gives the website a second chance to load new data.

Clear Browsing Data

It can be possible that your expired cookies and site data might be creating this problem for you.  Error 403 can be resolved and the file can be accessed or downloaded easily with this software.

2. Open with Incognito Browsing

Try downloading or accessing the file from Google Drive in incognito mode. When browsing in incognito mode, all of your saved data and extensions are cleared out. Incognito mode worked for many people to fix the issue.

Fix You don’t have an authorization

If the problem is with your machine or laptop/notebook, consider utilizing Restore Repair to check the repositories and replace corrupt and missing data. This usually fixes the problem if it was caused by a faulty component in the system.

3. Disable Any Suspicious Extensions You Find

The HTTP error 403 may have been caused by browser extensions that you have installed. Try to view the file on Google drive while disabling the extensions one by one if you are concerned.

4. Whether to use a VPN or not

After disconnecting your VPN, retry accessing the file. If you don’t already have one, consider utilizing one to view or download files from Google Drive. It will provide a new IP address and location, which should resolve the issue.

Using any of these solutions will get you rid of HTTP error 403 Not authorized to access the page message.

By now, the problem should be resolved. If this does not work, restart your computer and use a different browser. If the problem persists, you should contact Google’s support team.

5. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

There could be a reason for the You don’t have an authorization Error, such as your Internet Service Provider, and for some, it will prevent you from accessing the website you wish to visit.

To test this, follow the steps below:

  • First, double-check the webpage you’re using by visiting to
  • Then connect to another network or use your mobile data.
  • Finally, try visiting your website.
  • If this does not work, contact your ISP’s support service and explain the problem you’re experiencing.

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What’s the best way to open Google Drive without being recognized?

To access Google Drive, you’ll need a login and password. It’s not feasible to access or open a file on Google Drive without the proper authorization. Also, you should get in touch with the file’s owner and request a copy.

If you have access to or can open the file if they have shared it with you it wouldn’t be an issue for you to access those files.

One of the most common causes is that there is a problem with your browser caching that might be stopping you from accessing the file.

Furthermore, if you have numerous Google accounts that you use to login in and access drives, there’s a good chance you’ll see this issue, as that’s a very common issue most people have faced.

Another cause you may experience is that you are not logged into your account, or if you are, but for some reason, you are having this difficulty, you should sign out and sign back in to see if that works.

Many Chrome users are unable to read specific online pages. When people attempt to access the website, an error message pops stating that they do not have the authorization to view this page.

This error indicates that the page of a certain website you are attempting to access is prohibited for unknown users or unknown reasons.

Moreover, you can even try using different browsers to access google drive and see if it works. If that doesn’t resolve the case then you can also ask the google drive link provider if you have been accessing it. 

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We hope that the following approaches will assist you in resolving the You don’t have authorization error to view this page. So, try these ways first and see if any of them works for you but if the problem remains you can always contact Google Support to resolve your problem and they will surely assist you better.