How to Change Your Profile Picture on Google Drive

Are you bored of seeing the same profile picture in Google Drive? If yes, then it’s time to change. Google is a big company that owns several products and services accessible to us on the internet. Once you create an account and set a profile picture, google uses it in all its products, including Gmail, Google Play, Google Drive, Google Meet, and YouTube.

Your profile picture will be visible in all the applications owned by Google. Google Drive avatar is the display picture visible once your profile is displayed.

An avatar or profile picture can be defined as a small picture that represents a user on any platform. Moreover, the Google Drive avatar or profile picture is displayed on your drive and all its daughter applications.

What Should Your Profile Picture Look Like

Your profile picture should be clear and impactful. No need to use more filters. The image should be shown that is clearly you.

When selecting the right image keep the following things in mind.

  • Always use a high-quality and clear image of yourself.
  • Update your profile picture with a recent one instead of using old and childhood pictures.
  • Make sure the image is professional and not should be like vacation photos.
  • Consider using an image with a dark background to ensure the focus is on you and the image is highlighted across platforms.

Keeping a professional image will create an impact at first glance for your Google Drive.

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How to Update Your Google Drive Profile Picture

The process to change your profile picture on Google Drive is simple and quick for you to undertake. Also, the avatar can be updated both through desktop and mobile apps on the Google Drive mobile app. Once you are doing it on the desktop, it will be updated in the mobile application as well.

Both are very similar and easy steps to follow. Follow the steps to do so.

  • On your desktop, open Google Drive or any other Google application.
  • Click on the current existing profile picture. The current avatar is usually displayed at the top right corner of your Google Drive app and any other Google application.
  • Click on the current image, there should be a camera icon beside it. Click on the profile picture or pencil icon in the picture to change the profile picture in Google Drive.
Change Profile Picture in the Google Drive
  • Click on the profile picture or pencil icon in the picture to change the profile picture in Google Drive. The pop-up window allows you to select or upload a new image for the new profile picture. Here it will show the Change or Remove option. To change the profile picture, click Change.
Change Profile Picture from Google Drive
  • You can choose your preferred option of updating your profile picture. You can upload a new photo from your computer or use one of the images already in your drive.
Google Drive Change Profile Picture
  • Select the image you wish to upload as your new profile picture.
  • After selecting your preferred image option, a new window is displayed
  • You can crop, position, and adjust your newly selected image to fit best in the Google Drive profile picture dimensions on the next window displayed.
  • After resizing your new image to fit the dimensions best, click on Set as the Profile photo.
Change the Profile picture in Google Drive

Your Google Drive profile picture will be successfully changed to the new image. The new image will also be updated and reflected across all Google applications in a few minutes.

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How to Change Your Google Profile Picture

Changing your Google profile picture means that the effect will be felt across all its applications, including the drive. Without accessing your Google Drive application, this could be another route to take to achieve a new profile picture. 

Below are the simple steps to follow to change your profile picture on Google;

  • Open your Google homepage and log into your account if you are not already logged in.
  • At the top-right corner is your current profile picture. First, click on it, then click on the camera icon underneath it.
Change profile picture from the Google Drive
  • A select profile photo menu appears.
  • The menu offers you the option to select a photo from your computer by browsing files or dragging a photo into the window from your computer.
  • After selecting your photo of choice, upload it and resize it to fit the dimensions of a Google profile picture.
  • Click the Set as profile photo option at the bottom-left corner of your window.

The new profile picture will be updated and changed across all Google applications, including Google Drive.

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How to Change Your Profile Picture on Google Drive Android and iPhone?

The easiest and best way to change your profile picture on Google Drive Android and iPhone devices is through your Gmail app. However, the new profile picture shall be updated across all Google applications, including Google Drive.

Here’s  how to change your profile picture on Google using the Gmail app;

For Android users:

  • Launch your Gmail application and log in if you are not already logged in.
  • Click on your profile photo.
  • Select the Manage your Google Account option.
  • Select personal info on the Google account page. 
  • Go to the profile section and click the current profile picture.
  • Click set profile photo.
  • In the next step, you have the option to take a new photo or choose an existing photo and set it as the new profile picture 

For iPhone users:

  • Open your Gmail application on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the three lines icon, which opens up a menu, and select settings.
  • Select Manage your Google account then choose Personal info.
  • Click on your current profile picture in the profile section and select set profile picture.
  • You can choose the option of taking a new picture. Click on take the photo and choose OK. Click-use photo after you are done taking the new photo
  • You can also upload an image from your camera roll. Click Choose from photos, select the picture of your choice, and tap Choose.

Also, you will have successfully changed your profile picture across all your Google applications. 

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Why is it important to update your profile Picture?

Have you ever thought about the importance of having a profile picture and what it tells about you? Below are some of the reasons why you need to have an updated profile picture.

It Shows that the Account is real and Identity

Having an updated profile picture of yourself personalizes and indicates that your account is active and real. Conversely, using a generic photo or image may cause people to think that the account is fake.

Easily Identifies You

An updated profile picture helps a lot with recognition, hence why you need to update it with a current photo of yourself. Moreover, it helps people connect your face to your name while transacting or sharing information with you on your account.

It also makes it easy for people to share documents with you on Google Drive as it assures them they are sending it to you and not someone else. A profile picture on Google Drive, for example, will build some level of confidence with your acquaintances.

Your profile photo is your personal Brand

Your profile photo gives people a clue of your personality. Therefore, it is important to think about the message you want to pass over to people when selecting a profile picture.

Do you want to come out as authoritative and serious or friendly and cheerful to the people you interact with on the platform? Consider these aspects before uploading a profile picture because it shall represent your personal brand.

Makes the first impression

For people that don’t know you, your profile picture makes the first impression about you. If your profile photo gives positive energy and feelings, approach and interactions from other people may be much easier.

If your profile photo does not resemble you as likable and approachable, it may initially have some difficulty with your online interactions.

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How often should you change your profile picture?

You may be wondering how long you should wait to update your profile picture on google drive. Well, how often you change it is ultimately up to you. Its fully your choice.

Everyone has unique personal factors that make the timing difference. However, you don’t want to change your profile picture every so often, as it may sacrifice your branding and consistency.

If you are not changing the profile picture frequently then the end user unable to identify. Furthermore, find a timing that works best for you and maintains the balance between the two.

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What to consider when selecting your profile picture

Here are some factors to consider when settling for the best image to update your profile picture.

  • Select a current photo, say from the past year, or make a new one.
  • Ensure the photo is look exactly like you in real life.
  • The photo should also reflect your personality genuinely.
  • It should also highlight some of your best qualities to create the best impression
  • Avoid using filters and fillers on your profile photo.


From this you have learned how to change profile picture on Google Drive. Make sure you have kept well presented photo in Google account, because it will be visible to all the Google application.

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