How to backup Quickbooks to Google Drive

Before jumping into how to backup Quickbooks to Google Drive, let’s find out what’s QuickBooks. Quickbooks is accounting software that provides tools to manage small and large businesses’ customers, vendors, clients, inventory, and finances. 

QuickBooks is predominantly used for tax filing, accounting, inventory management, expense management, payroll, invoicing, bank account tracking, budgeting, payment processing, etc. Backing up Quickbooks to Google Drive benefits businesses by providing one place storage.

You can get a bunch of benefits from not only backing up Quickbooks to Google Drive but also backing up QuickBooks to desktop, and online. Let’s dive into this article to know how to backup Quickbooks to Google Drive

Quickbooks desktop backup to the cloud

Quickbooks Online Backup is an add-on service that’s offered with all versions of Quickbooks. Also, you can backup Quickbooks desktop to the cloud using Google Drive.

You can use a simple trick like making a backup locally, copy it to a google drive folder, and from somewhere else download the backup, restore from it and work in QuickBooks.

Then you can send a new backup back to the cloud. You can also use third-party integration like Zapier to back up Quickbooks data to Google Drive.

How to backup Quickbooks to Google Drive
How to backup Quickbooks to Google Drive

Let’s see how to backup Quickbooks to Google Drive using the QuickBooks Online Advanced option.

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How to backup Quickbooks to Google Drive?

Quickbooks’s Backups save everything on your chart of accounts. You can schedule automatic backups, do one-time manual backups, and backup Quickbooks to Google Drive.

You can save online backups of your accounting data by using QuickBooks’ “Online Advanced” option. To backup Quickbooks to Google Drive, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Search for “QuickBooks Online Advanced” and sign in as an admin.

Step 2: Click on the gear-shaped icon ‘Settings’ and then select “Back up company”.

Step 3: From the menu that displays, select “Local Backup”.

Step 4: Now select “Link a Service”

Step 5: Select “Link Google Drive” to backup Quickbooks to Google Drive.

Step 6: Now you can save a backup to Google Drive on this page. Select “Local Backup” from the menu.

Step 7: Select “New Local Backup Schedule”.

Step 8: From the ‘Company’ field, select the company you want to backup.

Step 9: From the Frequency field, select ‘Once’ to save a single backup now. 

Step 10: You can also select Monthly, Weekly, or Daily options to schedule automatic backups.

Step 11: In the Service section, select ‘Google’.

Step 12: When you’re ready, select “Create Local Backup Schedule

Your Quickbooks data will get backed up to Google Drive.

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How to backup QuickBooks online?

QuickBooks Online automatically backs your data up every night and hence there is no need to backup QuickBooks on your own.

Quickbooks Online usually uses three hard drives to backup Quickbooks’ data. Whatever changes you made in your company file, your data will be saved in two hard drives immediately.

Also, all the file data are copied to a third-party hard drive to protect data if anything happens to the first two hard drives.

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And voila! Back up your desired QuickBooks files to Google Drive by simply following the above steps. I hope you got an idea on, How to backup Quickbooks to Google Drive?