How to Transfer Files from Google Drive to iCloud

Moving your data from one cloud service to the other can be a hassle, especially if the size of the files is large. There are several ways you can transfer your data from one cloud service to the other. The only difference is the time taken for each method.

If you have filled up your Google Drive space completely that comes for free, you can choose to transfer it to your iCloud within very few steps. Yes, you can choose to buy more storage space then it might not be feasible for everyone. Hence it is better to either create a backup of Google Drive files or simply shift to another cloud storage.

We have listed down a couple of ways to transfer files from Google Drive to iCloud.

How to Transfer Files from Google Drive to iCloud

In order to transfer files from Google Drive to iCloud, make sure you follow the steps we have mentioned here. The first method is pretty straightforward and doesn’t need you to download any other application. 

  • Open your laptop or PC and load up your preferred browser. 
  • Head over to the Google Drive webpage at 
  • Enter your details to access the Drive. 
  • Select the files you want to transfer, draw out the contextual menu by right-clicking on them, and hit Download. 
Transfer Files from Google Drive to iCloud
Transfer Files from Google Drive to iCloud
  • Once the files have been downloaded, go to the iCloud website at
  • Enter your Apple ID and password to log in. 
  • Select the Import button on the toolbar. Go to the location of the files you downloaded, select and upload them. 

This method is relatively simple but laborious as you’ll need to download and upload the files constantly, and the pace at which this task gets done depends on your network speed. 

The only two bottlenecks for this method are your network speed and the available space on your laptop or PC’s hard disk. 

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Migrate Your Data Using the Desktop Apps for iCloud and Drive

The next method is where you simply choose to migrate your data using the desktop apps. A much simpler way to transfer your files between the two cloud services would be to use their desktop apps instead of the web versions. 

  • Open your laptop or PC and load your preferred browser. 
  • Download the Google Drive for Desktop.
  • Download iCloud for Windows from this site if you’re on a Windows system. If you’re on a Mac, the iCloud folder can be found inside the Finder application. 
  • Once both the applications have been downloaded and installed, make sure you’re logged in to both of them. 
  • Go to the Windows Explorer and open Google Drive folder from the tree menu on the left side. 
  • Choose the files you want to migrate, right-click on them and select Copy. 
  • Open the iCloud Drive folder from the menu on the left side, right-click inside the window, and paste the files.

This entire method will be identical whether you’re on a Windows or Mac system. For Mac users, after you’ve installed the Drive app, open the Finder app and go to the Google Drive folder from the menu on the left side. Select all the files you want to move and drag and drop them to the iCloud Drive tab.

Since both the folders for Google Drive and iCloud are backed and synced, whatever changes you make on the desktop folder will be reflected on the web versions and vice versa. This is a much quicker way of transferring your files and is much more versatile.

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Transfer Files From Dropbox to iCloud Drive

The process of transferring your data from Dropbox to iCloud is also similar to the methods mentioned above. However,  you’ll need the Dropbox app instead of the Google Drive application. 

  • Open your laptop or PC. 
  • Load up your preferred browser and head over to to download the installer for Dropbox. 
  • Make sure you have the iCloud drive installed on your system as well. 
  • Open the installer and follow the instructions given inside to install Dropbox. 
  • Once it is properly installed, the Dropbox folder should show up in File Explorer. 
  • Open the Dropbox folder and select all the items you want to move. 
  • Copy the files using Ctrl+C and head to the iCloud Drive folder from the left side menu. 
  • Paste the files in there, and you can delete the copied files from Dropbox if you wish to. 

Once again, if you’re on a Mac, the process will be identical, with the only difference being you’ll have to use Finder instead of File Explorer. 

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How to Transfer Files From OneDrive to iCloud

OneDrive is different from other apps as it does not create a dedicated OneDrive folder in the sidebar of the Finder application on Mac.

The process will be identical to every other method we’ve discussed on Windows, as most systems come with OneDrive preinstalled. 

Refer to the instructions below to see how to transfer files from OneDrive to iCloud on a mac.  

  • Open up your Mac.
  • Make sure you’ve installed the OneDrive application on your Mac. 
  • Press the Command-Space shortcut to open Spotlight. Type in Onedrive and make sure you open the folder where the files are synced and not where the application is. 
  • Select the files you want to transfer from the Finder window, drag, and drop them to the iCloud Drive tab on the sidebar. 

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As you can observe, there are several methods you can use to migrate your files between two cloud services. The most effective strategy would be to download the desktop applications for both the services and copy-paste the files between them.

Now, we have made sure to help you transfer files from Google Drive to iCloud as well as from other cloud storage platforms that you are using. Apart from Google Drive only you can use all the above methods for transferring the data and make the best use of storage space made available for free on these platforms.

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