This video cannot be played google drive – How to fix

Errors are common in the online world. Many technical glitches come when you log in to your ID; one such glitch is the video cannot be played, and error prompts in your Google drive.

Google Drive is one such drive that is like extra storage in your mobile phones and laptop devices. It helps you to formulate and manipulate your data like videos, photos, and other documents respectively.

You can store all your data in one place in Google Drive without worrying about your device storage. However, you may occasionally encounter problems when attempting to play videos on Google Drive. Typically, you’ll see an error message that says something like “This video cannot be played” or “Whoops! There was an issue playing this video.”

The error could be caused by a variety of factors. Here, we’ll go over some of the possible solutions to this problem in your Google Drive account.

There are many ways to fix these kinds of errors on Google Drive. Let us discuss what can we do about the above problem.

This video cannot be played google drive

Let us check out how to fix the issues, this video cannot be played google drive.

1. Make sure the file use have used is not corrupted

There can be a possibility that the file you have downloaded or stored in the drive is corrupted. In this case, even your computer’s video players may be unable to play the video after downloading it.

If this is the reason you are facing an error in Google drive try to repair the corrupt video file type and choose the correct one to solve the error problem.

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2. Try to change the mode to incognito mode

This a  great option you can bid on incorporating these kinds of plug-ins or extensions into your browser can be very useful. A recent extension installation could cause this error.

So you can do one thing to allow incognito mode and try playing your videos on Google Drive to see if an extension is the primary cause of this error. This mode allows you to browse in private while also disabling all extensions. 

3. Check if the file size is too large

This is a major problem associated with your internet connection and storage, if the file is too large then also it will show an error prompt because the video limit is capped at a certain level.

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4. Any kind of hardware acceleration should be disabled soon

Do you know exactly what Hardware acceleration is? The process is basically by which the browser can unload some tasks to your system’s hardware to accelerate those tasks.

Although hardware acceleration speeds things up, it can cause several issues that interfere with your browser’s functionality.

5. Clear Browser Cookies and Cache Data

Browser cache and cookies aim to make your browsing experience as seamless as possible. Cookies are the files created by the sites you visit. They make your browsing experience simpler by saving browsing data.

On the other hand, cache remembers parts of pages, like images, so that you can open them faster during your next visit to the site.

Video Cannot Be Played Error in Google Drive
this video cannot be played google drive

And don’t block the cookies since browser cache and cookies can improve your internet experience tenfold and they can overwhelm your browsers if you don’t clean them regularly. 

But if the error still persists simply choose to clear your browser’s cache and cookies to resolve the video error.

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6. Multiple Users of Google Account or too many Google accounts

At times you may share your user id password of Google to your closed ones to see the videos, check if they are logged out from the account.

Multiple Google Drive Accounts
this video cannot be played google drive

And don’t access Google drive from multiple Google accounts it may lead to blunders which will never resolve the error in your videos.

7. Do check if you’re not using the old version of the browser

Perhaps you’re using an outdated browser version that lacks the advanced features which are required to play specific videos. 

So do update the browser, generally, the web browsers usually update automatically when you close and reopen them. However, if you haven’t closed your browser in a while, there could be a pending update. Here’s how you can update common web browsers.

Follow the instructions to update the web browser:

  • Click the three vertical dots menu option on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Navigate to Help > About Google Chrome.
fix Video Cannot Be Played Error in Google Drive
this video cannot be played google drive
  • To apply any available updates, hit the Relaunch option.

In the same way, you can update any web browsers you have on your pc

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8. Have a copy of the video and play

This is a trick that usually works in Google drive. Just click on the right side and you will find an option of a copy.

9. Can download the required video on your device

If you have ample disc space on your pc then you can save a copy of the video to your desktop. This also works great if you’re using the Google Cloud app.

However, you may find this as an effective resolution of your video or any other characteristics is incompatible with Google Drive’s constraints. What you have to do is simply right-click on the video and select the Option to download.

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10. Do Check for a stable internet connectivity

This can be another hack that your Mbps speed of downloading and loading may differ. Google drive actually requires a proper speed to buffer the video on your device.

If you diagnose that your internet speed is the main problem, check the Wi-Fi speed of the router. If your internet speed is adequate enough, you can then try to reset your router or any connection to refresh the content on Google drive.

11. Video can have max playback resolution and also see that video is not pirated

The Google drive basically supports resolution up to a certain extends i.e. 1920*1080 only. And if the video goes beyond this limit then it will not play at all.

Furthermore, there are several legitimate platforms where you can get popularly pirated apps for free or at a discount. Google Drive might block videos that are downloaded from banned sites on your device.

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Google Drive is an easy-to-use cloud storage platform, but it is not without any errors. While watching videos, you may have encountered issues and loading your important documents on Google Drive, but this should no longer be the case. Hopefully, many solutions are mentioned above which resolve your unwanted errors. 

If the Video Cannot Be Played Error in Google Drive still persists and you are confident that your video is compatible with Google Drive, you may want to try a different browser for it. This could be a helpful method of determining whether the problem is with the browser or with the file of the video.