How to Delete PDF Files from Google Drive

Wanna delete unwanted files from Google Drive? Check out this tutorial to see how to delete PDF files from Google Drive. Google Drive can give only limited space for free. If you are nearing your storage space then the time has come to delete some unwanted files occupied in your Drive.

Even after being deleted files from the Drive, they will be in the Trash folder. So make sure you empty the trash and avoid large PDFs permanently.

Let’s get started to see how to get things done.

How to Delete PDF Files from Google Drive on a Computer

As a first and foremost step, learn how to delete PDF files from Drive using desktop Google Drive. For laptops or desktops, the steps will be the same. Also, you can use any browser to access the Google Drive page.

  • Open the Google Drive web page.
  • Go to My Drive.
  • Now, select all the pdf files you want to delete.
  • Make a right-click on any of the files and click Move to trash.
Delete PDF from the Drive

Now, wait for some time if you selected a large number of files. You can see the Trash folder where all the files will be deleted from Google Drive.

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How to Delete PDF Files from Google Drive on Android and iPhone

The process is not different from the desktop version. You can use Android or iPhone with the steps given below.

  • Open your Google Drive app.
  • Select the files you wish to delete.
  • Now, tap on the three dots and choose Remove.

Your files will be instantly deleted from your Drive. You can keep repeating the same steps until all the PDF files are removed from your smartphone.

How to Delete Shared PDF Files from Google Drive?

In previous methods, you have seen how to delete PDF files but here is one more thing shared with me options are available, where all the files shared with you will occupy the Drive.

Even if you are not the owner of the files also, you can remove them from Drive permanently. Even if you remove it, it will be removed from your Drive, still, it will be present with the owner.

Similarly, if you do not wish to permanently get rid of these shared files, you can choose to make someone else the owner and then delete it from your Drive. Here is how you delete shared PDF files from Drive.

  • Open the Google Drive web page and log in to your account.
  • Now, tap on the Shared With Me section.
Delete PDF Files from Google Drive on Android
  • Select the PDF files you wish to remove.
  • Make a right-click on any of the files and tap on Remove.
Delete PDF files from the Drive

All your files will then be moved to the Trash section. You can do the same steps on your smartphone as well to remove the files shared with me in Drive. However, you need to clear the trash as well to free the space from your Drive.

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How to Permanently Delete PDF files from Google Drive

Now that we know the steps you can take to delete the files from your computer and your smartphone, let us understand the steps to get rid of them permanently.

Even though you have removed the files from the Drive section, they are still available in your Trash or Bin folder. Here is how you can delete files permanently.

  • Open the Google Drive app or webpage.
  • Log in to your Google Account.
  • Tap on the menu section and click on Trash or Bin.
  • Select Empty Trash.
How to Delete PDF Files from Google Drive
How to Delete PDF Files from Google Drive
  • Now, click on Delete Forever to confirm.

All your files will be deleted from Google Drive permanently. Here is another important thing to note if the files are left in the Trash for 30 days, they will be deleted automatically from the cloud storage platform. Hence, make sure to restore any files you wish to get back before they are gone forever.

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Why can’t I delete PDF from Google Drive?

Here users will face multiple errors while trying to delete the files. Due to some internal error or because the browser you are working on has certain bugs on it.

Try this below method to ensure the errors are fixed.

  • Try dragging the files directly to the Trash.
  • Create a folder of all files you want to delete and then delete them together now.
  • Try using a different browser such as Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Restart the application or your system.


Now, these steps have helped you in clearing the unwanted PDF files from the Drive. You can also try this method for images, videos, documents, etc.

Instead of moving all the files one by one, hold on ctrl key and select the all files in one go. This saves you a lot of time and work will done soon.

Now, there are chances that you might have mistakenly deleted certain important files and you need to get them back. In such cases, there are options through which you can get back the files considering you haven’t yet cleared the trash. Simply, go to the trash section and make a right-click and choose restore.

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